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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Green Lantern

Green Lantern(2011)

I enjoyed Green Lantern. Everyone in the theater seemed to enjoy the movie. I found myself laughing along with every one else at the funny bits. As I left the theater I overheard others saying the same things my little group was saying, and that is, "Why is everyone bashing this movie?". For me the most interesting aspect of the film, and the star performance, was Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. Hector Hammond might be the most sympathetic villain I have ever seen. A quiet biology teacher living in the shadow of his powerful and successful father, played stoically by Tim Robbins, Hector is the child pushed into bitter resentment by the shallow and superficial, status chasing parent. When Senator Hammond pulls some strings to give Hector the opportunity of a lifetime one can feel the hurt inside Hector as he knows that his father thinks so little of who his son really is. It is painful to watch and impossible to view Hector as a true villain. He is merely a casualty of neglectful parenting, the kind that substitutes vicarious expectations for guidance, suffocating the love and respect every child should feel towards a parent. Instead bitterness takes root and it is too late when Senator Hammond realizes what he has caused for his son. Hector has the abstract power his father pursued, yet in a more tangible and substantive way. True power and not the kind he would be willing to part with. I dwell a bit on Hectors character study because it is so subtly powerful a performance. Sarsgaard delivers the ache, the hurt, and ultimately the hate that the unloved child can suffer. I found it to be as jarring a performance as Heath Ledgers Joker.
As for the rest of the cast I thought everyone did a fine job. There is situational humor and it encourages and earns the laughs it is after while adding to the development of the characters. The FX is spectacular. The battle scenes are well presented. Overall I liked the directors choices and the cast delivered the script in fine fashion. I will wrap things up by saying that I dont understand where the criticisms are coming from and it is a shame to witness. Alas, disappointment might just be the price the individual pays in todays crowded world.