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Not Cool
Not Cool(2014)

Even with a classic storyline with a few very bad jokes it's still way better than I expected.

A Haunted House

With some really good and some really bad parts this movie knows how to spoof newest horror flicks but fails at keeping the fun at a good level.


Took all great ideas from the first one and topped it with better execution and some great visuals.


Great ideas but sometimes weak execution

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Completely underrated masterpiece. Complicated but brilliant story, visually thrilling and supported by one of the best soundtracks ever.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Everything that's been done great in the first one is awful in this.

The Cabin in the Woods

A movie out of competition: this is THE last horror movie to be made - never before I left the cinema being so positively surprised.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

Heartwarming little movie with an uncommon storyline and a great performance by Jason Segel.


Funny parody of the zombie genre but a little more depth wouldn't be bad.

The Woman in Black

Classical as possible, this movie is not the one to set new bars in the genre, but in the aspect of classic suspended horror scenes it's pleasuring in every aspect.


Great story, great surroundings but the main act in this movie, a surgery, fails to keep the plot credible and interesting.

Panic Room
Panic Room(2002)

David Finchers masterpiece is a classical but also dreadful thriller that keeps you interested until the last second of the movie.

Open Water 2: Adrift

Interesting idea but completely uninteresting execution. It's hard to believe that a movie with that simple but disturbing topic can be this boring.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Jennifer Carpenter is really convincing in this thriller which is by far the best exorcism movie ever made.

Jennifer's Body

This movie is full of sex and nudity but contains not one single scene you'd describe as scary or thrilling.

The Last Exorcism

The mix of found footage and exorcism movie delivers some nice thrills but doesn't deliver a constant level of suspense.

H2: Halloween II

This time Zombie creates a stunning slasher with no mercy that manages to keep the suspense on a high level.


Rob Zombie shows he's talented in heart-attack-horror but "ruins" his own movie with many unessential porn-scenes.

The Abandoned

Interesting idea with bad execution and redundant twists around the end.

The Social Network

Interesting and entertaining but completely overrated drama.

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(2011)

Satisfying ending but the way leading to it is just too slow and long.

Fertile Ground

Great movie if you wan't to laugh, bad movie if you want to be scared. Besides the boring story and bad acting, the ending is just trashy.

The Shrine
The Shrine(2010)

Unoriginal torture-porn. Bad acting, bad directing, bad scripting. But the last quarter of the movie raises the bar to a passable level.

The Hills Have Eyes

Alexandre Aja created a dazzling, rousing piece of art that will elevate your heartbeats until the last minute of the movie and leaves you more than satisfied.

The Others
The Others(2001)

Old school haunted house story. Even if you thought you saw the ending coming, you really did not.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Fincher created a very dark and suspenseful remake and Craig does a good job although Mara's acting as Lisbeth Salander doesn't come close to Rapace's.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Rapace even tops her own acting from the predecessors and lets the audience deep into the character of Lisbeth while the trioligy comes to an pleasing end.

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden)

Not completely as powerful as the first one but plot twists and of course Rapace's acting still on the highest class.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Noomi Rapace literally became Lisbeth Salander and delivers together with Nyquist incredible acting in this wonderfully directed thriller.

Hostel: Part III

Same story, new locations. But that fact doesn't make a movie. It turns out that the only positive thing about this movie is that it ends after 85 minutes.

The Last House on the Left

The story got its up and downs but it's basically all about self justice. This part works pretty well but with the big lack of suspense this movie is nothing more than average.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

Segels great writing and acting combined with the humor of the muppets results in a beautiful and charming movie for everyone that features probably the best cameo in movie history...

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

Although it features brilliant performances and a few smart scenes it's just way too long and contains many nonessential twists.

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

Surprising step "back to the roots", bringing back the real horror of the first three movies.

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

With senseless plot development and awful acting the fifth installment is by far the worst. So far...

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

Except from the opening scene and the ending twist the fourth installment is a step back and offers a big lack of suspense.

Saw III(2006)

Tobin Bell is brilliant in the third movie of the franchise and still manages to keep the horror and plot-twisting on a high level.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Shocking and worthily sequel to the well known original.


Intelligent horror-thriller with really surprising plot twists.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Gorgeously directed and with incredible acting by Portman and Kunis this movie is close to perfection.


Never thinking a movie about a tire could entertain me this huge dose of weirdness leaves you surprised, smiling and head-shaking at the same time.

Don't Let Him In

I'm open for low-budget-independent-flicks but this movie is so bad and cheap in every single aspect that it doesn't even deserve to be watched.

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

The first sequel I ever watched, that really managed to keep the quality of the original and in this case it partially even goes beyond it.


This spanish horror-documentary is a milestone in the POV movie history. Superbly acted and filled with breathtaking scenes it has to be watched by every horror fan.

The Strangers

Got some very intense scenes that will let you jump out of your seats and contains many scares without drowning in blood and gore.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

Suspense is hard to be found but the interesting story and the final plot twist are making this movie pretty unique.


One of these movies where you think "are you kiddin' me?!" when the credits roll. Without any developement throughout the plot this film is a huge waste of potential.


A little bit shaky in it's basics this movie delivers some very beautiful scenes and typical Bousman plot-twists.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Probably one of the most singular movies ever that combines a creepy love story with some very gory scenes. But it fails in keeping you interested because of some very annoying lengths.


Disappointing mixtape of boring plot-development and very cheap kills.

The Haunting in Connecticut

Madsen and Gallner are very powerful in this odd haunted-house-story, that contains a lot of intense scares.


Besides a few cheap and nonessential twists in the second half, Cusack's rousing acting shows a very deep side of suspense.

The Collector

80 Minutes of pure thrill and gore, that works pretty well for a Dunstan movie.


Rollercoaster between trash-movie and horror-shocker leading into a brilliant acted one-man-show towards the end.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

Duvall and Lloyd ruined the movie...


If I would describe a film as "perfect", it would be this one.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

If you say to yourself "thats the sickest movie of all time" before you're watching, it's a very well directed and visually depressing splatter movie.

Final Destination 5

Stop making these movies!

Secret Window

Don't like Depp, like this movie.

The Number 23

Don't hear to the masses! Good thriller.

The Devil's Rejects

Would be better without these porn-scenes...

Wrong Turn 4
Wrong Turn 4(2011)

Just gory, just crappy

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Funnier than expected.


Surprisingly well done shocker.

Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

A little bit better than, 4, 5 and 6. But still shitty. The franchise should have ended after the thrid film...

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

After the first movie, the best one in the franchise. The mix of comedy and horror is just perfect