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Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect (2012)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

like a big screen version of Glee but not quite as good, it lacks the charm that the creators have with that show. Pitch Perfect has some of the funny moments, mainly due to the quirky supports and it delivers on the fun night in element. The film sadly doesn't hit all the right notes to become a bone fide cult film or classic, it just never goes for the biting satire or comedy moments. I liked the film and the segments with the commentary the most, but unfortunately it won't be hitting my top lists in years to come. Good for a night in and others might find more here. 19/05/2018.

Clash of the Titans
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I have no idea what to make of this remake, the action scenes are well crafted but everything else is tedious. Worthington is the wrong choice for the lead role or the character developed for him is just one dimensional. I have not seen the original but it is in the cult status range so I feel this film lacks the range to be either a great film or a future cult classic. The poster robs the film of one of the biggest plot devices of the movie, who the hell marketed this film? I'm a little shocked the cast was this wide but with a film this large, the budget is a deciding factor. This could have been great but having filmmaker Louis Leterrier calling the shots was going to be mixed. 06/05/2018.

The Last Boy Scout
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Tony Scott and Shane Black sounds like a match made in heaven but this film is quite uneven. Black is the master of mismatched buddy films and the connection isn't the issue here, it's the plot. The genre was running rampant during this era and the success and failure was mainly due to the release structure and quality. I thought this was an interesting film and this is mainly due to Tony Scott in the directors seat. The film has a relentless pace and the violence is dialled up to 11, like most to Scott's films. The biggest downfall with this film is the over the top storytelling, it reaches heights of implausibility and too much. If you're looking for a film with mindless action and something to fill the void, this might appeal to you. 05/05/2018.

Stealth (2005)
15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cohen is more of a Michael Bay filmmaker than a Nolan, this may sound like a harsh comment but I'll explain. This is a film that robs you of even emotional connection with its tiresome lack of direction, Bay struggles to extract actor performance much like Cohen. This could have been a guilty film but at no point does the film attempt to use the concept. The rogue A.I is the heart of the film and at no moment do you feel that it is the villain. The trailer points at this but you watch the film and realise producers and filmmaker decided to make the villain the human, boring. The rogue A.I was the better option and the fight to stop it would make for a much better action film. The film teams the heroes with the rogue A.I which is so dumb, there is a moment later on which is even worse. I can't explain my hatred of this hack job film, it is full of talent but you never see any of it on the screen. This flopped hard at the box office and it deserved it, anyone handing Cohen money for action films should know better. 06/05/2018.