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Cat City
Cat City(1989)

A scrambled focus though pretty unique. Maybe its because I watched the English Dub because I don't care for this movie that much sorry.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Stunning animation but with a weak cliched script. Starts off great though it gets too grating once the comedic relief is introduced. Somewhat squandered potential

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

Somewhat overlong but still packed with some pretty funny scenes and some nice chemistry

Death to Smoochy

Has great memorable moments and quite a zany premise but is ultimately paced too slow, repetitive and uneven to revist a second time. I'd say its decent the way it is

Gone With the Wind

Best part about this 4 hour romance made in the 30s is that its never boring and highly entertaining. You got an epic story filled with brilliant performances, tight script and cinematography. It's an essential watch.

Sausage Party

A pretty funny movie was actually surprised in the end of it. For a animated film made under 20 million it looks really freakin nice. The sight gags and food puns are the highlight for the humor while the one liners are hit and miss. I felt the message was underdeveloped while still being really preachy and there seems to be vulgar language for the sake of vulgar language. Oh well it was good fun despite all of that and it deserves my recommendation

Lights Out
Lights Out(2016)

Shit ending ruins the mediocre fun


It's pretty stupid he crashes his car into a brick wall to prove something. There's being "fearless" and then being a complete knob

Pan's Labyrinth

4th rewatch and its lost its charm :/


Tough as nails film with an engrossing story, stellar acting and quailty filmmaking making it an unforgettable film

Touch of Evil

Jaw dropping timeless film with all around masterful acting, cinematography, direction, story, ect


Decent underrated thriller with some unique dark turns

The Crying Game

A very shocking movie totally unexpected and twisted.

Rewatch review: Still amazing on a second watch, tight script and stellar presentation. All around a gripping and absorbing thriller highly recommended


Pretty silly at times but creative in a way that I could see someone genuinely enjoy it. Not for everyone


It's so stupid i can't even

30 Days of Night

Horrifically boring and generic as hell. It's horrendous horror film that lacks in every department

Dead Snow (Død snø)

Very poor horror film with nothing going for it

Mouse Hunt
Mouse Hunt(1997)

Excellent family film expertly crafted with stellar camera work, musical score, fun characters, and a perfect blend of cartoon and dark comedy. Mousehunt is a fun wild ride and a heavily underrated film

The Trumpet of the Swan

Embarrassing adaptation with no redeeming qualities that is so abysmal you'd be better off.... ehhh doing anything else

Space Jam
Space Jam(1996)

Mediocre film but still harmless fun and leaves a memorable sting


Mediocre horror film, with some stupid inconsistencies

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Abysmal art flick that feels unfinished, cheap, slapped together with no love. It's only an exercise in stupid pretentiousness. Don't believe the hype


Bad film with more groans than laughs

I Heart Huckabees

Pretentious art flick with an incredibly messy script

Mean Creek
Mean Creek(2004)

Deliverance with kids! Great movie especially if you want to see Josh from Drake and Josh say the f and c word

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Disappointing film that feels made for tv and fails to shock with lack of tension, realism and unsuccessful special effects... Acting's decent tho

The Third Man

The Third Man holds up fine, its just that its story's just predictable and cliched by todays standards. The cinematography is quite impressive tho

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

The Graduate is at times very funny and has some great subtlety. With one of the greatest ending in the history of cinema!!! Oh and great soundtrack! Its a film that will stick with you and deserves to be called a classic.
Gets better with multiple viewings too


Soulless and devoid of any personality. This is a film with little to no redeeming qualities. Like other Adam Sandler movies, there are no jokes as they lack a payoff.... Which ends up being their entire purpose of the movie. With Click being uneven at least it had a strong second half... This has nothing to fall back on I'm sorry to say Pac man has a more complex story than this. Everyone should be personally ashamed of the product and should be fired immediately. Go back to elementary school!
Why even bother make a film with a target audience of absolutely nobody? You only do it for money? Pandering garbage like this is best left shelved and forgotten about

Jack and Jill was a better film.... Yes I said it.....

Joe's Apartment

Very mixed movie. Fun energetic stop motion and the cockroaches steal the show every second they're on screen... But the main focus is the annoying unlikable Joe and the bland love interest. The villians are funnier and more to them. The zany plot and fun cockroach songs can make it an interesting watch but I'm sad to say its more miss than hit

Hell & Back
Hell & Back(2015)

Rotting in hell for all eternity is funnier than this movie

I have never seen so much talent go to waste with possibly one of the most unfunny, uninspired, boring, empty hollow script I have ever seen. How the hell did this get greenlit who in their right mind would read this script and sacrifice all their time, effort and talent to be in this? I honestly wonder if they are personally ashamed of themselves.

These writers so thick in the head actually think adult humor is nothing but spamming the f word and saying penis over and over again. That's the movie there's not even a story to fall back on.

It is the most desperate attempt of adult jokes I've ever seen. And there's barely any variation from dick jokes and saying the f word. Oh wait there was this one "joke" about child rape and they milk this at any given second. Even write a song about it.... That's the only thing the films going for.... Nothing else but telling jokes which is an awful decision for ANY film

This is what someone would assume South Park/Superbad were like just by a quick glance. Without understanding there's more depth to the raunchy jokes. Nothing in the script works, the characters are empty one dimensional shells just to tell a joke... One character is an "a hole" who talks about dicks, another one is fat, another one smokes weed, and another one is horny..... HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!! The story is stretched so thin and one of those, "setup with nothing else going for it" type of films.

The most offensive part of this movie is it's advertised as an adult film while the film treats us like children. When in reality most mainstream animated films are pretty mature in the first place. So what the hell is this doing?

The best thing I can say about the film is like I said the voice talent, animation, set design and art direction. Its perfect proof that excellent presentation can never save an abysmal script and It will ruin the experience for pretty much everyone.

I'm actually sorry about saying all those awful things about, Grown Ups 2, Jack and Jill, Doogal, Not Cool and even Tusk. Those movies are freaking masterpieces compared to this thing and I can actually say those movies had probably one or two parts where I smiled a bit.... This movie just pissed me off.... And literally in the first 6 minutes of this 80 MINUTE MOVIE I was done and regretting my decision to watch it.... I persisted at 1.5 speed and it still was torture. Glad this was a flop and how nobody knows about it.

Everyone involved should be personally ashamed of themselves. This film appeals to nobody....

This is the worst stop motion movie I've ever seen and the worst movie I've seen in my entire life as of 1/11/16. (Coming from 1000+ films)

0.1/10 And that 0.1 point is just to be generous to the people who tried to make the best out of this.


Long drawn out boring with throw away generic horror movie tropes that you can barely see with terrible lighting and terrible cinematography. Pass this one


One of those arthouse films that deserves its title, there aint much story. Just really beautiful shots of desert. It isn't trying to beat you over the head with symbolism its just made to take you on a journey with stunning cinematography

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Really innocent childrens movie that teeters on Tideland weirdness. The story is a mess and the choices are just SUPER strange. For some reason everybody in the world hates "Horrid Henry" when he does absolutely nothing, all he does is forget his homework and then theres people trying to kill him... They really over do the creepiness factor with over acting. But you know.... its fine for kids, innocent forgettable fluff. The BEST THING to come out of this movie is.... I'll never look at that "In Bruges" child death scene seriously ever again (as its the same actor as Horrid Henry)

Jack and Jill

One of the most irritating, boring, unfunny waste of time I've ever sat through.... There is no point at all... No story...No likable characters.... No Jokes, and I'm not KIIIIIIIIDDDDIIING there are virtually no laughs because the movie doesn't try at all. No effort. Theres jokes like someone falls....someone farts...Someone says something in a silly voice... that's it and no payoff.
80 million budget? For what? All I see is a bunch of celebrity cameos on a cruise ship..... wait.... Aw come on! Why does this exist? Its not the worst I've seen theres been worse movies that insulted me and annoying all the way through.... This one is cringe inducing for 30 minutes then it gets old and BOOOOOORRRRRING... I tortured myself for the sake of curiosity.

The Boxtrolls

The animation is too good. Really missing that gittery charm of other stop motion. Story's pretty formulaic but done in a different way especially the film dragging out the climax with tons of fake outs. I'd say watch it for the animation. The films just fine decent. I probably wont revisit it. :/


Visually striking especially for 1940 Gezz the animation is spectacular. My only gripe is that its pretty uneven in its delivery. Some sequences go on longer than needed like the one involving greek mythology. Whatever its still timeless

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Better on a second watch without a seriously noisy theater of children screaming hysterically. (worst movie experience I've ever had) No its a good movie but far from their best....


Generic and mediocre effort

Pulse (Kairo)

Long drawn out and boring

Bad Words
Bad Words(2014)

A charming original and very funny comedy that is not for the easily offended. (I wasn't offended but thats a reason why this films overlooked)

The Peanuts Movie

Very charming tribute to the classic Peanuts cartoons with great stylistic animation... Though its subtle and has a few flaws..... Cons: Modern day music... Not much screen time for the other characters the film main focus is Charlie Brown, and story's formulaic...

But still I enjoyed it very much there was a charm, subtlety and heart put into this project. Which is key ingredients most movies nowendays lacks

Tom at the Farm

Unbelievably well made highly original with a uncomfortable tone. This film while pretty minimal and subtle still can carry onto a very engaging thriller. Considering how young this director Xavier Dolan is, makes me incredibly excited to see more from him. Bravo Dolan you impressed me.


Simple minimal film that's effectively more entertaining than the Disney version.
Let it go.... Let it go..... This film will live in the shadows of Disney

Strange Magic

............ORIGINAL REVIEW..............
A really fun fantasy movie.... What its hated by every individual who saw it... Why.... Oh there were too many songs? And what else?......Really that's it?

For me I love cheesy fantasy flicks with corny songs mixed in. Like Labyrinth, Last Unicorn, Legend ect. I have barely paid attention to the mainstream crowd so I barely recognized these popular songs. So I was lucky they didn't bother me like everyone else. But then again there is a subtle self awareness to the film making most jokes hit there mark. The humor is pretty clever in this flick and it has a familiar yet original story. The story is really reminiscent of classic stories in this genre and it was awesome. Though I can't help but marvel at the stunning visuals and designs of all the characters it really brings the film to life.

This is a rock/pop opera so if that aint yer cup of tea skip

I can bet you there is an audience for this kind of film, for anyone with a open mind and isn't bothered by pop music. All the wrong people saw this movie and I have a feeling this is going to have a cult following. If it looks interesting give it a chance and watch it, screw all the negative reviews. I will definitely return to this one................


Yeah I decided to check it out a second time... Now I see some serious issues... I'm not sure how to explain it... But it feels underwhelming and forced in some sections.... Some of the song choices are really mediocre. "I'M EVILLLL" "I'M THE BAD GUY" Don't get me wrong there's still a ton of great sequences and some visual jokes are still funny.....But I remember there being some more content in this movie though its got more style than the average film theres a ton of stuff that should've been explored way more.
The word is "very uneven"
But lets say its only worth watching once as its the definition of a hit and miss movie.

Ehhh the more I think of it the more I don't like it... So I'll leave it there


Highly creative and inventive low budget sci fi with a great twist

The Wind Rises

Nice but painfully uneventful and slow with bland characters. Also the dvd I watched had a reminder how bad smoking is. And its rated PG-13 for smoking (it takes place in the 40s so its a timely thing)...... Wat..... Smoking is an issue in films now? XD

Blood Diamond

DiCaprio's character takes up most of the screentime which is disappointing for how uninteresting he is. When the main focus on the movie should've been on Hounsou's character as it brings up really interesting conflict. But then the movie wants to throw in this romance between two wonderbreads whining about diamonds it made the movie feel longer than it already is. Oh well its still an okay movie

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

Not every joke hits the mark but when it does... It's priceless, this goofy innocent comedy is worth a look. Probably the best to expect out of a title named "Nacho Libre"


A indie film that really beats you over the head on how quirky it is which would be fine if the film didn't stretch out its plot so thin over the short runtime. Our main character is a little bit interesting but unlikable and doesn't go through any changes
Occasional sparks of style can't save it... Its way too forgettable

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Well made but a feeling of discontentment happens when the characters seem to all act the same. All sarcastic and always in a good mood. I didn't feel that invested it didn't show nothing that new.The visuals and the sections when its him alone on Mars with no extra characters is worth seeing. There is a bigger focus on NASA and them being all ughhhhh....
Its okay movie


This isn't a horror film..... This is a full out Romance but its done unbelievably well. The characters are fleshed out and really believable . The cinematography is great as well as the atmosphere.

Though it sadly looses its steam in the last half hour. With a kind of disappointing ending. It still had a really strong first 80 minutes and worth it just for its stellar build up

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Way too obvious on most of the jokes. Though its made with passion, creativity and a great twist in the last 3rd. Makes it worth a watch

Song Of The Sea

Incredibly similar to Studio Ghibli. With a highly original story, breathtaking animation, really stellar voice work and heavy atmosphere. This film is so emotionally powerful and mature that any audience should deserve to give it a look.
Another point on how Big Hero 6 shouldn't have won the oscar

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Very uneven first short is really mediocre and unlikable while the second Sleepy Hollow one is pretty good. Just check out Sleepy Hollow


Sadly never takes advantage of its incredibly ridiculous premise and you never see a single rhino. Though it still has sparks of brilliance. Its paced really well and the performances have lots of energy. The writing for the most part isn't bad either same with the overall message. Problem is I'll never return to it its pretty forgettable.

Simon Killer
Simon Killer(2013)

Filled to the brim with empty artiness pretentiousness with no substance... Stop... If you're going to make a "deep" arthouse film.... have some engagement with a story and characters. Don't dwindle and give us stuff anyone can film

Toys In The Attic (Na Pude)

Full on surrealism. You feel like in a dream the whole time. Crazy and creative but thats it. Because its hard to follow and light on story you won't remember it


A really weird but somewhat entertaining film. Not forced but pretty fun its a innocent light family flick with good intentions.


Freaking hilarious! This is one of those "So bad its good" films with nothing but corniness, ridiculousness and over acting. Jon Voight's performance is hysterical. Looked like it was goofy fun while filming this film.

