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Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I thought Blake Lively was going to ruin this movie, well she was horrible but the writing was bad and the CG suit does not bode well for me.

Sinestro should have been the Villain, Hector Hammond was a weak bad guy.

Nathan Fillion should have been Hal, Evangaline Lilly should have been Carol, nuff said.

Worst blockbuster of the summer

Thor (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

By far, the best comic book movie. Better than The Dark Knight, better than Iron Man, better than Spider Man 2.

Chris Hemsworth played Thor down pat. Arrogant, cocky, proud, funny, he combined all of that. He embraced the character. Playing a fish out of water is complicated, and he perfected it. He looked straight out of the comics, talked like the God of Thunder as well. Breakout star of Hollywood this year. For the record, thank you Marvel for NOT casting Triple H as Thor.

Tom Hiddleston was beyond great as the God of Mischief Loki. I liked his performance as a villain better than Heath Ledgers as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Mischievous, cunning, smart, and very complex, Tom looked an acted the part. The scene where he was on the throne with his hands on his face, classic Loki look there. This guy is an Oscar winner waiting to happen (not for this film, but he will win one day).

Natalie Portman did not disappoint at all. Granted the Jane Foster character is different in the movie than the comics (Nurse in the comics, Astrophysicist in the movie) she shows heart and care for Thor. Smart, does not take no for an answer, and is very curious about inter-dimensional travel.

Lady Sif & The Warriors 3 I felt needed more screentime, but again, straight out of the Comics. Ray Stevenson is funny as Volstagg, eating all the time and wants to heart his appetite, classic. Jaimie Alexander plays her role strong, just like Lady Sif. Josh Dallas & Tadanabo Asano (Frandal & Hogun) looked like the characters as well, and hats off to Josh, who was a last second replacement in the film, literally came on while filming.

Anthony Hopkins as Odin, brilliant, perfect casting, and you always expect that from Sir Anthony.

Idris Elba looked like you did not want to cross his paths as Heimdall the Gatekeeper.

Asgard, well I ran out of adjectives on how great Asgard looks, more beautiful than I would have ever thought on the big screen. They made it look like the shining light of the 9 realms.

Would never have thought Kenneth Branagh would direct this kind of film, but he took something that was out of his element and did wonders with it. We won't have another Last Airbender incident like last year with a director out of his element. Kenneth took the most complicated Marvel character to adapt to the big screen and did wonders with it. I want to cross the rainbow bridge and go to Asgard.

Also loved the little references and Easter Eggs to Donald Blake, Journey into the Mystery, Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner & Hank Pym. Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye cameo was cool in an Avengers buildup.

Summer starts with a big bang, and its only 1 more year till Thor comes back in The Avengers



Fast Five
Fast Five (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The "Fast and the Furious" franchise always seems to surprise with each one. Vin Diesel returning in the last movie helped the franchise, but sometimes it does sway away from the original idea, which was street racing. You can only do so much street racing that you have to find other elements for criminals to take.

Vin Diesel plays the anti-hero role well, not just in this film but in XXX and as Riddick. He is an outlaw, but one you do root for because there are times he makes the right decision. The scene I was looking forward to the most was the fight scene between Vin & The Rock. The Rock played that gung ho bounty hunter/federal agent down pat. He was not acting like a WWE star, he acted like a man on a mission, tough and did not take no for an answer and was determined.

The plot and stunts are a bit crazy, no one can survive a jump from a car off a cliff and land in water and live to tell the tale. Also how they stole the bank vault and raced through Rio De Janerio taking out everything was crazy and unrealistic, but these movies are that way and its easy to accept that. Again, don't try these stunts at home.

It was also nice to see other characters from the other movies in it, kind of pays tribute to the other films.

Also the women looked great as well. Jordana Brewster was sexy looking (cmon the girls mom only graced the cover of SI in 1978) the former Miss Isreal was hot and even Thor's wife was hot as a Brazilian Cop.

Cars, action, speed and women, what more can guys ask for in this movie. Fun good time at the movie, these movies always are surprisingly fun.