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Ratatoing (2007)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Plagiarism to this extent pisses me off.

Brother Bear
Brother Bear (2003)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Perhaps it's just my infinite love for animated (especially hand-drawn) films, but I really loved this movie.

Janguru Taitei (Jungle Emperor Leo)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Jungle Emperor Leo is a triumph of a film. Here's a more in-depth review categorized into sections.

Visuals (8.5/10) - Most of the movie looks great. Most of it is purely hand-drawn. There was one digital part in the beginning, Where Leo is dashing across the cliff. It would've looked much nicer if it was hand-animated... but this location of a scene of the film isn't significant, as Pride Rock or some other location symbolizing a film is. Some scenes could have been animated a little better, but honestly this film can still be compared to some of the most decent DRAWN animated films.

Character Design/Fluency (9/10) - Now REMEMBER! This film is based upon a revered and popular 60s animation series, 'Kimba the White Lion,' so I'm not going to be as harsh on character design, since they're basing it off of previous characters. Honestly, I think Kitty looks more like an over-sized house cat than a regular lioness. Leo's mane doesn't have as much detail as it needs. However, the designs, though unrealistic, add imagination, creativity, and a childish (in a good way) touch to the film. As for fluency, the characters move very well and the animation isn't choppy, and if there's one thing I HATE... it's when animated films get choppy. Brilliant job on avoiding that.

Character Names (8/10) - *I do not count this as part of the final grade unless the names are abominable or excellent.* Leo is actually Kimba, they just never replaced 'Leo' with his American name. So, let's see, Leo... again, these names are based upon old characters, so I'm going to be lenient. Leo is a good name. I like Kimba much better though. Raiya is pretty cool. Lukio and Lune? Cool matching names for twins, but Lune always reminded me of Lunatic (Lune is pronounced Loon-Aye). Lukio! Now that's a cool name! I really like that one! As for the human characters... they're names are pompous. Dr. Lemonade, Plus, Minus, Ham Egg, what the hell?!

Background (10/10) - Ho. Ly. Craputlee. Amazing. The scenes of a lush jungle and grassy savanna? Beautiful! It looks stagnant in a good way... as if frozen in time, untouched by man. The mountain scenes are purely gorgeous. The city and circus scenes look fitting. And Leo's temple is a creative touch! For anyone aiming to be a background artist, watch this film and gain fabulous ideas.

Subtle Character/Background Movements (7.5/10) - These include the tiny details like squinting, sniffing, moving or swaying slightly, the tiny details that make a film more realistic. Leo may not be legendary in this aspect, like it is in others, but it was still pretty good and the character's motions still looked believable. Background movements (grass swaying, trees moving in wind, etc)? Not a lot. But this is better as it makes the jungle look frozen in time.

Music (8.5/10) - AGAIN, the music must bear similarity to its predecessor. It's actually quite good. It resembles the original male/female 'Ahhh' singing choir with trumpets and other kingly instruments playing. It doesn't fit jungle theme perfectly (fits well, but not perfectly), but it fits the prestigious, royal, kingly tone of the movie. Although not renowned

Voice acting (9/10) - Man, they should've picked a less predictable actor than Dan Greene. He's in every anime movie, dammit! I guess his voice acting is good, but it's so... common. A more unique choice would've been suitable. All other's displayed obvious talent, especially Pauly (Coco) and Ham Egg.

Plot (9.5) - If you remember and watch the old Kimba series, this film will tug at your heartstrings like no other film. It shows absolute prestige on Leo's part, including greatly the original Kimba theme: The relationship between man and animal. Although this is somewhat cliche at times, other times there are twists that save it from being the regular 'man is bad' film. However! One rather disappointing factor of the film is that they never tie in Leo's story with his son, Lune's. The two have their own separate adventures, but they never really correlate... or maybe they do. Maybe YOU decide what happens after Lune gets back...

Originality: Based upon an original show. No scenes were borrowed from the Lion King, only scenes from the original show that The Lion King borrowed from Kimba.

Overall (9/10) A beautiful film for nostalgia seekers and new viewers alike. If you don't love this film... well, that's your opinion :P But most will love this underrated treasure and it's hard to forget.