Grab some buds and check out this stupidly entertaining film because its awesome. Will watch again.

Lake Placid
Lake Placid(1999)

Poor horror flick with nothing but bland written all over it

The Animal Project

*sigh* just your average pretentious indie film. Incredibly dull drags itself out and goes absolutely nowhere

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

Occasionally effective in some quiet scenes that really bring up tension. Sadly though its incredibly weak compared to Hichcocks other work. This one spends too much time padding out its runtime it gets tiresome. Scenes go longer then they should. The effects are very hoaky by today standards. Though at least they got a whole lot of birds too fly around so that's an achievement by itself. Ehhh I will never visit this one again :/

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Very fun and creative adventure film from the 50s. With some pretty decent effects (minus occasional blue screening) with its giant sets and props. Watch it!!

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical)

Incredibly low budget and really poor in presentation. Subtle charm and couple of funny lines make it a little better and even the songs arent too bad. But I'm sorry to say Trey Parker's debut film is really mediocre and is only worth watching once if your curious on his early work otherwise its difficult to recommend

Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak(2015)

Pretty light horror film with great visuals wonderful vfx and amazing atmosphere. Its fun though it feels like you'd rather be watching Guillermo's other films like Devils Backbone and Pans Labyrinth as this one is incredibly similar. Oh well still an entertaining watch and better than other horror films coming out now


Goosebumps is entertaining enough as a fun Halloween flick. But its horrible camerawork, poor lighting and weak script really make it rushed and kind of forgettable experience. I'm sorry but its just mediocre and not that recommendable

Lady and the Tramp

Impressive on a technical level while weak and incredibly light on plot with underwhelming situations. Bland and generic but its for children whatever

Oh and for some reason my Blu Ray was defective on this film it would literately stop playing halfway so whenever it rebooted back I had to sit through a ad for Beverly Chihuahua 3 over and over as well as all the legal stuff. Just watched the DVD instead barely any quality difference

Berberian Sound Studio

Good atmosphere and pretty interesting...... until it just repeats itself over and over and slowly turning into a pathetic arthouse flick. Stop with crap like artsy. Weak script and no scares


Fast paced action with a clever script. Very enjoyable and highly recommendable

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

Garbage! READ THE BOOK INSTEAD!! As they switch roles of every character. Cut out every good scene out of the book and replace it with different alterations. No character building and even a crappy ending make this movie abysmal. Bad Bad


Decent flick with some funny moment. Though sadly came out around the same time Kick Ass did. TBH I thought Kick Ass was much better. But this one still has some originality though it feels longer than it is

Wake in Fright

A mix between Withnail and I and Badlands but predates the films and is way better than the two just mentioned. This film is really gritty and realistic with some great memorable moments. Recommended


Its unbelievably bad ouch!!! To make things worse I watched this back to back with the original "Magic Roundabout" with the British cast which has NOTHING wrong with it. Sure "Magic Roundabout" isn't too amazing either its mostly the same movie underwhelming and weak plot it did have some charm and was for the most part innocent making it a watchable for children ONLY. The original British version gets a 3/10

Doogal on the other hand REDUBS an already English movie with worse voice acting that doesn't fit the characters. Pretty much rewrites the script with nothing but movie references and getting rid of the light jokes and replacing it with toilet humor. So now the mouths don't sync up its distracting. If you've seen the original this will PISS YOU OFF!!

What a miserable insulting piece of media AVOID!! 1/10

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

Very underwhelming with a plot stretched so thin over 73 minutes which feels 2x longer. Kind of boring, This movie's strongest point is its charm.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

One of the greatest finales for a film series. Totally wraps up the 8 film saga with a unbelievably satisfying conclusion

Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

Let me just say one thing! The movie for the first day is actually quite interesting... it's like observing somebody's life. Coolio.........2nd day it repeats EVERYTHING from day one with slight variations.... Huh? And same with the 3rd day! What's the point? To show how boring her life is. I understand quit hammering it in! There is 40 minutes of her sitting in a chair doing NOTHING!! Oh wait throughout the 3 1/2 HOURS there is nothing done but her doing chores!! That's it!

This has to be the most pointless and pretentious film that was ever made. Back then film was expensive so they basically ran the film on somebody's lonely day wasting money and time. That's the point is to feel bored! SHUT UP!! SHUT SHUT SHUT UP!! If I filmed myself eating a sandwich for 5 minutes would I BE PRAISED as a artist??? Maybe.... But that's the point. JUST DOING CHORES!! "Look at how boring my life is" If your lifes boring find ways to spice it up and don't look for a button.

Maybe for a lonely short film or like a 80 minute cut would've been actually decent and different. BUT 210 MINUTES IS FREAKING OVERKILL even watching it at a 2x speed and occasionally skipping during long moments of her washing the dishes, shining shoes all 3 times she does it. ART ART ART ART ART! You really can't call anything that's different deep and artistic unless it DESERVES to be. This isn't difficult to film at all! ANYONE!! FREAKING ANYONE CAN DO IT!! Skippity skip skip skip.

Help! I'm a Fish

"Help I'm a Fish" has some pretty good animation as well as some good voice acting. The films a little too violent for a childrens flick though. It honestly shocked me in some parts. It's pretty dark and kind of thrilling. I really liked it.

The company that put this cover out really sucks makes it look like a rip off movie though and its called A Fish Tale trying to jump on the Shark Tale trend its not even 3D and that green character doesn't even appear in the movie. Its a fine short entertaining family flick with some dark moments give it a watch

Roger Waters The Wall

Roger Waters the Wall is an incredibly entertaining concert that would be a blast to be at. Its a concert movie that eventually gets halted every once in awhile for us to see Roger Waters drive in a car and talk. No we're here for the music.... Though I enjoyed myself I have to say theres a better alternative... Just watch 1982 version where its not restricted to the stage. They play clips from the film by projection. ONLY watch this film to see the cool concert. Not if you want to listen to top notch music. 82' The wall got ya covered

Say Anything...

Very generic romance, occasional iconic scenes but then again. :/

Project Almanac

Fun movie with occasional cliche hiccups and pacing issues. Some distracting inconsistency like how the hell are VHS cameras 4k. This is defiantly a more expensive production its more obvious a cinematographer was operating the camera. Some scenes draw themselves out far longer than needed. The ideas could've been expanded upon as its predictable. A 80 minute cut would've been more tighter but then again theres still some fun to have with this simple flick. Not great but wasn't trying to be. Check it out for a entertaining fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Eyes Wide Shut

Keeps your interest throughout. With great acting, great suspense and camera work.
I'm sorry to say I was greatly disappointed from the payoff leaving a kind of bad taste afterwards. No big sting like most Kubrick films. Ehh still worth watching.

Au Hasard Balthazar

An incredibly mean spirited, depressing film. Showing nothing but animal cruelty, horrendous performances, overly pretentious symbolism. But I guess that was the intention.
No doubt this was really artsy and well made. Its a unique film you won't like it though. It aint worth checking out. Even though I'm giving it a 6/10 Why? I don't know why... You don't have any feelings for this movie you're just neutral... Like the performances

The Dirties
The Dirties(2013)

Excellent low budget thriller with a incredibly unique filming style. Strong performances and top notch pacing. A exciting film with sadly an abrupt ending but the stuff shown is so damn good. I will follow this directors work and hope he can expand on some great talent.


Aimless but well made and with passion. Not a film for everybody

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

I cried 3 times during this extremely well made doc

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Just as good as the second with more creativity and darker themes

The Wild
The Wild(2006)

Textures and characters looked great! There is some incredibly forced plot, lines and music cues which are a bit distracting but at least the movie has sparks of originality. Oh well it was just okay

Oliver & Company

Lame and forgettable. Incredibly short and made strictly for children. All around is very lackluster. Skippity skip skip skip


Though made with skill, Sorcerer is painfully slow with thin characters and isn't that recommendable

Penguins Of Madagascar

It's kind of funny But it goes too far and feels like it jumps the shark and makes up stuff as it goes on, very forgettable and kind of lame.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

A irresistible film full of magic.This is a film that has tons of spirit, tons of fun characters, and its just a fun family feature. Little bit ridiculous and some of the CGI has aged poorly... But I absolutely loved every minute of it
I loved this first entry and can't wait to see the others

The Illusionist (L'illusionniste)

A animated Jacques Tati! Which captures the spirit of Tati's work... Even though the movies visually interesting. This story would've looked better live action so this felt more of a tribute to Tati's work. But its very weak in story as its light and has charm. But charm and light nature are pushed a little extreme making it lose some warmth. Not to say its a bad film I just won't see myself returning to it...
Plus theres this scene where it litterly shows Mon Oncle not as something cute in the background but go all out to make it known. It was a little bit annoying

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

This is more like it! After the disappointing New Hope I was glad to see that Empire is a far superior movie. With tight writing, better special effects, expanded characters and way better acting. Great improvement! I have a better understanding and I can't wait to check out Ep 6

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Star Wars a film I finally got around to seeing is...... Not really good.
First, I saw the original 1977 version not the awful special edition.
Okay lets look at the positives first... Set design, Sound effects, Art Direction, Prop Building, Action sequences and Soundtrack top notch.
Negatives... The acting is really bad in some sections gezz... The direction's a little off, The editing is incredibly jarring and WMM like with its crazy cross dissolves, The writing and not necessarily the story but the dialogue is really bad making the characters one dimensional and there is some pacing issues like introducing Luke's character, he's just there.

Possibly due to the cultural phenomenon, popularity, lore and nostalgia is the reason this film is so beloved. I wish I liked it :/ but I honestly prefer Spaceballs

Tiny Furniture

IDK Tiny furniature is alright. Its shot and acted alright. Its a indie film made for 65k okie...
The pacing though........................its like molasses............ One minute felt like Two. I was watching saying how much is left..... I'm only 35 minutes in WHAT?! I felt like it was at least an hour. Little progression from each scene

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... At least her heart was in the right place.....

Withnail and I

Withnail and I is a very aimless film. Our nameless main character is tormented throughout by his annoying friend Withnail who is always drunk. Withnail almost ruined the film he is soooooooo irritating
There is some good scenes mostly the quiet ones and usually when it was nighttime.
The "humorous" scenes weren't funny as it involved Withnail's prickish attitude they didn't move the plot ahead and felt like filler.
It's a real like it or hate it film. Its really Fear and Loathing (which no joke had the same artist) without the trippy surreal scenes.

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

Rec 2 feels very connected to the first one. Though its not as scary. Its still creative and fun in some ways. With a great twist ending


Excellent found footage film with great acting and genuinely terrifying circumstances

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

A rewatch really changed my standpoint on this film. Its not as good as I remember. Sure the stop motion and sets are amazing. But its pretty underwhelming. The story is a pretty basic transformation story and I love me some transformation. Its a bit too silly for my taste too which is saying a lot. There is still tons of good jokes and its creative....
It just feels it lacks the punch the short films had. And those I've watched more often then this. Oh well still good.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal(1981)

Heavy Metal is one of the most mixed films I've ever seen. The animation and art is 10/10 gezz I wish more movies looked like this SERIOUSLY. But then again its overly sexualized and pretty aimless, most segments lack a punch or even a resolution. I can say its unique Its the movie definition of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll.

The Science of Sleep

Sadly its a very basic love story. That's kind of unlikable and drawn out. At least the stop motion dreams were creative.... Wait this movie is nothing but a pattern Talk to a girl... Have a dream.... Talk to a girl.... Have a Dream..... Repetitive . BORING!! Not recommended

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

A washed out, gritty, action thriller with great emotional bits for good measure.

The Neverending Story

Good kids film with creepy animatronics. Some good scenes but I felt it was lacking charm.

Wait Until Dark

An amazing achievement in horror cinema. Nearly 50 years old and just as thrilling and shocking as it was back then. The acting is great, writing is excellent and it grips you from the first second til the end credits. Which even the credits are awesome.
Its creative as hell, has a claustrophobic setting and is very exciting.
Like something out of Hitchcock.... definitely check this one out (if you can find it) *Plz Criterion we need a blu ray release

Upstream Color

Looks great considering the budget but Upstream Color is nothing but a average artsy fartsy pretentious film. With little story or no development making for a mundane drone and its inability for getting any emotion out of the audience.

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(1971)

A slow burning thriller as it descends into a violent climax which is exciting. Given the time period this was a game changer for horror films as its still pretty graphic and realistic.


What? I have no words. It defiantly wasn't a bad movie it was well made and had some great acting. But this is one hell of a ugly film. Its gross, uncomfortable, strangely creative but at least its something different. Its the definition of a effed up movie.

Not easily recommendable as there is some questionable choices from the director. Whatever I found it as a journey into a deep creepy place.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

This is what a re imagining looks like. Take a story and spin it into something new. Though I prefer the original, this one aint too bad, its funny, action packed and overall an enjoyable teen horror flick.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no tani no Naushika)

With a slow start Nausicaa descents into amazement with an amazing second half and satisfying ending. Soundtrack kind of sucked though.


Lazy film, a lifeless amateur work thats incredibly pointless. Incredibly forgettable my mom could do better. The budget while 1.5 million looks like it was made for just under 500 dollars. There is nothing here it doesnt make you think feel or anything. Its a empty 1 hour and 10 minute chore. And if you say something like its art or it reflects real life.
Then please....
Watch Cache for some interesting slow burning unresolved picture. Skip this one please

Stir of Echoes

A very good psychological thriller with great visuals, haunting suspense and engaging characters. Highly recommended

Howl's Moving Castle

Loads of interesting visuals and an engaging story. Its worth a look

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Creative but really is too strange and lacks proper structure.



Done to death story with nice cinematography and CGI. Some laughs but nothing worth writing home about

The Godfather, Part II

WHY ARE THESE MOVIES SO DULL? People in suits talking about business and who's going to kill who. I'm not expecting an action packed movie but at least something I should care about. A draw in or something.

The Tenant
The Tenant(1976)

A movie I'd call flat out stupid... Watch Polanski's other thriller Repulsion its 20x better and he made that 11 years prior. Unless you're curious there is Polanski dressed up in drag half the movie..... yes I told you it was stupid.

