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Happy Death Day
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(4/5). A surprisingly enjoyable horror comedy, Happy Death Day brings the thrills and laughs to a damn good twist on the Groundhog Day genre. While there are a few logical errors here and there and not all the laughs stick, this ultimately will be a cult classic and a great pic for the Halloween season.

Scream (1996)
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(5/5). One of the best horror movies ever made, a classic, and my personal favorite Wes Craven film. While it may not be "super freaking scary" it is very clever, and inventive, and its one of those few classics that can exist in two genres. On one hand we have a damn good horror/mystery, and on the other hand we have a great dark comedy. Its energy, style, and wit are so unique that the sequels were never able to match it. If you have not seen Scream, stop what you're doing and watch this because its simply unforgettable.

Blade Runner 2049
7 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(5/5). An absolute masterpiece from beginning to end. Every frame was like a rich, lucious painting; the story was engaging and the performances across the board were stellar. It also features one of the best composed scores of the last few years. I always figured that if they were to do a sequel to Blade Runner, the right guy had to be directing it, and indeed they nabbed the perfect man for the job. Villenueve's direction is absolutely perfect, and it should secure him an Oscar nod this year, much like Deakins' rich cinematography. I also adored that this one wasn't a set up for more sequels; it was its own self contained story. If you are a true sci-fi fan, you should check this out.

The Mountain Between Us
7 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(2.5/5). Idris and Kate give solid performances in this, and its shot incredibly well, however its a bit of a drag, especially in the 3rd act, and its nothing remarkable like Cast Away. The best way to sum up this movie is that its the type of movie your Aunt would like.

Gerald's Game
Gerald's Game (2017)
13 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(4/5). A truly spellbinding, twisty thriller from the great mind of Mike Flanagan. Most of the time Netflix movies don't work out as well as they should, but this was a pretty good one. It had a creepy atmosphere, some great twists, and wonderful character development. The only thing that holds it back is a lousy final 15 minutes that deflate a lot of the fun and energy out of the film. Even with its disappointing ending, one can't deny just how well crafted this thriller/horror truly is.