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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Robin Hood

Robin Hood(2010)

Classified: Fresh

Defining Moment: The last arrow is a good moment.

Good action, a fresh Robin Hood story focusing more on a lead up rather then the good thief. Cate Blanchett brings strength and great acting to the Marion character. Russell Crowe is also good.

Russell Crowe's accent is confusing at times often being a total mix of Welsh, Irish and English. The story-line can be confusing at times, especially that it is never really explained that this isn't a traditional telling of the Robin Hood story.

H&L Conclusion:
I enjoyed this film, probably more then most people. I felt it did have an epic feel but just lacked in good story telling. Crowe brings a mixed performance of up's and downs with real stability coming from Blanchett who is superb.

I felt the Merry Men are lost and that the chemistry should have been so much better. Maybe bad casting or just a lack of screen time, either way it is missed.

The action is great but the ending felt underwhelming at best, it is left open for a sequel but I can't really see one happening.

Star Rating: * * * * * * * 7/10