Better Off Dead

A surreal, very original take on the 80s teen movie genre. With hilarious writing and some pretty decent drama. Be sure to check this one out its a definite watch

The Godfather

Underwhelming film with Overwhelming reviews. Some great scenes and some interesting drama. It really all comes down to the slow pace and scenes that dont really go anywhere. There isn't that much variety to look at for 3 hours the lighting is too dark and the line delivery is almost impossible to hear without subtitles. The real thing is that the story I found to not be too interesting but then again mobster movies are usually not a favorite of mine

The Abyss
The Abyss(1989)

Great special effects as well as fleshed out characters. This is a must watch. As the 3 hours go by fast

Das Boot
Das Boot(1981)

3 and a half hours in a German submarine? Does that sound boring? Well its defiantly far from that as its thrilling to a part of exhaustion. Excellent all the way around in all the sweet spots. Check it out you won't be disappointed


Slow and effective. Cache is a film that's really artsy and different compared to other movies. Even though I was never bored I honestly thought the script could've been tighter and of course the motives don't make much sense at all. But that's what gets you talking about the film. Endless discussions of the film can be brought up which is cool. Though I'm sure this is a movie most people can pull off as its made really cheap and has some tricks to engage you.


What? Fails at scares, story and characters. The script is really sloppy and at times very dull...
At least it had an entertaining and somewhat creative 3rd act. Generic horror movie ehhhhhh..... whatever


Decent fantasy with top notch visuals


Drive is not engaging with shallow characters, a overdone drawn out story, and arthouse pretentiousness. Soundtracks worth a listen though.


This film can only work backwards which helps in its excellent story with twists and turns at every minute.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A strange movie, really well made. With stylized camerawork and set design. This is a movie that's complete surrealism with a layer of social commentary. Oh and don't do drugs

Krysar (The Pied Piper)

A short but memorable stop motion. With unique puppets, sets and one hell of a screwed up ending. Watch it!

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

Excellent in depth Sci fi thriller.

The Exorcist III

Occasional silliness can't ruin an otherwise amazing thriller. With stellar build up, an intense screenplay, and great acting. Exorcist 3 should've been called something else just so people wouldn't be so easy to bash it.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

A good adventure film with cool lines and cool cowboys. Trim 15 minutes and its great

The Thing from Another World

Disappointing... stick with the 82' remake. As this one is slow, dull and stretched out. The Thing only has a minute of screen time which is unsatisfying


Unique for the time, This film brought up different director styles as well as some great dialogue and acting. Its pretty influential and is far too ahead of its time.

Night of the Living Dead

Who knew a public domain movie could be this good. Actually this one is one of the best and influential horror films as it rides on its tension throughout. (minus the TV reports as they kinda dragged on a bit)


A huge improvement over A Hard Days Night though not by much. The Beatles are still pull off some of the worst performances ever and the story is stretched so thin across an hour and a half.
Positives: The opening is excellent, the surrealism is awesome, and this film looks great for 1965 but....
The story while could've been interesting goes in a pattern. People try to kill The Beatles they fail.... People try to kill The Beatles they fail.... and while they are in life threatening situations they blankly stare and shrug it off making it hard to care for them. Songs break up the movie and make it boring. Sadly... I was enjoying the first 30 minutes then the joke got old and it drags its face around for the rest...

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari)

Aside from the art direction there isn't that much in this film. Its pretty dull and uneventful and is too short to make an impression. The thing is that just because I don't like this film doesn't mean I hate all silent films... Watch "THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE" A film released around the same time with great visuals, interesting characters, a riveting story and genuine scares. Why didn't that one become important? This one doesn't hold up too well.


Excellent animation and characters bursting with personality this movie is a great for furfags for any age

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Strange underwhelming stop motion film that's short but isn't too interesting

Smosh: The Movie

Smosh the Movie... First it should've been called The Smosh Movie. Okay now to what works and what doesn't.
What doesn't work, incredibly forced humor nothing felt natural it just shoehorned in jokes just because its a comedy. It was VERY childish. The acting is pretty poor, same goes for the special effects.

What works, its paced pretty well and few jokes got a laugh out but most of those come out at the last 10 minutes. The chemistry from both our leads aren't too bad either. And the movie has a positive message too. So all in all its a pretty innocent movie kids would enjoy. There isn't any disrespectful jokes. Its miles better than the Fred and Shane Dawson movie but not by much. If you like smosh's new stuff you'll probably get a kick out of it. Anyone else its a definite pass

The Phantom Carriage

A really depressing and intriguing movie. With great special effects and acting. Highly recommended

Exorcist II: The Heretic

One of the least scary horror films ever. Exorcist 2 tries hard but the story is far too complicated messy and is confusing to the audience. The music has some good bits but theres this annoying "HEEEEHAAAHEAAAAHHAEE" which is everywhere through the film.... But then again....
Unintentionally hilarious, never boring so bad its good flick with some pretty unique visuals included. Watch with a buddy and laugh along


An incredible horror movie with a excellent story, solid acting and genuine scares. It may not be for everyone because its very experimental and longer than it should be (cut out 10-15 minutes) other than that its a solid watch! Underrated!


An excellent story with unexpected twists, great acting and a moving message. One of the essentials

It Follows
It Follows(2015)

Pretty interesting concept and has some pretty creepy scenes. You can tell its low budget from some occasional hiccups in visuals which to be honest had a surreal feel with each shot. It felt flat like zoomed in very close but still kept distance. It felt like the director really wanted to stand out with the way the movie is presented and its neat but not for everybody

The Great Mouse Detective

Looks more like a cartoon of the disney afternoon than a theatrical release. (Aside from some early CGI bits which look great) But the story aint too grand or involving very basic formula. The best thing about the movie is the voice acting which is really good. Its too short and not really that memorable to recommend however.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Very well animated at a smooth 24 frames especially for the time. This movie is very visually interesting. Its good more on a technical level then anything the story and characters are shallow but who cares its a hellva cool novelty. It was incredibly groundbreaking and is the reason we have animated films today so give it that credit.

Kiki's Delivery Service

A slice of life anime that has an irresistible warmth, riveting drama and exquisite animation. Only problem is the English dub sounds like most characters are speaking through a fan.Other than that its a total atmospheric feel good movie

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Needed more to make an impact with that short of a run time with this grand story.... It feels pretty bland, rushed, too light and the songs are forgettable. Animation was stunning that's pretty much it but even then the worlds aren't that new or even that interesting.

The Lost Boys

A insanely fun movie. With the classic kids/teens against the supernatural force which never gets old. The film is actually expertly crafted too with some outstanding cinematography and a hilarious script


All over the place and kind of sloppily put together. And no real intriguing conflict.

The Killer
The Killer(1989)

An excellent action thriller with just as much substance as there is style.

The Cat Returns

It may be short, but wow what a great film. Great animation, great comedy, great adventure and characters. This movies charm is incredible. Check it out

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

This was always a favorite of mine when I was a kid.... But does it hold up now?
Hell yeah it does, First off the movie really captures the Scooby Doo feel of the old cartoons. The characters played by the actors are spot on especially Shaggy. The characters actually end up having a bit of an arc by the end of the film. (tbh Fred's was kinda forced and quickly thrown in) but whatever.
Second the screenplay.... Its a unique idea, monsters becoming real and attacking the city. Really cool, Not to mention the action scenes are really exciting, well choreographed and very entertaining. The jokes while hit and miss can really put up some really funny situations. Like I said earlier it really captures the spirit of the old cartoon. The CGI isn't that great by todays standards Scooby looks way too cartoonish and all I can think is Shaggy is talking to something that isn't there. But the charm overtakes that.
The bad critical backlash could've been caused by the previous entry in the series which tbh isn't too bad either. Though this is a huge improvement and could possibly be the best a follow up to that film can be.............Or it was a whole lotta fun and brought back nice nostalgic memories. :D 8/10

Castle in the Sky

A real journey with a genuine feel of adventure. Its incredible scale in animation and storytelling makes it a must watch for anyone.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

No passion, No creativity, no originality, no story, no investment. I can go on and on why this movie is complete trash. First off there is no writing its merely a checklist of cliches and kid movie tropes. This story has been done to death with no care and attention to make it stand out making the writing worn out...
The characters are cutout boring messes (Except Fred he's cool) with no character arcs diverse personalities whatsoever.
Animation was good only by early 2000s standers as it was slapped together quickly as possible so there lacks on visuals.
It was insulting how stupid they treat the audience. The ending is one of the cringiest most predictable mess I could ever sit through.
I found out theres like 25 minutes of credits... WTF
This proves to show you mainstream superhero movies follow a formula and are empty shells only made to advertise merchandise for the kiddies.
And this won Best Animated Feature and Lego Movie didn't.... It should've been The Most Generic Movie Award With Nothing Special To See Here... That really grinds my gears 1/10

Being John Malkovich

2015 rewatch.
Watching this when I was younger and had no clue what to think of it... Now its an excellent movie with great writing and hilarious circumstances.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

A real groundbreaking achievement. Predates Snow White by 11 years as the first animated epic. Visuals still hold up crazy good too

Trafic (Traffic)

Possibly the funniest of Jacques Tati's films. The visuals are still great and the pace slow. But this is one funny pleasant movie you'd better watch on a lazy Sunday


Gezzz... The visuals in this movie... The set design in this movie.... This is such a grand film. The pace is a little too slow but everything else works really well... Its got some innocent humor that is amusing but not laugh out loud type. Sadly I'd say its better remembered than watched

Mon Oncle
Mon Oncle(1958)

A slow pleasant film with great surrealism and some pretty funny scenes.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot)

If you don't find this movie funny then its not for you at all. Mr Hulot is a boring character just accidentally doing stuff..... thats the movie. He doesn't talk and barely makes an expression. How is this funny? Nothing funny happens at all! Nothing... He picks up a tire covered in leaves and its mistaken for a reef? Huh? It drags on and ends... What was the point aside wasting my time.

The Big Day (Jour De Fete)

Ehhhhh..... Jaques Tati's debut film is alright. Theres a really good and charming climax to this movie. Sadly most of the slapstick is incredibly dated even for 1949. Like stepping on rakes and stuff like that. Ehh it aint enough material to recommend to somebody its pretty empty. I had fun watching it however

Dôbutsu no mori (Animal Crossing: The Movie) (Animal Forest: The Movie)

With no plot, no good characters lacking in everything. The animation is pretty to look at and it tries to stay true to the games.... But they build up so many stories that go nowhere. And the English fandub is pretty inconsistent. Forgettable

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

Mary Poppins has so much charm and very well choreographed dance scenes. The only problem is that the movie is too long. That makes up for it once the great finale hits and its incredibly satisfying.


Dat animation. Really solid watch!


Very strange, very out there. This is like watching a dream with an incredibly loose story. Its not bad not good but at least, entertaining. It gets a little too stupid however 5.5/10

Freddy Got Fingered

Once you understand the point of the film........ Yep it ain't so bad
Tom Greens intentionally revolting disgusting film as it proudly advertises itself to be. It wears the 5 razzie wins like a badge and even the dvd is littered with terrible critic reviews. Its incredibly hard to get through but it does its job accordingly. "How stupid can a movie get and make it into theaters?" Is this smart? Showing how far an envelope be pushed? Yes it definitely is smart while being incredibly stupid.
This movie is super original you've NEVER seen anything like it.

He intentionally wanted to piss off anybody who watches it. Piss on the critics piss on his audience. So is it good or is it bad... Neither its just incredibly unique. This isn't what people want to see its very unappealing. That's the message they end up telling at the end of the movie that anything is possible, anything can get greenlit no matter how warped your movie is people will still watch it.
Holy crap..... This movie is.... not bad. Though what it represents is better than the film itself. There's movies that try hard to be tasteless and stupid but this one goes full out. I can't say its that funny but its strangely puts the point pretty clear and is intriguing on how out there it is.


Decent thriller that doesn't pull out its dark stuff til the last half. Which I expected grittier than this but whatever it was an entertaining watch

I Am Sam
I Am Sam(2001)

Very manipulative...... but is it a bad thing? Ehhh I'm not sure where I stand on this one. Is it good or is it bad. Is it overplayed or just right? Hmmmm. If you are a fan of tear jerkers then check it out its not horrible there was some effort put into this.

The Omen
The Omen(1976)

Pretty dated with some shaky editing. Excitement and engagement doesn't have the same impact as The Exorcist had 3 years earlier

Super Troopers

Ehhhhhhh it drags has a couple decent scenes. Very average comedy

Night Train to Munich (Gestapo)

An incredibly underwhelming thriller. It doesn't hold up and plays out like a stereotypical black and white movie. I give points though because it was made during WW2 so that was a pretty bold step

The Game
The Game(1997)

Memorable ending and an entertaining popcorn thriller. Check it out its cool


Birdman is definitely gimmicky, drawn out and oscar bait..... but its very well made and has some very cool scenes and all its technical goodness. It really felt like they built up a whole lot of stuff but didn't go anywhere with it. It kind of dwindled a little til it ended

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine has impressive animation especially for its time and some great music.
But like Hard Days Night The Beatles are atrocious actors and the story is stretched way long even for the short run time. Pacing isn't that great either.
So just look at it as a showcase for surreal animation that was way ahead of its time

La Cage aux Folles

Very groundbreaking for its time; this movie rides on its funny characters and funny situations. Recommended

ABCs of Death 2

A way better collection of shorts than the first. There was only 2 that I didn't like. (G and V) Other than that it seems that this one is more of a consistent quality. Some very creative entries and some really funny entries make for an extremely fun watch!

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

Yay finally a movie that I can label as exciting as a roller coaster ride.
Freaking brilliant! Its a total jam packed movie with an equal amount of substance and style


I really wanted to like it... The premise was so bonkers I just had to check it out... But its just so dull.... So much filler like the conversations were drawn out for so long it was unbearable. There is no comedy or horror....or even drama. The movie fails on its genres it attempts. There is nothing in this movie worth seeing. The characters are 1 dimensional, the writing is lame, even the walrus rubber suit the guy wears looks so crappy that its hysterical. Avoid this movie its not worth your time at all.

