BIONICHUMAN's Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes


Moon (2009) 6 years ago
  1. Gerty: They are memory implants, Sam.
127 Hours
127 Hours (2010) 6 years ago
  1. Aron Ralston: This rock... this rock has been waiting for me my entire life. Ever since the day I was born.
The Pianist
The Pianist (2002) 6 years ago
  1. The father: One caramel for 20 zloytas? Fine, we will split it.
Zombieland (2009) 6 years ago
  1. Tallahassee: Goddamn it, Bill fucking Murray! I had to get that out. Bill fucking Murray. I know that's not your middle name.
Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express (2008) 6 years ago
  1. Saul Silver: I don't know! Call your phone.
  2. Dale Denton: What?! My phone has been smashed.
Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan (1998) 6 years ago
  1. Pvt. Jackson: Parker, get down! [explosion]