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Saving Private Ryan

The first 30 minutes is an assault on your senses. The brutality of the Normandy landing is shown in all of it's gritty horror. Tom Hanks and brilliant as Capt. Miller, the leader of his small group of Rangers. The rest of the case is fantastic, including Matt Damon as Private Ryan. This is probably the best war movie ever made.

I first saw this movie in a packed theater. After it was over the crowd shuffled out the theater without a word. I had never seen that before. It wasn't because the movie was bad, it was because the people were moved to the point of silent contemplation. I know I was thinking about my relatives that served in WWII.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I am a GI Joe guy. I have collected the comics and toys since I was a kid. So when I heard a live action big budget movie was being made, I was pretty excited about it.

I dragged my wife to this movie a couple days after it opened. I was mortified. The plot is beyond silly and the acting even worse. Dennis Quaid, a usually competent actor, was horrible. But Channing Tatum was even worse. This movie might be one of the worst things I've ever seen in a theater.

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

I rented this on Netflick for my wife. I watched it with her in my attempt to be fair since she has to sit through many hockey games with me. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed this one. It probably is a better Aniston chick flick than her usual output. The supporting cast is fun (Goldblum and Lewis) and Bateman is his usually charming self. I was just thankful Matthew McCanauhey (I have no idea how to spell his name) wasn't in it.

The Ghost and the Darkness

I first saw this movie about 12 years ago. I recently saw it on cable. I enjoyed this movie. Great views of Africa and the main actors (Kilmer and Douglas) do a great job. I see the professional critics didn't like it very much. Who cares what they think! If you are looking for a cool movie to spend a couple hours with, try out this one. Then hit the Internet and check out the real lions from the story. Pretty cool.