The Orphanage

mmmmmmm I really wanted to like this one. Why didn't I like it? Its because I've seen stuff like this a million times. So what if its very cliched its still alright. The ending is really worth getting to. I'll tell you that

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

Very smart and thrilling movie. Incredibly similar to something like Pan's Labyrinth check it out if you liked that one


Cronos is okay. But you kind of feel bad that this movie took 7 years to make for how simple it is.


Surprisingly very subtle. This movie has pretty realistic dialogue and acting to make it a very interesting piece.


Very silly and stylized its a fun watch


This is "Hamlet 2000"..... Yes thats what its called. This is basically a modernization of the classic William Shakespeare play with the same title. Sounds like a.....good....idea? Well though it can definitely get pulled off BUT much like the modern day Romeo and Juliet the dialogue is identical to the play from 400 years ago. So there is old English and it doesn't fit at all with the modern day setting. Its incredibly distracting and unfitting. "Modernizing" all the dialogue not even a little bit just doesn't work and you better don't give me the business as a excuse to keep this movie timeless because its already 15 years old and incredibly out of date. There are fax machines, vhs tapes, and hilarious early 2000s outfits scattered out throughout the movie, it already doesn't hold up.

Unlike the Romeo and Juliet (96) which had a ton of stylized cinematography and pacing Hamlet 2000 is mundane, grey and not fun to look at much like Hamlet 1990. The setting is in some generic apartment building witch isn't visually stimulating. Though there is occasional creative shots here and there, they are far and few between. To be honest Hamlet 2000 was pretty low budget and it shows its measly 2 million dollar budget in the lack of visuals and couldn't get close to the epic scale, beautiful shots, from the Oscar nominated Hamlet 1996

Little skill was used in the directing as most scenes were people sitting around barely moving. Acting for the most part is wooden and unconvincing. Half the lines are barely audible and most people speak in mumble. I felt like the actors had no clue what they were saying. I barely knew what they were saying. The casting wasn't that good either, Ethan Hawke as Hamlet; Bill Murray as Polonius? What? That doesn't sound right and they just phoned in every scene. Julia Stiles's character Ofelia has a scene where she screams while being dragged away which was unintentionally hilarious because it looked like she didn't care at all. One take seems like most they ever did and it makes the movies genre to be a "Thriller" to be underwhelming.

The respect for the source material could be taken as offensive. The famous "To Be or Not To Be" speech is filmed in a blockbuster while Ethan Hawke has the goofiest outfit imaginable. Nice product placement there buddy! Then all of a sudden you see Hamlet 2000 watching the actual Hamlet on tv? WHAT?! How does that even work? Just imagine if its Back to the Future 2 and in it the main characters are seen watching Back to the Future 1 on television. It shouldn't even be in the same universe. Though in another movie it actually happened, in Ginger Snaps 2 but it was done as a completely obscure reference and the movie was a black comedy too so it worked. But for a adaptation of Shakespeare? XD hilarious!
The play Hamlet puts on is changed to a pretentious "The Ring" like vhs tape though I kind of like that scene.

Sound mixing is muffled a bit though it could've been the vhs copy. But there was barely any music in the movie when there was it was incredibly generic. Theres a scene that takes place in a party and the characters are still mumbling to each other while blaring music is playing. How do they hear each other? This could be the fault of some mediocre editing which has some flashbacks or visions that don't really add to the film at all.
This is one of the shorter Hamlet movies to get released just running less than 2 hours which is definitely useful if you wanted a quick summary of the story. And its not a horrible film its definitely watchable and its pretty innocent experiment. When it was released it was well received surprisingly reaching a 70/100 on Metacritic it hasn't aged well however. Hamlet 2000 is still fun to poke at with a group of people. But still there are tons of other adaptions of Hamlet that should be checked out like the 1948 and 1996 ones. Hamlet 2000 gets a 4/10

Being There
Being There(1979)

Freaking brilliant and hilarious writing. A little bit slow and simple but still very entertaining. Check it out for sure!


Mean spirited and unpleasant. Totally inappropriate for children. Including abuse to a cute creature, abuse to children and total inconsistency with the script there's a dream sequence that lasts 10 minutes making the movie feel incredibly long and not fun to sit through. Please skip this one

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Probably the stupidest movie ever made.... Just think of all those youtube videos with ridiculous humor... This is basically a movie version, but although a short 80 minutes it does wear on after awhile.
Jokes are hit and miss most of the time and I feel very stupid for laughing at some stuff but who the hell cares. I don't consider it a good movie its pretty bad but if you have a bunch of friends and you are up at 1AM in a goofy mindset just why not.

Harold and Maude

Totally messed up but hilarious. This film combines pitch black comedy and heartwarming romance to make an incredibly entertaining movie. The performances are great, the writing excellent, great cinematography and a really nice soundtrack. This movie is perfect!

Not Cool
Not Cool(2014)

Ouch! Literately one of the worst comedies ever. Shane Dawson's directorial debut is boring, drawn out, grating, and filled to the brim with immature sexual humor . Drew Monson's acting and character is one of the worst characters written to film every scene he was on you wanted to punch him as hard as you could.
Any slight bit of effort was put into an attempt of chemistry which though bland could have saved the movie but was instantly shattered by another anti humor jokes. The movie lives up to the title and metascore 1/100. Though not the worst ever the sound mixing is decent........... still pass it off

Omae umasoudana

Good animation, the pacing feels incredibly off though. For example the opening is very rushed and a character shown for 5 minutes is introduced with a back story and quickly forgotten.
I have to say its a really cute movie :3


Kind of underwhelming and aside from a few creative ideas isn't much different from other paranormal movies

The Den
The Den(2014)

Its a pretty unique different movie.
It did its job to get a little unnerving and feels like an internet creepypasta with its skippy grainy video but I didn't enjoy myself watching it as it was taken way too seriously

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

The Babadook is made like a classic horror movie which relies on strong buildup and mystery. Which is awesome especially with the strong characterizations and performances. Highly recommended

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback is a movie that isn't as gay as you would think. Thankfully its very accessible and could appeal to the average moviegoer. The cinematography is awesome and there's lots of sheep! The acting good! Its just very slow in some sections. I found the kissing scenes a little funny but it still has some very powerful stuff in it check it out

The Social Network

Incredibly well made with a really in depth story and great performances. Check it out

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman is trying too hard. It still has some funny quotable lines but if you don't find this movie that funny theres nothing else here to come back to

Super Mario Bros.

I remember when I hated this movie! It was because it had little to do with the source material.
I re-watched it now... Its not bad at all... Its surprisingly entertaining and doesn't take itself so seriously. It was a lot like that 80s Flash Gordon movie. Very over the top, ridiculous and very stupid, but you can't help but love it....

People have judged this movie too harshly it is cited as one of the worst movies ever made...... but after seeing how well received Flash Gordon got when this one is like exactly the same then give it another watch with an open mind... Its not amazing i'm still giving it 6/10 but its just a little goofy movie to enjoy

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

A very depressing movie but a very interesting character study

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(2006)

Black Sheep is an enjoyable gory horror movie with great makeup effects and a premise that gets crazier and crazier. Check it out

22 Jump Street

A far superior sequel that actually pokes fun at itself being a sequel. The movie is one of the funniest I've seen in awhile. The comedy is the strongest asset of the movie because it kind of follows the same formula as the first. But whatever the characters are more developed and its something very fun to watch.... Especially with a group of people.
Unlike the first one I will probably find myself coming back to this one. 8/10

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Fast paced but feels underwhelming in some ways.
There is a decent amount of effort here although it feels like its trying to hard. The laughs are few and its early 2000s feel is distracting. Lets just say this isn't that memorable and only serves as a small hour distraction.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The whole movies a climax.... hrm... entertaining though


Babies is ear shattering bad with an hour and a half of quote on quote cute babies whining their brains out. Just think of those internet videos strung together with better photography. I'm serious this is it, no narrative, no story, just crying. A definite skip. (BTW I watched this in school not on my own time)

My Life as a Dog (Mitt Liv som Hund)

A incredibly slow paced but pretty nice in some parts. The film requires an audience that enjoys slice of life films. I'm not the biggest fan of those but I can say that this one's really good in that category. I won't be coming back to it however.

Beauty and The Beast (La Belle et la bête)

A surreal and memorable adaptation of the classic story. Highly recommended

Orphée (Orpheus)

A extremely well told story with top notch visuals, great pacing and great characters. Its a total classic movie still holds up fantastically today.
I'll be definitely buy the Criterion Blu ray and you should too

Easy Rider
Easy Rider(1969)

Easy Rider is more of a timely movie. Sadly it doesn't hold up that well.
It also is plotless and pretty dull. At least they made the movie they wanted to make


Its raunchy but what do you expect? It's a decently entertaining comedy with some good moments.


(2nd viewing) First I barely remembered a thing so this is a fresh look on this movie.
Lets just say 2 and a half hours is too short. This movie has a hectic pace = a very entertaining viewing. There is something for everybody in this smart action packed thriller. Neat ideas, great production values, everything good is present. Even though this is extremely entertaining film it lacks a little bit of character. You don't really know that much but that's because there's a lot to fit in.
Its a perfect movie to throw on and see the time fly by because its the fastest 150 minutes you'll experience.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

A look back at a different time which gives it an interesting perspective to new viewers. It is predictable and you know everything that will happen. Its a decent watch.

Russian Ark
Russian Ark(2002)

Russian Ark is made with unbelievable skill. Loads of time and effort was put into it due to it being in one take and I applaud the efforts of everyone involved. Though being in one take helps it to go by faster. The film definitely requires a specific audience. Those fans of Russian history and gimmicky films.
Everything else isn't engaging enough for someone to come back to. Its pretty much a guy walking through a big museum and talking. Its good but as the last 20 minutes roll by. You've probably had enough.

Napoleon Dynamite

An innocent, awkward, dry, funny, original movie. Not for everyone but its just so offbeat you can't help but love it.

Journey To The West

Journey to the West has stunning visuals, special effects and some sharp funny comedy the only problem is that it gets a little too goofy at times making it hard to be fully invested. Its still a very fun watch


A clever, energetic, fun horror movie. When I watched "You're Next" this is what I was expecting. Check it out its a groovy movie and an amazing directorial debut


Watchmen stays interesting for the entire 3 hours and due to the long run time its a lot to take in. The characters we follow are incredibly interesting and the writing (though ripped from the original graphic novel) is really good. The ending is also very awesome. Its a pretty complex story that will demand a couple rewatches or perhaps read the graphic novel which I'll be totally fine with. 7.5/10

Rebel Without a Cause

Fantastic film with fantastic performances and a fantastic story. A mandatory watch because this film has and will stand the test of time. Its one of the greats

The Maltese Falcon

Great film-noir its very exciting
it holds up so well after all these years so give it a watch!

Santa Claus
Santa Claus(1959)

Possibly one of the strangest Christmas movies around. It makes no sense, its unintentionally creepy, and horribly dubbed. The transfer on TCM looked horrible it looked like it was shot on super 8 and left in a garage for 30 years and why is Satan in a Christmas film?
Whatever it is its own movie and it is recommendable for those who like the so bad its good type of movies because its never boring and always has something new to confuse you. Grab some buds or watch the mst3k version which is something I wished I have done because you'll probably have a blast.

The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn was a film I was looking forward to for a long time and I wanted to adore it though after watching it I think its just okay.
The films art looks great and the story is treated like a fairy tale you've felt like you've heard before, voice acting is decent and the soundtrack is awesome especially the theme song.
The pacing is just a little disjointed and the animation is incredibly stiff in some sections. Characters expressions didn't match the voice work it was almost like an anime. But it wasn't until later when I found out a small team worked on it so its excusable. I found it only okay because it wasn't my type of movie be sure to check this one out for yourself

Where the Wild Things Are

Hmmm...... This movie doesn't sit with you that well. First off I want to say that the film looks amazing with its scenery and its neat costume/CGI monsters. The part that is bothersome is that the entire film feels unpleasant. I usually like dark family films but this one was just mean spirited and ends with nothing changed. The kid leaves the imaginary world while there's strong tension between the characters and nothing is resolved. He just wasted his time nothing would of been different if he never even came.

Ehh I just don't know how to feel about it


A very intense thrill ride. This film is paced perfectly with great performances and great drama. It's an emotional and very stressful to watch but that's what makes it so great.


Uniquely shot and edited Crank is a solid, fast paced action movie

The Interview

What a surprise... this movie was actually enjoyable. Though my expectations were low I still found this movie funny especially the interview at the end. It shouldn't have been taken so seriously because its very silly. Still James Franco's character was very annoying and some of the humor is very immature. Aside from that its a very well paced, entertaining, comedy thriller.


Unbelievably dull a film where the main purpose is to distract the main character from the plot. (And that's the purpose of the movie) The scenes are drawn out but amazing to look at. The film has its moments of interest like the ending but it seriously barely goes anywhere. It isn't recommendable


Tommy has some great music, some great visuals, and some great social commentary, though some music doesn't sound as good as the album version its still worth watching.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Way too long. The magic slowly wears off as each minute passes. The aging backwards gimmick is never taken to full potential. Sadly the characters are uninteresting and bland with overly dramatic performances. Though the visuals are amazing; cinematography, makeup, special effects it all looks great. Its just that its so drawn out and lacking life that doesn't make it worth watching.

A Scanner Darkly

Good movie it has some very interesting ideas. Its just kinda hard to concentrate with the distracting visuals which are stunning to look at. Its pretty surreal that way and gives it a dream like feel.

Escape from New York

Great atmosphere and set design. Very 80s
I can see why people like it I just wasn't a big fan of it all. I found it very shallow and lacking engagement


It has a great artistic style and an interesting character. Good movie .

F for Fake
F for Fake(1974)

Very interesting, entertaining and funny. This documentary throws everything its got at you with its short run time, fast pacing and unique style. I'd watch it again! Highly recommended


Wow this is pretty good, the visuals and sound is absolutely awesome giving great atmosphere. It may be short but it doesn't cheap out at all.

The Green Mile

A really good film. Very engaging with an interesting and unique story. It makes well worth of the 3 hours. Its as good as everyone says it is!

