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Northmen: A Viking Saga
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yet another epic viking saga. This one has some good twists & turns in the plot with FX that aren't too outlandish. This tale could nearly have actually happened.

The Major and the Minor
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Looking over the credits, I had thought this was going to be really funny. Instead, Wilder's directorial debut is merely amusing - and occasionally embarrassing. This would seem much funnier if Roger's character was acting nearly 16 instead of being 20ish pretending to be nearly 12 years old. But I suppose some states allowed girls to be married at 14 back then, which is another angle lost on modern viewers today.

Regardless, Rogers does well altering her persona, and Milland is quite the officer and gentleman.

The Hateful Eight
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Excellent acting, excellent staging, excellent cinamatography & lighting, yet this film doesn't have a strong script. Feels almost as though QT had several good scenes in mind and just wrote them out longhand without any regard towards editing. Good thing produced as well as directed. If there was a moral statement in this film (& you'd be hard pressed to find an intelligible one), it would be to remain the last person standing. Or perhaps that that no one can cook exactly like Mama.

Song of Love
Song of Love (1947)
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While not historically correct, this is a well made film. Well paced, well lit, well acted, etc. Even the main characters play the piano well - or at least they mime the keys well to the recordings of Rubinstein. I suspect they may have given the correct fingerings to brief phrases and then continued mimicking as the camera panned back. A very nice touch.

The Magnificent Ambersons
6 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A technically magnificent film (Young Orson was certainly ahead of his time!) about the good old days, and how town snobs are sometimes replaced from one generation to the next. Of course sometimes that next generation is a better human being, as those who were a couple generations before had been. Always a delight to see Agnes in any role. The actual plot can be a bit hard to follow, I suspect editing took several moments that would have allowed a better flow to the story. Watch through the credits - I wish modern credits were done in a similar fashion today.