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Joel's Review of Les MisÚrables

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Les MisÚrables

Les MisÚrables(2012)

As a fan of the source material and stage production this was incredibly disappointing. I'm not even going to start with the framing nor will I begin complaining about Hooper's direction. During the second half the film becomes overbearing and exasperating, outstaying it's welcome. The music is excellent and live singing enhances the emotional grit but Hooper can't manage a seamless transition from song to song. The film begins feeling rushed and repetitive making the finale feel more welcoming than poignant. The cast is all exceptional with both Jackman and Hathaway delivering the performances of their career and I didn't have a single complaint about any of their voices including Russell Crowe's despite being frequently criticized. I am a massive fan of musicals and always have been so it brings me great dismay that Les Mis is a complete misfire. If only Hooper managed to direct the second half of Les Mis as well as he directed The King's Speech or at least as well as the first half. We might have had the film of the year.