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

Even with a second viewing I still find it hard to follow. But there's nothing bad or even mediocre in it there are too many good moments to count. Its very well made and even if I'm not a big fan of the movie doesn't mean I don't respect it. You can tell Fellini made the movie he wanted to make and that's awesome. I guarantee I'll watch it again someday because its a very complex film.

Blue Ruin
Blue Ruin(2014)

A very exciting thriller! This shows most of it through all the great cinematography with little dialogue. It is a great film check it out!

The Player
The Player(1992)

The Player has some great satire on hollywood. Sadly its one of those movies where the romantic subplots eat up more time then they should and how the build up just disappears halfway through the film

Forbidden Planet

Sadly pretty dated and slow. Not bad at all its pretty harmless. I'd recommend it to those sci-fi guys who like space travel movies. Sorry this didn't do for me

The Others
The Others(2001)

A good horror movie that engages the audience with resorting to subtlety instead of big jump scares.
Its a good one!

Black Christmas

Decent horror movie with some good atmosphere and creativity especially at the time

An American Werewolf in London

Very funny and with top notch makeup and special effects, Check it out its a good one.


Not bad! The film has some good build up and could have been really creepy....if it didn't try too hard. I'd say make this a psychological thriller and scrap all the jump scares, cliches. Because its very inconsistent and looks stupid and forced. It really stops it for being something it could have been.


Always having a consistent pace. Interstellar has some amazing imagery on the grand scale adventure. The movie is a little sappy and it is too ambitious. Clearly inspired by movies like 2001 and Sunshine as they play in similar themes and outlooks. Its overrated sure but it does end on a very strong note. Its worth watching

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

A really freaking weird movie. Unintentionally creepy and absurd.... very different that's for sure. A man turned into a fish and is helping find nazi subs? If you think that'll be interesting....ehhh...you can check it out once... only if you are very bored....like I was

Shallow Grave

its okay it has its moments. Some pretty cool shots and thrills. But it is pretty familiar

A Christmas Story

One of the better Christmas films out there. Has some great acting and nostalgia

It's Such a Beautiful Day

A cinematic masterpiece! Masterful visuals, animation, writing, surrealism, and meaning. This is seriously one of the GREATEST films ever made!!! Never should it be overlooked! Check it out as soon as possible because its beautiful! 10/10

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups)

A masterpiece in film making! This film is beautifully shot, powerfully written, and well acted! Its the definition of high art film making!
One of the biggest recommendations I can give! 10/10

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Gone Girl is constantly engaging with its smart writing and great performances! Its a good one!

Naked Lunch
Naked Lunch(1991)

Aside from some very awesome puppets/special effects. The film is just so dull with our main character giving one of the most bored performances ever. Seriously terrible! It doesn't want to engage you it doesn't care one bit. The weirdness comes off as stupid as the main character just stares at it blankly and mumbles inaudible dialogue in the poor lighting.

Seriously the main character is perhaps the least interesting protagonist in a movie EVER (on par with Birdemic) seriously it ruined the movie! It absolutely destroyed a lot of potential!
If the main character isn't invested why should we! I don't care about the hidden meanings if he doesn't! He litterly kills his wife by accident TWICE and doesn't phase a expression. I don't care if that everything was intentional it just makes it so dull!

Carnival of Souls

An okay film. Got some great surrealism shots and neat ideas not that much to it which is fine because it is only 75 minutes long though more stuff could have been in that short run time


uhhhh..... Yeah its actually a very unique type of film we got here. With a very stylized director style and great acting. There is plenty amounts of weirdness we got here. Like lots of it..... uhhhh...
Recommended for those who like odd films. Stuff that you wouldn't know how to react to!

One Hour Photo

Creepy and well made thriller!
Check it out its very exciting!


A film that is unique and awesome
check it out!!

Wings of Desire

An absolutely beautiful film. Its very poetic and shot unbelievably well. Its just very slow and kinda loses its magic, after an hour then it kinda gets a little repetitious. And we end on a "To be continued" note. :l But whatever its still an amazing movie check it out!

A Hard Day's Night

Jezz.... Well.... *groan* This is one annoying movie. The story goes like this... The Beatles are unlikable, egotistical, annoying a-holes to people.... and that's it.
Its okay to have little plot for a music movie. And to be honest I never really cared that much for their music. But when the songs play its like the movie is on pause because it goes nowhere with them.
.......They just preform then goof off, preform, then goof off... AND IT WAS BORING!!
The goofing off scenes happen with vandalism and harassment they even have the cops chase them at the end of the movie. Sure some good role models!
And at the end there's a good 10 minutes of them performing the songs they ALREADY sung earlier in the film.
I really didn't like this one.

...The fans in the movie were annoying too.

Paranormal Activity

Unique actually. The film is paced really well and there is some great subtleties. Its good but its something you wouldn't need to see again.

The Island
The Island(2005)

....hmm.... This could have been decent.... They really needed to work on the script due to some laughable dialogue and cut out all the action scenes because it was way too long. There is too much shaky cam as well. Making the action scenes hard to see. Though it does has its moments and is fun at times One thing I can say is its better than THX 1138


An underrated classic. Unbreakable is a great film with many twists, turns and scenes that will stick in your head. The whole movie is great overall check it out *with an open mind*

Shutter Island

sigh.... Shutter Island feels like something is missing the whole film. The overall impact it had felt slight, the twist ending was guessed within the first 10 minutes and a very disappointing one too.

Good Morning (Ohayô)

Really slow paced even for such a short movie it takes 40 minutes to get the plot moving forward. Though at moments cute and I do like the Japanese culture in it, its still way too slow..


Top notch imagination, visuals, soundtrack, puppetry and surrealism. The pacing is a little jarring but whatever it sure is a fun movie!

John Wick
John Wick(2014)

Just a basic action movie, you get what expected


Badlands succeeds in creating a on the run story with its very heavy use on atmosphere and beautiful imagery. Though sadly we slowly follow around uninteresting characters that seem bored out of their minds. Its okay...

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

A joy to watch! Very thrilling with very unique ideas

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

Very surreal with an great premise. The story is mend bending and tense! Highly recommended

James and the Giant Peach

A charming stop motion animated film. The visuals are great and the animation is fluid. Though the songs are incredibly bland and unneeded, the movies imagination shines through. Its a fun watch.

Sharp as Marbles

For years I was curious on this movie. They showed posters in the video store I went to for years! I watch it... Its a harmless indie film with nothing special. Its basically as good as a movie called Sharp as Marbles would be.


2 hours of a guy talking on a phone that has some pretty interesting questons...sadly because of this it felt like a lazy way to get them out because it doesn't really go anywhere :/

All Quiet on the Western Front

Decent war movie has some very powerful/memorable scenes and good characters.

The Happening

Its possibly the lamest movie ever made with terrible acting, terrible pacing and it goes nowhere with a great premise! Boooooo!

Dragonball Evolution


Screw this movie I hate it with every atom in my body! I watched it expecting a so bad its good movie but NOOOOOOO this cannot even qualify as anything good. Nobody cared while making this = no so bad its good charm.
The laughs were generated by the abysmal inconsistencies, bland writing cliched to the max and pacing so rushed you had no idea what was happening.
Screw this movie! I snapped the disc as soon as it ended.....There is worse out there though :O

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

A total mind screw movie due to its complex story and surreal imagery.


This is great!! The perfect Halloween comedy with great pacing, a creative story memorable characters, top notch art direction and wonderful sense of fun. This is a movie I won't ever forget.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

A classic 60s chiller The Haunting succeeds in its surrealistic camerawork, creepy sound effects and a satisfying payoff. Check it out

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A remake that actually is a fresh take on the original. The film is decent with some creative camera work and great special effects.

The Maze Runner

A real surprise Maze Runner is a solid movie. Its great fun reminds me of those great adventure stories. The atmosphere is probably the best part I felt immersed in the world. The maze we see is very interesting as well we see these characters and want them to make it out. Only problems with the movie is too much shaky cam and a rushed ending and forced death to make room for a sequel.
Its better than that crap Guardians of Galaxy which got way better reviews and sales... Now... Maze Runner its like a big budget version of Cube crossed over with Lord of the Flies and that's awesome! Check it out!

The Innocents

Decent creepy movie with great acting especially form our child actors. Its pretty top notch and holds up well today.

The Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank is a great movie. It has solid pacing from its riveting story great characters and amazing writing. 8.5/10

Fantastic Planet

Extremely slow even for a movie lasting just over a hour, this just dragged on and on! Fantastic Planet's only strength is its stylistic, surreal, animation. The characters are boring the story is a bit neat though the novelty wears off quickly, the film definitely shows its age. The movie requires a specific audience because its not for me.

Hotel Transylvania

Surprisingly very good. Hotel Transylvania has stellar distinct 3d animation very reminiscent of older Saturday morning cartoons giving it a real kinetic energy, sure there is immature jokes, though gladly far and few between so we get in a whole bunch of at times really funny moments! The modernizing kinda bothers me leaving the film a bit dated.... however its still good fun, definitely a good kids film.


Pleasantville is an artistic satirical look into humanity which is very funny and very heartfelt


One of the all time best action thrillers with solid pacing, great action and gripping tension. Speed stays tense because you care for these characters and each problem keeps building on each other. This is an action thriller thats pure entertainment

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Way to long 2hrs? NUTS!! 40 year old virign has some pretty funny scenes but this comedy is stretched out so long. The story is predictable and is constantly interrupted for small sketches which feels like padding. Plus not a big fan of raunchy humor 5/10

Fanny & Alexander

After a very VERY slow start. Fanny and Alexander gets interesting...VERY INTERESTING it gets soooooooooo deep with its messages! Oh gosh!! This has some of the best scenes ever shot!! Not to much a personal favorite because the beginning was so slow (even though the 3 hour cut is abridged it should have been 2 and a half hours just because) and Fanny over a course of 3 hours barely gets a line XD
The acting is great, the set design is amazing, the message is incredibly interesting to think about. Its just a great movie just don't walk out after the first half cause the second half is really something special.


A very unique film it has a very neat style with some great writing and solid pacing. Its 2D animation works unbelievably well while the 3D is a bit cluttered and lacking textures. But don't let that bring you down because Flatland is very unappreciated and deserves more attention. 8/10


An amazing movie with phenomenal writing, acting, pacing. The movie gets you invested really well into our characters. And extra points following around *TWO* Nicolas Cages TWO!!! He does a great job here. Adaptation is a movie I'd recommend to everybody

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Decent psychological drama with some great acting


A very well made sci fi horror flick with plenty of great atmosphere and amazing set design. I think its a bit overrated not because its slow because it had great slow building pacing but it was a bit generic and predictable by today's standpoints. Oh well like John Carpenters "Halloween 1979" it kickstarted a genre and back then was the first of its kind. (I also watched Aliens plenty of times before this one)

Burn After Reading

Meh... Its a bit hard to follow because it jumps around so much. The overall movie aint that interesting but isn't bad in the slightest just...mediocre


Super incredibly over the top and stylized. Wanted has some unbelievable action sequences a good story and great performances. It's based on a graphic novel and I think its much like Scott Pilgrim as it plays itself like one really well.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie is.... mmmmmmmmmokayyyyy. The movie while long stays entertaining with its energy and a neat story. The story works a little while some scenes don't transition properly. the execution is a hit or miss depending on the scene. There are plenty of "iconicness" as I would say about it. The movie has nice things to try to be different, sticking out in your mind. (Like the fridge scene, tinfoil ect.)

But there isn't development on our characters which makes them come off as flat and uninteresting. They barely share a proper conversation, which I have done as well in my own movies. Underwhelming because the characters don't seem to be invested. The special effects were at times terrible! Though James said it was intentional and the movie makes funny stabs at other movies he reviewed in the past but the effects especially the green screen comes off as awkward.
There's plenty of buildup for the giant robot but he's defeated in one shot it was really unnecessary the film could have done more without it. The girl character was pushed aside and walked out halfway the characters didn't mind but they ended up getting together :l What?

James's heart is definitely in the right place and that's the main reason the movie stays watchable. There is charm to it. (Unlike the Ashens movie :l) But there should have been some rewrites a cut down on special effects and more focus on the characters. If you are curious give it a watch, its not horrible, just could have been way better. 5.5/10


Amazing writing with biting black humor and satire. Its a astonishing teen comedy that everyone should see!

The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge)

A charming short film. Great visuals great music.... And its neat how the film makes you feel for a balloon

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

Its alright...
Its heart is in the right place on making a deep art house film with sweeping visuals and a creative premise.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(1973)

Robin Hood is an entertaining film the characters are bright and colorful. A bit weak but worth a see for some good animation

A Simple Plan

Good movie it has great characters and great thrills. Recommended!

Eyes Without a Face

The description of the film is what it is. We don't get any surprises or no interesting characters. Though the film is shot well and the effects look pretty good for 1959.
Its still slow, doesnt go anywhere and feels blah

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Good documentary about very artistic people
highly recommended

Beauty and the Beast

Whoa this is a great movie! It is expertly made with tons of energy. Even if its predictable I'm surprised how sucked in you get watching it.... it was a bit disturbing on how it felt more like Stockholm syndrome than romance. :3
Still very entertaining though

The Cable Guy

Underrated... probably because it was marketed incorrectly. The Cable Guy believe it or not is more a psychological thriller of a cable guy driven to madness. So don't go into it expecting a comedy... though it does have some funny scenes its more black comedy. Though this could have been an amazing film if they made it way more darker... perhaps a R rating. Oh well take it as it is because it doesn't deserve to get bashed all the time

The Sword in the Stone

Fun animation with a fun story. The characters are interesting and we get some fluid animation especially for the time. The only problem is the main kid literally is going in and out of puberty during each take and its extremely jarring


Decent anthology with some decent entries all of them are on the same level of quality. Its alright

Reefer Madness (Tell Your Children) (Doped Youth)

Horrible! X( This isn't even in the category of so bad its good because its so dull. They take this stuff waaaaay to seriously.

The Elephant Man

Wonderful movie its an absorbing drama that should be an essential viewing. It hits all the sweet spots in what it takes to make a great film

Let the Right One In

An expertly crafted story riding on its great subtlety making for some really absorbing imagery.

