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Joel's Review of Howl

5 years ago via Movies on Android phone


Admirable for it's unique poetic approach but not entirely enjoyable. As a massive fan of the beat generation and the work of Allen Ginsberg, I was thoroughly disappointed with this film. Despite the talent it managed to attract, It is a a poor example of a portrait of this supremely talented poet and the famous obscenity trials surrounding his poem. The narrative is an absolute train wreck. This is not necessarily something that always alters my general emotions toward a film, but in this case it bothered me quite a bit. James Franco did an excellent job in the interview scenes but I found myself incredibly annoyed at the way he delivered the poem in the voiceovers. As the film doesn't properly wrap up the film, I won't either and leave you with this mess of a review. Here's to hoping Kill Your Darlings can capture this extraordinary generation and it's contributors a little better.