JoelCaraway's Rating of Cosmopolis

Joel's Review of Cosmopolis

5 years ago via Movies on Android phone


Intellectually stimulating and flawlessly directed by David Cronenberg with heady ideas and themes difficult to soak up upon it's first viewing. I can clearly see why many had difficulties enjoying this film with it's cold, bizarre dialogue heavy approach in each interaction, but upon mulitple viewings now have placed it upon one of my favorite films of the year so far and ranks upon some of my personal favorites in the Cronenberg library. It's fascinating view upon capitalism and modern society though a series of strangely comedic interactions is captivating. Robert Pattinson's performance is something else too. I never thought I'd mutter these words, but he truly acquits himself marvelously here. Something in Cronenberg has sparked the confidence he's seemingly lacked in previous films, always appearing stiffly callow, but here he gets tto loosen up a bit and allows some talent to seap through. Cosmopolis isn't a film for everyone. In fact, it isn't a film for most, but it definitely worked for me.