Under the Skin

Under the Skin knows how to be unbelievably creepy with its nightmare visuals and AMAZING score. (Darude Sandstorm lol) This film aint for anyone but I enjoyed its visuals and score a lot!

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The word I hear that describes this movie is innocent... and yes its definitely innocent and cute but maybe too innocent. The film is comprised as a bunch of short films which is fine but each one seems to make it up the way it goes on. We got some likable characters good hand drawn animation and these cutesy songs... Its good for children and adults who grew up with it but it still feels like a distraction. If you are not nostalgic its an ehh watch.

The Kid with a Bike

Harsh reality! This is what its like we also get some really fine performances as well as some pretty shocking moments. Watch it its a great movie

The Conversation

The Conversation is really slow and doesn't keep its focus on the main plot for most of the movie. But when it does Whoa its phenomenal the last third is so awesome I wish the rest of the movie was this tense instead of screwing around at a convention for a half hour.

Alice (Neco z Alenky)

Very surreal, super artsy, and very well animated. Alice is creative film making at its best!

El Mariachi
El Mariachi(1993)

Super low budget that with this kind of movie is unbelievable because though slow its a great first film. Be sure to watch this one!

The Hunt (Jagten)

A scary story thats very possible! You definitely feel for the characters especially with the powerful acting. Recommended

Ghost in the Shell

Like Blade Runner we follow around robot characters and get a deep message about humanity in the end... I was never a fan of those kind of stories. Robots just cant be engaging for me due to the lack of personality and emotion. The voice acting in the english dub was so bad I switched over to Japanese because it was so distracting. Thats only me though (I'm someone who doesnt like sci fi) check it out it has some good animation.

A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow up Timmy Turner

Pretty embarrassing to watch predictable and brings up some really disturbing questions. Should have been animated because everyone acts like cartoon characters. I expected worse but its still bad pretend it doesnt exist lalalalalalalala


Cloverfeild is an entertaining monster movie you get what you expect

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

A bit long The movie repeats patterns maybe 1 or 2 of them could have been cut to make a stronger impact but still a great watch.

American History X

Very involving story about a pretty brutal topic. The performances as well as the characters are fantastic! Go watch it!

Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild

There is some sort of effort and its shot really well for a youtube film. Though the forced humor, stock characters and uneeded film references really makes it not a pleasant expirence

THX 1138
THX 1138(1971)

Visually amazing this seriously looks great! Though George Lucas seems to ruin the imagery with loads of terrible CGI in the ONLY dvd copy! Sadly you can tell throughout the movie that nobody cared but the art director. Not to say creativity is there but the characters are very shallow and the story is too simple, it seems that nobody cared even when George Lucas added that atrocious CGI pretty much ruined the visuals but then visuals shouldn't be the only good point of a movie.

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

You're Next is an entertaining furry slasher movie. Though sadly missed alot of opportunities in the certain setup to make it something very special (maybe like an evil dead film). Oh well its fine as it is.

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance is just your everyday innocent family comedy nothing groundbreaking and nothing worth seeing... Just watch it to make fun of it like I did :3

Blow Out
Blow Out(1981)

A underrated gem! Be sure to check this one out because this is one tense thriller! The only problem I had was the Sally character... she was so annoying

L.A. Confidential

Though entertaining and well paced this film isn't memorable in the slightest. The film is like on fast forward not letting anything sink in. Another problem lies where in most movies you can identify with a key scene or object. (Forrest Gump: Chocolates, American Beauty: Rose Pedals) This one sadly doesn't have any. It reminded me of Chinatown... a bit too much.. you know watch that instead.

The Gold Rush

Though it drags a bit at the middle the movie makes up for it in some really iconic scenes including a great climax!


A film that consists of no plot, with different conversations with a bunch of different people. Nobody stays on screen for more than 5 minutes and after that you see someone else.... For some reason its very watchable maybe because of the talk of conspiracy throughout. Its mind blowing to think for such a small budget all those actors to be in it. Its an okay movie definitely not for everybody though

The Princess and the Cobbler (The Thief and the Cobbler)


I watched an unfinished movie.... A movie that had its production halted after 27 years! This hasn't been finished after 50 YEARS BASICALLY!!

The main purpose of this movie was to shoot for a surreal silent animated marvel and that's right the animation is absolutely stunning!

so unfinished (recobbled cut) gets 7.5/10 mainly for its animation
and the miramax cut gets -50,000,000/10 it is truly sickening to see and is one of the most insulting thing ever in ALL of history!!

Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks

A documentary on the making of Clerks. its very interesting check it out if you are looking into indie film making


Oldboy is a great film even with occasional drags the film makes up for it with an amazing twist ending.

Jacob's Ladder

What? I had no idea what happened....

Pink Floyd - The Wall

This movie combines the art of film making with the art of music. With amazing images that are as creative as they are completely bizarre. This would probably stick in your head for awhile. I'll definitely come back to this one

Treasure Planet

Boring, Obnoxious, and very forgettable the stellar animation can't save this cliche ridden mess

The Squid and the Whale

Short and decent that feels like a really personal story. For some reason it just ends abruptly just under 75 minutes.

American Beauty

Wow! This film is a masterpiece! The story and characters are absorbing. Cinematography is great bringing very nice imagery. This is an essential viewing for anybody.

The Plague Dogs

Probably one of the slowest animated movies I've ever seen. The story is very scattered with many moments of nothing happening. The fade in and outs are beyond irritating. Its a shame too with nice animation, promising premise and neat realism. Though this isnt as dark as many would say more uneventful then anything... Its not that bad so I wouldn't say avoid like the plague. Just go into it expecting something very slow

Three Colors: Red (Trois couleurs: Rouge)

Slow building but very interesting. This is totally a mature movie. With subtle character development and colors that really pop.

Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed

Average.... The sequel from one of the best horror movies isnt bad. Though I like how its completely different and more of a continuation. Most of the plot felt very uneven the first half taking place in a generic psyche ward felt uninspired. Though the film picks up towards the end it is missing the slight goofiness and relationship the original pulled off so well.
PS: I love the reference to the film Nothing. Where in Nothing the characters watch the original Ginger Snaps and in this movie Bridget watches the film Nothing. I thought that was awesome!!

Escape Plan
Escape Plan(2013)

Escape plan does its job on delivering an enjoyable action thriller with Arnold and Stallone.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Now this is a good superhero movie! It has a engaging story, some good drama and action that is balanced. This is probably of one marvel's strongest entries.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Wasted potential soooooo much wasted potential. This was actually one marvel movie that caught my attention! The trailer showed us goofy characters great lines and the 70s and 80s music. This looked great! I even got excited when I saw all the positive feedback....... oh no.....

This is just another Marvel movie. This one did nothing to separate itself from the others. Except there's an array of dysfunctional characters. Seriously what other movie would you see a raccoon and a tree fighting side by side? Because of this I expected something completely different not the same.

Something that doesnt take itself too seriously with some funny gags and yes there is instances where that happens but make way for the most generic sci fi plot ever. The plot reminded me of Flash Gordon except with overblown computer effects.
We also got an generic nothing special about him villain! That was really unneeded, Something that has been showing up more and more often. The movie would've been fine if it was just the guardians going around running away from the police checking out different places more adventure and focused more on the characters connections. Nope in the end of this one they're all friends and the power of FRIENDSHIP saves everybody! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!! YOU KIDDING ME?!

And the part where Chris Pratt is explaining on how to infiltrate the bad guys base. And just a couple months ago we saw Chis Pratt doing the same thing in The Lego Movie. The scene where they don't have masks in space did it for me. I know its fiction but makes it look so stupid. "they werent taking themselves so seriously" THEN WHY DID THEY TAKE THE CLICHED PLOT SO SERIOUSLY?! OH GOSH THIS MOVIE! This is only my opinion enjoy the movie all you like. But this did not at all satisfy my expectations.

Three Colors: White (Trois Couleurs: Blanc)

A very interesting movie. The movie goes by pretty fast its well shot and has a satisfying payoff. I think this one is better than Blue because its more to the point and not so hum drum

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

A great psychological thriller with great visuals and great performances.

Bottle Rocket

Gets lost in its romantic subplot and forgets where its going. I still love Wes Anderson this is one of his first movies I would think I'm just too used to his other masterful work


Well Network isnt as good as it cracked up to be I AM MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!

Okay first things first the opening is incredibly lazy for grabbing your attention. Not until you get to see the point of the movie which I think is brilliant. Sadly there seems to be more focus on the romantic relationship subplot. I'm not a fan of romance at all. But the good performance of the insane man makes it worth watching and it does have some very great satire. Just only it didn't feel like the main focus

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

Struggling with a bit of filler In Bruges is actually very strong especially in the second half. You feel for the characters and there is some funny moments mixed in for good measure


Imdb's 1# bottom movie? Worse than Birdemic? Very controversial! Is it really? So far its not... The movie is shot incredibly well. And everything like the action and story is over the top. However we all can agree thats its a bit long. The film stands as okay

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

The original classic! Very well done this version plays more on the dramatic part rather than the remake's special effects. It also has a funny (in a creepy way) ending

Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)

Why did I like it? I seriously don't know why... It has lots of stuff I hate in movies. Uneventful slow and kinda pretentious but I have no idea why I didnt hate it. Maybe its because its an hour and a half unlike other arthouse flicks that last twice as long. It made me appreciate the visuals and music without them overstaying its welcome.


Expecting a movie about a gang and their bikes.... Akira didn't give me what I was expecting and surprised me with a Long, Violent, and Explosive ride! I didn't even think I understood the full story. But wow that is some amazing animation and art. Like seriously best looking anime ever! The movie is just very satisfying.

Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon(1980)

dun dun dun dun dun dun dun flash ahaaaaaaaaaa!
A ridiculous action adventure superhero movie. That sucks... The acting sucks the story sucks theres tons of inconsistency but still the movie is really watchable and enjoyable. The only problem there isn't that much music by Queen. Fans of campy cinema will love it, though only with a group of people I made that mistake and watched it alone.

Attack the Block

Our leads are very annoying at first! I mean they're basically everybody that went to my school back in the day. Though the movie starts to get good when the aliens start attacking. You kinda see these characters change though subtlety.The movie is short but sweet and is a great action movie that really reminds me of a more mature take on the game Earthbound


Criminally underrated. Sunshine is a visual marvel that is extremely satisfying to see. This movie is better than Gravity! No joke! It has more thrills and creative ideas.
Though the only problem of this film lies in random flashing images of faces that is extremely distracting and don't do anything but take away from the movie

The Usual Suspects

At first it seems kinda over the place but in the end it hits you hard with what many considered the greatest twist ending ever

Son of Rambow

Saw this looooonngg time ago. I remember liking it


Very overrated! The movie opens up great! But the movie feels way too long and should have been cut down. There was alot of scenes with men in suits hanging out in bars and it got very annoying. The soundtrack in this movie is extremely obnoxious. Playing only lyrical songs throughout the whole film making it distracting when the characters are speaking so quietly. The movie is actually quite uneventful. I'm aware its a true story and real life is different from fiction but yea....the film is just too long.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

Fun to watch even though Jim Carrey goes a bit crazy Liar Liar is a very good family comedy

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1982)

A great prison drama recommended

The World's End

August 29 2013
Strong like the previous films very interesting story with many twerks to keep your intrest its a great end to one of the best (loosly tied together) trilogys ever made
2014 Rewatch
Like Shaun of the dead The world end is better the second time around its unbelievable how good these movies are. There's a sense of fun with strong relatable characters going through very interesting and (very funny) scenarios that everybody has yet to see..

There Will Be Blood

Another amazing film by Paul Thomas Anderson this movie is great. Though a bit long you will think the last 30 minutes are masterful that can get incredibly intense!

Fantastic Voyage

Inventive for its time. But like 2001 they really want to let the effects soak in with a slow pace.... Unlike 2001 these effects by today look campy by today but I find them insanely charming. Some of the sets look amazing! Its an important movie part of our pop culture and the first of its kind

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Its okay... There was some really good suspense and interesting locations. But its like every other superhero movie out there. Which is not a bad thing it just kinda doesn't stand out from the others that much.

The Raid: Redemption

Amazing choreography shown with great cinematography. This movie is an awesome action thriller that I highly recommend.

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks(2012)

Ehhhhhhh.... I don't know... This isnt poorly made by any chance but just so forgettable... The premise doesn't go that far and most of the time it drags. Its just not a movie for me


November 12, 2013 I watched it....Its beautiful but my honest opinion on why I gave it a negative review in the first place was because.....I was too scared to finish it..... There I said it and who wouldn't blame me? Lets just those scissors are said to do some nasty stuff in this movie....Idk I might watch this later on but still not a big fan of being scarred or nazi film directors.....

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

Different... But still a great film. The story is interesting as well as the visuals. Its another strong recommendation I can give

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Animation is wonderful the story works well and the characters we all know and love are back! However the villainous character was bland dumb and felt very unneeded.


An interesting movie shot and paced uniquely, one that should not be overlooked...


A funny feel good movie that is easily recommended to everybody

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Both movies are almost identical in terms of quality and that's awesome! Both are incredibly engaging, stylized revenge flicks that I think is Tarantino's best work.

21 Jump Street

Above average teen comedy its a film that works especially with the leads being 100% into it. Its not one I'll be remembering however.

Knick Knack
Knick Knack(1989)

A 3D animated short that's now quarter of a century old thats cool.
BTW this movie is cute and really good for its time

The Loved Ones

Expertly shot, edited, paced with a premise thats genuinely shocking This movie will make your body numb.

Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps(2001)

Highly recommended this movie was hilarious one of the best I've seen in awhile. The movie should be considered a horror movie classic that should NEVER be overlooked May 26 2014

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

A real treat this movie is basically a sci fi version of Groundhog Day making it work on so many levels. Its awesome and I'll definitely watch it again

Ernest & Célestine

Rich animation with an incredibly sweet story its like an animated storybook that everybody can enjoy.

