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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
This Means War

This Means War(2012)

This is one of the movies that I would never go back and watch again. I like the actors and the actress, but the trailer itself made me not interested at all, because two men share a woman, a woman cheats to have two men is just wrong. However, my friend convinced me to watch it since we had the advanced screening tickets.

The movie itself was expected, bad storyline, I'm just not quite sure what the movie was about? the ending seems wrong, it passes out a not so good message, and I think film industry is potentially the biggest propaganda. It's just after watching the movie, I felt it was a valentine movie, but I also felt I learned nothing from the movie and I remember nothing interesting from the movie.

Confusion: There was one scene where the actress changed into a purple dress when she slept over with a white top? how did that happen? (I could be wrong)

Pros: There were some laughs and the action scenes were great, definitely sexy and if you enjoy looking at good looking people, this movie has it all. Two girls sat next to me enjoyed it very much and said it was worth watching.

Overall, I do not recommend this movie, especially to young adults. I do recommend to movie lovers and ladies, you'll enjoy the romance, it is perhaps a chick flick.