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Looper (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The kind of brave sci-fi that was near to extinction, the full package action dosis of the day that could fill our minds with exquisite images and delightful gun-modern-visionary-shoots;a mind-psycho-powers from gifted chaotic children,plus,a shining Joseph Gordon-Levitt making couple with the britsh-jewel Emily Blunt and one of the last pre-oxidative interpretations from Bruce Willis.

The film,rather than smart or original or transcendental, it's just a piece of sci-fi art. It makes you think,makes you reflex,takes you to another point of view of how the future is going to be, and the most important, takes you to a plot,where everything you do now, is FREAKING important.
Every action you do daily,every path you take,will write how your future is going to be, and these different choices, are the ones that stand for us and will still with us until the end of our days.

Wreck-it Ralph
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Back to the basics, and like the oldest things are coming to our times as the new fashion,it was expected,and more with this gamer era, that some film could be dedicated to them, and to what they call the ''grandpa of arcade'' (which in this case was the Felix game).

The jokes, and the comedy itself doesn't look like it's been made for toddlers,but for teenagers and young adults who grew up playing basic nintendo games,GBA,etc. Because the content of the movie is basically a more mature humor than the normal disney films, and the plot by itself,full of emotions, could be considered a ''bildungsroman'',so not all the public can get some of the scenes, or even some of the emotions and lessons that the movie try to reach.

Ralph,experiencing by himself some adventures that will lead him to understand his being, transport us to a virtual fascinating world of gaming contexture,and a kind of animated action that just takes a flight to the amazing world of video-game characters.

Taken 2
Taken 2 (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With high expectations on the board, Taken 2 takes the successful action thriller to the next level,involving the whole family.The spy abilities of the protagonist(Leeson) are obviously as good and impressive as in the first movie, but in some point are kinda more stick to exaggerate them and might look a little bit like sci-fi or a James Bond movie.

The interpretations from the actors where OK,but the scenery from Rome was totally amazing,every scene was just added with beautiful shots and good quality intelligence tactics.
Whoever,the movie doesn't full fill the standards for the first movie,making it look like a bad sequel,and stopping the producers from making a 3rd one.

Man on a Ledge
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Man on a ledge is a classical action-thriller blockbuster that might make you sweat and think about the obvious details the movie give minute through minute.

Sam Worthington which not only gives a clean acting and manages to give a ''watch-able'' impulse to the film,stand out to make couple with the very fine Elizabeth Banks,with whom makes an obvious connection but unfortunately doesn't achieve to succeed as the 'Hollywood '12 Best Couple'.
The thrilling I watched and felt,is that he stands on a ledge over I dunno maybe 32ft. and for some,that is just a kind of adrenaline and nervuosness that have one attached to the sit eating his nails with the probability that he might fell,and the worst is that you know he will,because the demanding public might request it,but dunno when.
And maybe it's not the most smart film done,or with the best action scenes or actors,but it's almost 2hours are something interesting to see,a little bit less time for the movie and the removal of some uncertain details would have made this a very good summer blockbuster,but the slowness cause in some a boring that just don't catch up in the very same way as it would've been faster the intentional drama of being on a ledge.
Recommend it for that moment when there's nothing better to watch or spending an ''unthinking'' time for a movie.

Brave (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pixar brings out a completely puzzle done history,brought from the very best histories,spicing a little bit of each(for example Mulan[female going warrior kind], and Beauty and Beast[The mom getting transforming into a bear by a spell].

The main character,Merida,which might be an icon for the modern female(strong,wild,smart,able to take her own decisions) encourage her mom to don't get marry with any of the proposal sons of the majors of the other villages,with this the expression of freedom and debauchery might be interpreted as the women of in-today teenager kids do.
Then she starts getting confused about her personal goals and desires,which is very alike what most of the people pass through in some certain stages,and the movie itself along with Merida help us to reflex and see that the very best decisions might not be taken quickly or for personal desires, rather than for what is best for oneself and in this case,the family.
The messages are clear and good,it is a good entertaining blockbuster and gives outstanding laugher to all the family,the older might get the point of it better and the kids with die laughing all the movie. It's not the best and the movie could stand for more,but it is an 'OK' and a worth to watch on the theater.