Inglourious Basterds

Nicely done with great dialogue....alot of great dialogue ummmm.... Its 2 and a half hours do something other than talk. I dont mind this but I expect more from Tarantino, Boogie Nights had more violence then this....WAIT OH MY GOSH THIS MOVIES ENDING IS AWESOME!!! Still disappointed though

Lord of the Flies

A great retelling of a book I couldn't get into. The story was good as well as most of the execution although the child actors as expected arent perfect and theres jump cuts replayed sound effects and sometimes jarring edits, but I keep in mind this is old and independently made I'd say I liked it


Better than the original this one is much shorter with better entries. 1st one 6/10 ehh its an alright opening there is some creativity with the bionic eye and stuff. 2nd one 7/10 Also very creative a gopro zombie thats awesome 3rd one 9/10 Wow this one was really good I'd say its worth watching the movie just to get to it. Its actually very creepy and well shot definitely the most expensive of them all 4th one 4/10 though not bad its a real let down after the other one was so good. Its a decent anthology flick with the 3rd one sticking out its great!

Le Procès (The Trial)

Expertly shot with great performances. Although it didn't interest me that much

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

Even though I came into it expecting something completely different I was still pleasantly surprised.
The animation was truly amazing some of the best anime has to offer. The story was also very epic and told on a grand scale (It was the longest animated movie for a long time) But its worth all the hype I put towards it it deserves to be in dvd and blu ray print because its better than to be left in the dust. This is almost as good as Spirited Away and thats saying alot.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

When I turned this on I wanted to make fun and see how bad it is... And its ehh... idk okay but it doesnt mean I didnt enjoy watching it. Everything that was said was horrendous was really overeating even though theres some REALLY stupid stuff in this movie (when peter kisses the other girl). The film already wasn't trying to be tooken seriously. I enjoyed the corniness and laughed at it and got some good action as a bonus. Just missing the stupid rhythmical whispering the new one has.

The Tale of the Fox (Le Roman de Renard)

Really well done for one of the first animated movies ever. Not only is the animation as well as the puppets awesome but the story is also feels very classic like old fairy tales. This movie is highly recommended for anybody in the field of stop motion

Boogie Nights

A movie that is styzlied and maturely written with a VERY strong second half

Despicable Me 2

Funny and cute movie thats what they were aiming for, it works just as well as the original

Dear Mr. Watterson

More of a nostalgia fest than a documentary. Its just memories of famous people reading Calvin and Hobbes but whatever if you're in the mood for that then watch it....Then you find out later they pretty much copied word by word out of Wikipedia


if.... it was engaging i would've finished it... heh idk


Enjoyable I'm so glad they actually had build up unlike wwz. But sadly there is way too much focus on the other monsters than there is on godzilla like godzilla was only in the last 10 minutes. This didn't reach expectations which wer'nt that high to begin with


A nice movie its actually very well put together... however the 3rd act isn't as strong as the first 2

This Is Spinal Tap

An incredibly disappointing experience. Only like 3 scenes made me smile but other than that, it was lame. ... Though, it really makes it look like a real documentary it is funny how shockingly true it is. which means its really well made... but idk... It probably just isn't my type of movie

Surf's Up
Surf's Up(2007)

A big surprise actually. As soon as I saw that this was a mockumentry I thought "Hey thats pretty cool" so I watched it and I liked it alot. First off the animation was awesome it really made the waves pop out and look real. The characters we're pretty interesting and funny too. Its like they were interviewing real cartoons. They even had camera grain and the boom mic dipping in once in a while for good mesaure that added the most charm to the movie which I think is the best thing you could have in a movie. Though there are some inconsistances like you could tell when the dialoge was improvised and when it was scripted and the story is predictable and done to death. But I'm still glad I saw it now making me wish there was more animated mockumentries

The Darjeeling Limited

It was fine movie. Some of the movie can be really funny while some other parts can be really sad and I like that change of pace keeps things fresh. There was top notch visuals great characters which I wish was expanded more upon. The movie felt incredibly short I wish it was longer at least for another hour. There was just so much to see still. Thats my only gripe its way too short other than that its a great movie

This Is the End

With some time you find this movie isnt memorable at all. Its lame all it has is actors getting high during a apocalypse very few times it was funny because most of the humor was forced and lacking the depth they were trying to pull off

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The atmosphere in this movie is perfect as well as the camerawork pacing and pretty much everything else. This movie is awesome watch it

Scary Movie 5

Heres a fun game.... Have a group of friends together and see how long someone could watch the movies attempt to make jokes. Its truely painfull so forced! 10 minutes and I'm done sad thing i've seen worse "Disaster Movie"

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

saw the last half on tv
Wow! Talk about a gory movie. And it goes overboard almost to Braindeaad levels. Its almost comical because everything that could go wrong does. I might watch the first half one day but from what I've seen it seems alright


As stylized as they get. This movie rides on its stellar camerawork with some really crazy situations. Delicatessen is a strong recomendation

Pom Poko (Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko) (The Raccoon War)

I seriously dont know what to think of this one. Its really really weird. Though thats not a bad thing but the movie is still inconsistent jumping around not knowing what to focus on. Though a bit slow paced its watchable. If you're curious of a movie that has a raccoon's testicles growing into a huge pirate ship then....sure watch it


A movie that's absolutely ridiculous. This movie isn't that amazing most of the jokes are hit and miss but the bizarre premise makes it a one of a kind awesome experience to watch. This is very underrated I highly recommend this to everybody who just wants to sit back and turn their brain off.

Cool as Ice
Cool as Ice(1991)

the original 8 mile Cool as Ice is probably the greatest movie ever made. Its an intelligent coming of the age love story between a girl and the coolest person on earth ICE!! Its low rated because everybody is jealous! #IceismyIdol

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

This movie really has everything its a war film a drama a romance and a comedy. Its enjoyable just to see somebody's life for once. It took me awhile to watch it but I'm glad I did. Its as good as everyone says it is

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

a pretty creepy movie its very engaging throughout its worth a watch

The Great Gatsby

most of the music is very unfitting and at times the movie feels rushed. But it still contains the great classic story with amazing visuals.

A Goofy Movie

its very nostalgic I'd say its an underrated movie theres not much said about this movie and wherever is its for the most part positive. Its a very short movie and that isn't that funny but the movies focus is on the relationship with the father and the son. It is a bit corny and a bit rushed but still a pretty solid movie


An engaging stylized crime thriller that may be hard to understand at times due to the strong acents but is totally worth a watch

Seven (Se7en)

Expertly made thriller. This movie delivers a killer ending with its engaging premise

The Dark Crystal

A visual treat the puppeteering is amazing as well as the set design. However the characters and dialoge are bland and uninteresting sadly pushing this movie into forgettable territory

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

an alright movie it is slow but it has character


ummm yea.... its kinda stupid..... stupid humor aint for me sorry


...ummm really? Is the dialogue deep? Sure... Is it shot good, Ehh... Is there a point.... Ummmm I might of missed it.... Sorry folks I hated this movie so much! I'm a guy who likes art movies but I want to be entertained. This is just a bore I see no point in watching it. 3rd movie I've seen from Bergman and I dont care for his style... Watch seventh seal if your interested in his work that one was actually interesting

Punch-Drunk Love

RARE A good Adam Sadler movie?! This movie was great... It did feel waaayyy too short though I wish there was more

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

Ehh its a alright movie its imaginative but strictly made for kids


Mud is a masterful film that rides on its great story and great characters

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

visually appealing strung together with great stories its a blast to watch

From Dusk Till Dawn

super uneven but enjoyable throughout

Anohana The Movie: The Flower We Saw That Day

Even with some good scenes This movie feels choppy very sappy and forgettable


original weird and it looks awesome its worth a watch

The LEGO Movie

AWESOME EVERY SECOND OF IT... I'VE NEVER SMILED SO MUCH THROUGHOUT A ENTIRE MOVIE IT HAS A GREAT STORY GREAT JOKES AND GREAT POKES AT SOCIETY the only problem is when you watch it in theaters kids are screaming I HAVE THAT LEGO SET!! anyway its a solid 10/10

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

citizen kane is the citizen kane of movies

District 9
District 9(2009)

Pure entertainment this movie is inventive and action packed that has a fantastic story

The Hustler
The Hustler(1961)

great movie the only problem is that it drags a bit at the romance sections

No Country for Old Men

A movie with no soundtrack and it turns out pretty good its pretty much the first movie where i said "The Sound Effects are awesome" but its far from perfect when you expect it to end it just seems to keep going then it just stops

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

A visual masterpiece but everything else I was promised in this film is pretty disappointing

12 Years a Slave

I dont like depressing movies but this one was well done


Wow what a ride This has to be the best 3 hours I've ever spent Magnolia has some of the best structure pacing characters stories I've ever seen. Its like watching 10 movies intertwined with one another. its essential to watch GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! 10/10


very underrated Cube is an amazing sci-fi thriller that does a whole lot with its low budget and simple idea that it shouldn't be overlooked

The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet)

A slow but pretty interesting the black and white images are wonderful and the symbolism is great too higly reccomended I'll be sure checking out more of Bergman's work

28 Days Later

At a technical level this movie looks great but it feels like every other zombie movie "travel to place...get chased by zombies... go to another place...get chased by zombies...

American Psycho

kinda lacking felt it felt like it didn't take full advantage of the idea but this movie still stays funny and entertaining


its disturbing original and surprisingly well written but it was still left as okay

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

a timeless classic flows unbelievably well and carries the simple setup in the best possible way

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

This movie is fantastic deserves to be in the top 10 movies ever


the story is amazing from beginning to end which makes writing Frozen's strongest point which it should be for every other movie *i also like it how people say "this is a great musical" which only boasts 5 songs (that's barely any)

Heavy Traffic

...just why....OH YEAH because its adult animation it doesn't need to have a story instead do things just for the sake to be fully adult as possible and all of it seems unnecessary *aside for making completely sure they got that NC-17 or X rating

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

its pretty good its a very different kind of movie even though not much happens its still really intriguing and entertaining like everybody though I found this film underrated

Bakjwi (Thirst)

ehhhhh its weird but didnt go anywhere walked out after an hour sorry

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

pure torture some of the worst writing ever


there's plenty of funny scenes but its not my type of movie

Okami kodomo no ame to yuki (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki)

its very good everything you could expect from the premise done in a realistic way i highly reccomend this

The Great Dictator

A very constrovotial (at the time) movie of ww2 and very powerful its funny but a bit long

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rewatching again I actually really like this movie! it has everything top notch animation writing story acting everything is.........fantastic


Nice music but everything else is kinda lame imo

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Off the wall and styleized but also very forgettable I honestly couldnt remember any songs that were sung probably because the entire movie is one. It still worth a watch its really one of those like/hate movies


A very styleized very well told story that is highly reccomended

The ABCs of Death

though no following narative this movie pulls it off with entertaining entries and surpassed expectations

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Chock full of catchy songs trashy atmosphere and an off the wall story Rocky Horror is a timeless albet strange classic......
though it isnt for everyone

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

like an anime groundhog day its highly reccomended

Repo Man
Repo Man(1984)

ummmm did i watch the same movie? Because I've never seen a movie that jumped around so much before.

Kelly's Heroes

Its forgettable but this movie still holds up very well today


a creative and likeable movie made very styleized with a ton of talent

Funny Games
Funny Games(1998)

You can't just break the rules like that.....
Funny Games is actually a great thriller with its slow tension and its offscreen violence which is more scary than any other slasher film ever

The Witches
The Witches(1990)

very creative everything, story, special effects, cinematography it nails it
I really wish I watched this when I was a kid becuase its one of the best live action family films I've ever seen

Toy Story of Terror!

ehhh it didnt feel like toy story it had good animation for a quickly made cash in though

Trick 'r Treat

Even with fun twists and entertaining throughout the movie this movie felt insanely average


While the film is thin inconsistant and carries many flaws Felidae is still a neat little find, that takes risks no other animated film about cats would

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

ehhh its okay its corny, weird, but still entertaining

The Muppet Movie

even though this is the first time seeing the muppets at age 15 which I'm glad I did cause these things you appreciate when you've matured more The Muppet Movie is actually very clever very fun and a joy to watch

Fritz the Cat

its insanely tasteless and is pretty much a hour of shock value and not the good kind. *the kind of stuff you want to take a shower after watching it. The movie also looks and sounds like garbage the audio is the worst I've ever heard the pacing is horrible by 10 minutes I was bored and ended up skimming the rest but in the end this was pretty much an experiment to make a X rated animated film... it failed

The Vanishing

When you remake a movie...
remember one thing... if an ending to the original is one of the most shocking endings in a movie ever... Dont ruin it!
Whoops looks like you did

Diabolique (Les Diaboliques)

Diabolique takes it in slow building on a ton of tension. if you can handle a couple slow sences you should totally watch this movie as it will shock you with the twists and turns it throws at you


Amazing visuals recomended to be seen on a huge screen in 3D

The Big Lebowski

Likeable characters funny comedy but all over the place story worth a couple watches

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

another great movie of a descent into madness Black Swan has it all

Modern Times
Modern Times(1936)

A movie thats consistanly entertaining in every minute and holds up amazingly well in every resrospect

Manos: The Hands of Fate

so glad i watched it on mst-3k

Best Worst Movie

a look at the cult satus on the so bad its good masterpeice of troll 2

Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)

the 3 hours feel short when you watch something this epic

Don't Look Now

A thriller that lacks any interesting content and after the damage has been done you get a punch in the face with one of the stupidest endings ever

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

the structure is a bit over the place and a little inconsistant but Its still a very imaginative and intruging story

The Miracle Maker

From memory (dont remember alot) This movie had awesome stop motion and alot of work was put into it should get more viewers


Super confusing but strong in a way with interesting ideas that will leave you with many questions after it ends

Blood Tea and Red String

Charming stop motion and dark imagrey make this a very unique film its a must see

Sátántangó (Satan's Tango)

7 hours that could've been cut down to 1 or 2

Moonrise Kingdom

This film is a joy to watch. its unique style funny dialoge and its amazing camerawork make up for the carboard performances


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.... YEAH YEAH YEAH (only problem in this movie)

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

WHAT?! oh no! I didnt like this movie shoot! why? I had high expectations for this movie to blow me away I expected a Thriller, Mystery or something interesting but... I turn it on... 25 minutes in I'm enjoying it so far, the actings good, the cameraworks good, the atmosphere is spot on, but the story...comes out at the last 20 minutes

