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Highs&Lows' Review of Cowboys & Aliens

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens(2011)

Classified: Fresh

Defining Moment: Final Battle between the Cowboys and the aliens, pretty fun stuff.

Harrison Ford was awesome, good special effects and fun jumpy moments which caused a lot of people to come out of their seats. It is a fresh story BUT a well told story might not actually be the case.

Daniel Craig has no business being a Cowboy, he looked uncomfortable and out of place. The story seemed to lack and not be told well, it seemed rushed and a little underwhelming at times.

H&L Conclusion:
Even though I gave it 70% I was pretty disappointed with this film, just considering how good it could have been. Harrison Ford is the best thing about this film, he was the one character you felt any emotion from and attachment with. Daniel Craig seemed emotionally constapated constipated which really hindered the story in my view.

The action and adventure is fun but only in the second half of this film, the first being slow and non-essential. Once it got too the battle between the Cowboys and Aliens it became the blockbuster I wanted it to be but then it finished.

Development was an issue, there were plenty of potential through Paul Dano, Sam Rockwell and especially Daniel Craig but it was missed.

On the other-side I really enjoyed the whole Western feel with a refreshing storyline of Aliens being involved. It was a good pop-corn movie with some big moments that should be experienced on the big-screen.

Star Rating: * * * * * * * 7/10