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AVP - Alien Vs. Predator
4 hours ago via Movies on Android phone

This is a bad film and another botched Anderson film franchise attempt. The film builds for so long before not providing a fight scene that fits the running time. I initially seen this at the cinema and my verdict has changed drastically over the years. The slow boring action scenes and the slow building tension kills the film in its tracks. I'm puzzled how this got more traction than the 5th Alien film James Cameron was working on. Anderson makes a convoluted story and film with so many plot holes it makes it near impossible to watch. I am amazed that the film even got made, let alone proving lucrative enough to justify a sequel. This concept is absurd and I wouldn't judge you for turning this off before the credits roll. 11-12-2017.

Zero Effect
Zero Effect (1997)
1 day ago via Movies on Android phone

the film does drag along for a while but the overall film is quite interesting. pullman is well cast in the lead and delivers the performance needed for such a role. if you watch the trailer and walk into this you will feel robbed as this isn't your usual slapstick comedy. treading in coen territory i enjoyed this film alot and wish it had made a bigger dent in the indie cinema circuit. Stiller is fantastic in an early support role and it's a shame he dedicated most of his career to slapstick, as he clearly has the capabilities for dramatic characters. If you walk into this film with the expectations of a riot comedy, you'll be quite annoyed. This is a quirky drama film with interesting twists and turns that unfold right until the conclusion. Kasdan directs carefully, not letting the comedy overlap the story. This a cult film awaiting discovery, I'm sure the fans who have found it shoot high praise. 10-12-2017.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2 (1990)
2 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Caught this at the cinema last night and was very impressed with the action. John McClane is the ultimate wrong place wrong time hero who is strictly out to stop the bad guys at all costs. When I was younger I had this pegged as the best in the series but over time that is clearly still number one. The biggest issue was the return of the news reporter, just not required. Most sequels force all the characters back but you don't need this, look at the Mission Impossible series. The film is full of twists and turns but at the centre is McClane, the wisecracking hero of the film. You always get a clear sense of where the character is and no action contradicts the hero we know and love. The villain is no Gruber but he is definitely no sluggish fool either, Sadler should have made more villain appearances. I still rate this film high and wish Harlin could return for another sequel. The film is a strong support sequel to the first as it continues the Xmas theme and high stakes. 08-12-2017.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
2 days ago via Movies on Android phone

The original was an unexpected success of quality and action. I just couldn't get into the story of this sequel, it feels super rushed and offers little character development. Not all films require a franchise or trilogy and this series is one of them. The comedy was all over the place and in terms of action it just misses the quirky development of the first film. Moore tries hard with the material but her villain remains one dimensional, which is a shame. The marketing wasted the chance of Firth remaining hidden from the film, this should've been kept hidden. I didn't care for this sequel and I think they tried very hard to up the stakes but unfortunately it doesn't work. 07-12-2017.

The Disaster Artist
5 days ago via Movies on Android phone

I was very skeptical of Franco in the lead and I thought the film would lampoon the characters but my fears were not required. Franco delivers an incredible performance and manages to keep a legacy intact by breathing life into these characters. The Room is one of the worst films but one of the best unintentional comedies ever created. Ed Wood and Uwe Bowell are the only few directors I can recall having that similar bad luck with filmmaking. This film is a great companion piece to the first and this is the defining moment for Franco as director and star. The film is incredible and is a riot to watch. 06-12-2017.