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Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Atlas Shrugged: Part I(2011)

It's the content, stupid. People in the theaters love it because it is art that expresses their sensibilities and comments on their fears. Government is the Robber Baron of our age, all under the banner of frenzied egalitarianism. The movie is bigger than the myopic minds of the reviewers who have no sense whatsoever of the pent up anger of the citizenry over absurdist government policy that has no voice in music, no play upon the stage, and no portrait in the galleries. Just a few books and talking heads on the radio. Progressives, including elitist, emasculated movie critics, literally don't want to see an alternate reality depicted on the big screen. The artistic class was sure to find ample reasons to dismiss this film while the audiences of ordinary folks ate it up. It makes the critics nervous. Sure the acting and production were both Grade B. It was a low budget affair. That isn't the issue with this particular film. The sappy, anticapitalist liberal narratives, the one's we see so often in film we want to puke, were turned on their heads. Bravo for that alone. Who wins, the 5% critic approval or 85% audience approval? Has anyone ever seen such a gap? We might have a "cult film goes wild" scenario on our horizon. Go see it one and all.