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Scream 4
Scream 4 (2011)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Back in 1996, the first Wes Craven movie from the Scream franchise ended, or should i say, began a whole new generation of horror movies.The suspense became bigger than before, and the hackneyed stories of torture, abandoned roads and stokers came to a relative end.The new-age horror began back then-a nice mix of humor, suspense, jump-scenes, blood and gore..and of course, the merge of some typical killer profiles in one.The result-Ghostface.So many movies have been made as a parody of the notorious killer and some of them have succeeded with it.But only one movie will come in mind when we speak of Ghostface- the Scream franchise.And this one sticks to everything we wanted.

Saying that, i must admit i was very annoyed at the beginning of the movie, mainly because of the brainless chicks, with a "135" IQ, who got killed so stupidly.Maybe it should have been 13,5, who knows.But at the end, when i finally managed to control my anger, i come to realize, that was a satire, and a needed one.It comes to show that the series are still a lot of fun throughout and that's what matters.

And speaking of fun, i must say that i was laughing in tears in some moments, and i was at the edge of my seat at others.This is, for me, the most important part of the movie, along with the twists, of course.Not many movies do that, and i surely don't remember the last one i saw it do that.

Wes Craven did a great job working on his child, collaborating alongside Kevin Williamson, a very talented screenwriter, who shows why he's on board the movie.He did a great job making a very difficult story, considering the fact, that this is the four Scream installment.

The movie was very creative as a new-age collaboration between young newcomers, some TV stars, like Hayden Panettiere (whom you probably haven't heard of, if you're not a TV geek, although it's hard to believe, or Emma Roberts, most famous as Julia Robert's daughter for now, although she is talented.) and the old dogs in the sight of David Arquette, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell.So, this mix-up was cool to see.

There weren't some off the chart performances, if i have to choose, i would say that David Arquette and Emma Roberts were the highlight-actors of the movie.There were some obviously comedic introductions, such as Adrien Brody and Anthony Anderson, playing two of the cops in the movie.

What surprised me the most, was the sheer entertainment of the script, the twists and the movie connections, that were added.I can't think of any other movie, i've seen, that has so much references to other movies or people.They began referencing to the Saw franchise, The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, Friday the 13-th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and so many others, including references of many of Wes Craven's previous works and actors such as Bruce Willis.But the movies were so many, and many, i couldn't remember them all.Let's say, that there was about 90% of the horror classics in the last 50-60 years or so added as a build-up quiz game to some of the murders.They were that many.Even the weapons those killers used, were added as trivia Q&A's.

So the sheer entertainment, the laughs and scares and twists(which are very incredible, but convincing and untraceable for audiences until the very end, when they tell you about them, are great).The acting of some of the characters was great as well, and i was pleased.

All those things being said, i think, that, as a fourth installment, this movie is sheer entertaining brilliancy, and a history in the making as well.I won't be surprised, if there is another sequel being planed in the future, because the movie was great, as long as it doesn't make you a little angry at the very beginning, in the few opening scenes.Then, you should be alright.

So a fun, memorable ride and the Scream franchise is at it's entertaining best, alongside the first.You will laugh and you will scream but eventually, you'll definitely like it.

My note 7.5/10 for the best horror movie in the last couple of years and the best Scream since the first.A great entertainer!

P.S.Go see it with as many friends as possible-it will be fun as hell!

Battleship (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well, all I wanted to say on this movie has already been covered by other posters. This is the sort of movie easy to mess up but oh so difficult to pull off. Grab a bucket of popcorn and a drink, suspend all of the plethora of questions and total disbelief that this movie will inevitably bring up; and sit back and watch a Summer blockbuster in Spring, which has been well done and is fairly well acted, given the paucity of subject matter - an ageing board game.

To be honest it is a fun movie that doesn't seem as long as its' 2 hours Is it formulaic?, is it fairly predictable? Absolutely, but is it fun, oh yeah - go and see it; it's the panned movie that is a hidden gem for those that don't care too much about plot but just love a good show.

Boy (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Boy is a simple but emotionally powerful story about growing up, relationships, following your head over your heart and drawing the line between right and wrong. It's easily one of the best New Zealand films ever made. It's Rich characters and humorous dialogue, entailed by the occasional light-hearted hand drawn animations delivered a hugely entertaining blend of culture, comedy and drama.

The story started on a perfect note with Boy played by James Rolleston giving his show and tell speech in the classroom. It introduced the character, his background and set the atmosphere, mood and setting all in one go without being a dull lead up. Taika Waititi (who also plays the dead beat father) did an amazing job in setting out each detailed scene with the occasional Michael Jackson tributes giving the film an even disperse of light-hearted laughs at the same time appropriately moving the plot along.

The film gave a heart aching recount on every boy's natural instinct to worship their father, whether they deserve it or not. The growth and resilience of each character portrayed superbly by every single actor from the child stars to the minor adult characters was a pleasure to watch. It still brings a smile to my face today. Pure brilliance.

The Hangover Part II
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

After being horribly disappointed by The Dilemma, grinned occasionally at Hall Pass and Just Go With It (but not really carried away by either), it was about time we got a decent 2011 comedy - and here it is.

Plot wise, Hangover II is more of the same from what we've got in the first installment. A lot of main themes and characters from the first film return in different forms, and there are a lot of nods to the aforementioned 2009 mega-hit.

However, I will say this. It seems as if the writers knew that the concept isn't as fresh as it was in the first film. So instead, they went for sheer shock value. As a result, some of the things our guys run into during their mess-up in Bangkok are so controversial; I was surprised they were even allowed to show it on screen. Prepare yourself for a lot of in-your-face humor, awkward nudity and misplaced violence.

Also, the dynamics between the main protagonists were believable and hilarious. You get to learn more about the characters, and you actually feel like you really know these guys and care for them, after hanging out with them during the first film. The Bangkok location also opened up a whole new world of possibilities and mishaps for our characters to run into, and at one point things turn so crazy I just couldn't stop laughing.

Oh yes, there's a plot to explain briefly. OK. So this time, it's Stu's wedding and instead of going to Vegas the whole gang winds up in Thailand. You see, after ditching his bossy girlfriend from part one, Stu ended up with this incredibly hot Asian American, and they decide to hold her wedding in her homeland. So Phil, Alan, Doug and Stu all hop on a plane across seas. The night before the ceremony, the guys decide to go out for a drink, and take the brides' young teenage brother, Teddy.

The next morning, they wake up with another of their infamous hangovers. This time, they are somewhere in Bangkok, and it's not Doug that's gone - it's the adolescent Teddy. Instead of a baby, there's a monkey in the room, Stu had a Mike Tyson style tattoo, Alan's hair is shaved and somehow Mr. Chow from the first film is there.

There. I won't say no more. But I promise you this - go watch this film in the right state of mind, and you'll laugh yourself silly. While not as refreshing as the first one, the Hangover II does deliver a fun, memorable time at the movies, and that's all I really wanted.