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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance(2012)

When I first heard they were making a sequel to the first Ghost Rider film, I have to say that I really had no interest in seeing it at all after the first installment. Then I heard the directors from Crank would be directing the film and it gave me hope that the movie might actually be good. I then saw the first trailer and I suddenly became excited! The special effects looked better, the tone was darker, and the action looked bad-ass! I was all the sudden on board with the film and even if it wasn't that great, I figured there was no way they could make a film as bad as the last one.

Sadly, I was wrong.

Now let me get something clear: While I did enjoy watching this one more, I can't really call it a better film. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in some ways is actually worse than the first film. But, some things in it are also better.

The action for example, is for the most part better in this installment. There's a lot more of it than the last film and when it is going on, it's pretty bad-ass. However, some of the action (espicaly early on in the film) is actually really slowed paced and frustrating to watch. The trailer also gives away many of the good action shots so there's not a whole lot of cool action in here that you haven't already seen in the trailers. The effects here (espicaly Ghost Rider himself) actually don't look that bad and fit the tone of the film well and the soundtrack sounds incredibly bad-ass! Sadly, thats all the good stuff I can really say about this film. The plot here which involves Johnny trying to save a young boy from the devil is horrible! I didn't mind the cheesy plot at first, but the film invest way too much time into what already is a horrible story when it should've been focusing on action. Going into this, I actually wanted the film to be cheesy, but it gets to the point where the film is no longer cheesy and just plain bad. The acting is awful and Nicolas Cage's performance is so awful that it's unintentionally hilarious although he does have a few good moments where he goes over-the-top. The dialogue is absolutely atrocious and is easily some of the worst i've heard in a long time. I couldn't believe how bad some of the lines in this movie were. The editing and camera-work is also done very poorly here and gives the film a sloppy messy feel to it that it does not need. The film also just stops instead of having a real ending to it similar to the way Transformers 3 ends.

I really tried hard to enjoy this film but I just couldn't. I am rating it a bit higher than I should though because the film did make for a fun time since I spent most of it laughing at how bad it was. But, there were small things in it that I did enjoy. Still, Spirit of Vengeance is only slightly better than the first film and in many ways even worse than it. Those looking for an over-the-top stupid action movie will be let down by the lack of action the film has at some points and the sloppy filmmaking. Not even the Crank boys could save this one.