Highs&LowsOf Cinema's Rating of 300

Highs&Lows' Review of 300

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Classified: Fresh

Defining Moment: This is SPARTA!!!

Acting is quite good across the board with special mention of Gerard Butler and David Wenham who were fantastic! Amazing action and good special effects.

Even though the CGI and Special effects are great, 300 is driven too much by them; the story doesn't really suffer but at times the film just seems to fake. Also at takes it seems sketchy going from scene to scene, just felt messy.

H&L Conclusion:
I enjoyed this film with its impacting action, good acting and epic moments. 300 relies to heavily on its special effects which, at times, made the movie feel more like a video game rather then an epic film.

Star Rating: * * * * * * * 7/10