The Silence of the Lambs

a bit overhyped but this movie has some of the most iconic scenes in cinema and our leads do a fantastic job

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of the best movies ever its everything hits the mark flawlessly its a mandatory watch 10/10


Ehhh... Wait this isnt a bad movie on the other hand in some resropects Brave is pretty strong the animation is stunning to look at and the characters are interesting and the humor is very well done but its structure seems all over the place the first third was great while the last 2 are predictable and kinda lame

The Vanishing (Spoorloos)

A movie that is insanely thrilling with weird demented stuff to show even without any blood, sex, or violence involved
Reccomended to take note at but watch the Dutch version

Monsters University

Didnt know what to expect at all from this movie but it delivered and surpassed expectations

The Holy Mountain

ummmmmm wow..... This movie really has everything. Some of the best imagery camerawork surreal content ever put to film everything that happens is unpredictable you will never know what crazy and shocking stuff they will throw at you and everytime it will screw with your mind in the most unbelievavle ways


Frankenweenie misses the mark and doesnt know what to do with the simple setup that worked better as the original short plus it has loads of other elements from Paranorman a movie that came eariler and did it way better in every way

My Neighbor Totoro

Way too much of a letdown to reccomend but the few sences with Totoro really kinda save the movie from going into anything too...well lame

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

A near perfect film Rear Window was way ahead of its time and ranks up to a new personal favourite of mine


While inconsistant Vertigo has surprises around every corner and is a true classic

Watership Down

On the interface Watership Down looks like a kids film..it is not... First there is no happy moments in this movie. Second the story is dark and almost cruel. Third its freaking gory! This is a very mature and very well made film. I would totally watch again

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

Duck Soup isnt strong in the story but the amount of energy the characters put into each visual or vocal gag is just perfect it also includes ONE OF THE FUNNIEST MOVIE MOMENTS EVER!!! this one still holds up after 80 years! check it out


antz or bugs life people argue about.... well both are strong films this one may be a bit stronger though definitely more adult

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

found a copy on youtube so.... I skimmed through it..... OUCH!!!! OUCH!!!! WHY?! NOTHING HERE IS GOOD! whos idea was this? 80 million dollars to make? Who in the right mind even spends a buck making this? All they did was take a camera and fool around like I would do when I was 9 but instead, my 9 year old self can have more of a story and overall be more entertaining then anything that was shot here.

National Lampoon's Vacation

I had high high HIGH expectations for this movie I wanted to see it so much, and finally I get a chance to watch it......DISAPOINTED so much let down.. turned it off halfway through sorry...

The Brave Little Toaster

features a weird mean spirited tone thoughout the movie and confused what its target audience is

Raising Arizona

a very different movie that isnt that interesting but the production values like camera work, action scenes, ect. are amazing

The Rescuers Down Under

fantastic animation and fast paced story and good comedy make it worth checking out

Chipmunk Adventure

I havent seen in years but I remember loving it back then

The Other Guys

while it carries a ton of hilarious scenes The Other Guys doesnt deliever anything really spectacular in the third act instead it starts to get very choppy and eventually a disapointing climax that shouldve been something crazy like in the first scene of the movie


Slow but when it hits you its a amazing movie with a intriguing story great preformacnes and direction and little details eventually add up nicely still holds up 40 years later its highly reccomened

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead hits the ultimate sweet spot in a perfect blend of horror and comedy the film is structured in probably the best way and with its fantastic characters from fantastic actors not only make Shaun of the Dead the best zombie movie ever it may be the best comedy ever too

Children of Men

wonderful camerawork but thats it.... this is a kinda lame forgettable film in my opinion check it out though maybe you'll like it better than me

Despicable Me

Great animation great story and great comedy its got everything to make a really great movie

Little Shop of Horrors

Extremely catchy songs and eye appealing visuals make this movie one of my favourite musicals


The setup is very interesting and the twists and turns this movie throws at you are just wonderfull its a great suspensful film way better than the ehhh sequels havent seen this in 2 years though


even though i love weird movies this one doesnt come close to expectations and most of it is forgettable and falls flat

Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers

this little gem marks up to one of my all time favourites squeezing as much comedic and intriguing content as possible in the short runtime


Re animator is a kooky campy film with a cult status and it doesnt take itself too seriously its an enjoyable watch

Peter and the Wolf

its short silent and animated very well


A bit disapointed with this one What I heard from this movie is that people fight over which is better Shaun of the Dead or this one... Zombieland doesnt even come close first off the begining half of the movie is fantastic but goes downhill when they kinda forget its a zombie movie and do some stupid stuff at Bill Murray's house?! why?! it has nothing to do with the plot really wears badly on the film and another problem this movie felt like it needed way more laughs. in the end it goes into the okay catagory maybe look into it but dont expect it to be the masterpeice like everybodys making it out to be

Apocalypse Now

The slow start builds up to something truly amazing and the best cinematography I've ever seen on film *dont watch the recut please


though it has a long runtime scarface's story goes uphill with every scene making it consistently entertaining with an awesome preformance from Al Pacino


50/50 has a great balence between drama and comedy its a good one

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

World War Z is almost unwatchable the first 60% half of the movie that I wanted to leave the theatre but glady it eventually picks up towards the end

Recess: School's Out

despite all the flaws Recess Schools Out is still one of the most entertaining children films I've ever seen its very adventurous has great pacing and smart writing its VERY underated and worth a look

Enter the Void (Soudain le vide)

Just end please roll the credits
First off this has a amazing idea first person view of some dead guys spirit floating around I wanted to like it so much there was so much awesome cinematography I loved it not until they milked it way too much zooming in on holes they did it a million times go to a fisheye lens they do it another million times flash colors so much even people without epilispy will have a seziure its there too. Enter the Void is a film like no other but is ruined with its horrendous pace, Overdose on sex (seriously like 40 minutes of the movie was that) Repetition on stuff you saw just minutes ago a loose plot that could be summed up way quicker, Too much flashing lights and blurred lens CG trip sences that go on for eterinty shouldve made Enter the Void cut more than half
the stuff out (then it would be less than an hour then that will make me reccomend it

Rise of the Guardians

Well animated and very creative seems original but everything is familar lots of the last half of the movie bugs me too corny and the villian is waaaayy too generic


A rewatch shows how unbelievibly dark this movie is some of the characters are so over the top horrible to children its almost funny but doesnt deserve the hate it gets instead there should be more kids films like this to take risks


Repulsion is one of those unexpected gems you find! insanely great triller keeps you intrigued the whole 104 minutes and by the end will leave you speechless


the eye candy cant save this mangled mess of a plot

The Lion King

Non Nostalgic review!
Amazingly well made animated movie in story animation voice acting music and drawings. The 3rd act of the movie is a huge letdown not as good as everybody makes it out to be


Platoon is a very powerful movie its a must watch

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

while it may be just a pretty generic action theres still lots of entertainment good characters and fast paced action to come out of it

Young Frankenstein

Kinda expected more but still a very funny movie reccomended

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

This horror comedy really packs a punch theres tons of funny moments great characters and surprisingly good thrills and drama


Has one of the best stories in a horror movie with awesome special effects to carry it along highly reccomended

Side by Side
Side by Side(2012)

making the first hour of the film great very insightful and educational truns into closed minded directors saying film is ruined we are the only ones who can make a good one

Meet the Feebles

This movie is unique it has an overall trashy look but not easily reccomended

The Princess and the Frog

a movie with loads of energy and interesting stuff its far from perfect but its totally worth watching


Wow is this boring long drawn out everything *watched 40 minutes skimmed it through....... and the face at the end...... sums up the whole movie

Apocalypse Now Redux

adds too much pointless sences in an already great movie

Ed Wood
Ed Wood(1994)

everything about this movie hits it off at clean perfection. never have a movie moved me so much and gave me the motivation I needed. This is one you MUST watch especially if youre intrested in movie making

Star Trek Into Darkness

A very solid movie good visuals, action, characters, and story. Totally worth watching

Back to the Future Part II

its the only movie to go back to the events of the first movie thats what makes it a great movie


while not a masterpeice everybody is claiming it to be Dumbo still holds up well today with top notch animation and visuals

North by Northwest

A very well thought out put together movie it may be a little bit too slow and confusing but the note that it was made in 59 is phenomenal cause it still holds up wonderfully today no wonder its considered a classic

Mars Attacks!

very scrambled focus makes you lose intrest very quickly


a childhood favourite it has very very goofy jokes and many of them hit off very well including many quotable lines

Man Bites Dog

A really dark disturbing dramatic unsettling and actually quite funny mockumentry reccomended to the hardcore filmgoers

The Haunting in Connecticut

mainly trying waaaaaaayyyy to hard to scare the audience by having jump scares every 30 seconds and having sences with no point go by in 10 seconds or less

The Nightmare Before Christmas

its very good in visual and audio standpoints

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A classic with great pacing and great story


the ending was a huge letdown due to the wonderful buildup at the begining

Un Chien Andalou

even with the awesome eyeball slit at the begining and it goes for a interesting surreal tone its very tough to reccomend

Hot Rod
Hot Rod(2007)

Hot Rod on a standpoint is a pretty average film but I found to like Andy Sambergs character and wanted him to succeed even though the dumbest (and funniest) of moments

Drag Me to Hell

drag me to hell is hilarious as its horrific and a movie that kept my heart pounding and my faece smiling one of the best in the horror genre may not be everybody elses some people go out of the way to hate it cause its over the top cartoony but thats My exact type of movie check it out when you get the chance

Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta)

kinda a rough ride Porco Rosso doesnt stick with you like most anime films


a movie not for everybody its comfusing and all over the place but its at least a very well made film

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

creative premise with good comedy


Expectations were blown away difenlently worth seeing (just dont expect an action movie cause its far from that)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

its pacing goes a bit quick unlike the originals which drag on but the hobbit is worth watching due to an phenomenal 3rd act

The Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods carries a original setup with many comedic moments making fun and playing trubite to Evil Dead like movies

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder has a great setup action and great comedy but they shouldve done a little more with it maybe replace the filler sences


carrie for the most part is a slow but eventually build up to a great ending almost makes it pointless to remake

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

the croods may be a hit or miss film but it still delivers good heart and energetic animation that makes it worth a watch

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

far FAR surperior than the first 2 it includes top notch animation over the top humor and a freaking hilarious villian

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

not only does it carry a interesting setup, Galaxy Quest delievers a amazing cast of likeable characters, great special effects, fast paced action, and some of the funniest comedy i've seen in a while, Galaxy Quest is highly reccomended

Beavis and Butt-head Do America

quite alright film its very stupid but also very funny


a fun campy intruging funny film with great special effects


i loved this movie when i was younger

Mulholland Drive

WHERE IS YOUR SENSE MOVIE!!! I'm a big fan of Eraserhead and Blue Velvet but watching this painfully drag on for a eternity This 2 and a half hour movie shouldnt be this long its more boring than anything I've ever watched


This is 5/6 rather decent short films in one 1st: This one is really weird and entertaining this is probably the best of the bunch 8/10 2nd: This one is awful no redeeming quailties in it its the longest and most boring SKIP THIS ONE! 0/10 3rd: This one is very campy and entertaining with a cool premise 7/10 4th: This one was kinda a miss the acting was lackluster and bothering in the situation 5/10 5th: The last one here is a ton of fun sadly it doesnt last long 7.5/10 VHS is mainly a mixed bag only half is good and half is bad, reccomended to watch the 1st 3rd and 5th one (around 60 minutes)

Time Bandits
Time Bandits(1981)

crazy and creative and a great adventurous charm makes time bandits a must see

The Hunger Games

Ever since i watched battle royale I have to say this is just a ripoff and a total wimp out dumbing down everything including the character personalities

Battle Royale

Holy crap holy crap its up there with eraserhead and Clockwork orange

Army of Darkness

really goofy i bet it was alot of fun to make this movie

Jurassic Park III

its lame just a cash in

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

it has really farfetched and thrilling stuff but you dont give a crap about the human characters cause they are thinner than a sheet of paper

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

From begining to end its a very funny movie most inspiration came from this film

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

awesome movie one of the best ever mandatory to see

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

maybe because the high expectations but mostly the film was insanly average I was expecting a real good story not mindless but at least decent action

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

a true gem that needs to be seen by everybody

Dogtooth (Kynodontas)

Seemed like a awesome idea but they didnt even freaking try even the slightest to take advantage of it nothing happens for the first 30 minutes just prolonged sex scenes and boring duscusions of who cares This isnt my type of film


House is a huge miss with a great setup and interesting ideas but it falls down hard with pacing issues bad screenwriting and HORRIBLE LIGHTING

The Apartment

watched an hour got bored turned it off not my type of movie

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

why did i see this in the theatre its just CG and the story's isnt interesting or tense just AWFUL

Disaster Movie

and the worst movie ever achievement goes too.......I have never seen a movie mindnumbinly painfull to watch ever in my life every little bit of this movie is awful from top to bottom everything is just references just jokes this movie clocks in 70 minutes not incuding the ending song cause that was actually ripped off and is actually many peoples favourite part i couldnt get though 20 minutes hopefully the 2% is acually a -2% they really had to drop the bar that low

The Devil's Rejects

for the most part boring but when stuff happens its unplesent I do see some good qualities in it but eventually boils down to a film that I would call stupid reccomened for people who DONT want to have a good time at the movies.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

i didnt finish this but what ive seen it was pretty good

Kicking & Screaming

terrible someone threw this on and its balls one of the worst ever

The Blues Brothers

great movie hits all the good spots including one of the craziest climaxes ever filmed its also surprising this was made in 1980 feels like a late 90s movie


2 great movies in one a big bonus is the insanely funny movie trailers in between

Kung Fu Panda 2

has wonderful animation, okay story and good comedy may be better than the first one but I didnt find myself interested half the time

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

i didnt even like it when i was younger i saw there was too many songs and all of them were awful *except money is such a beautiful word which is so bad its good

2001: A Space Odyssey

an eye candy feast every scene is slow and drawn out for a reason and thats how you soak up the astmosphere and the best special effects ever brought to film

Django Unchained

over the top wonderful action, likeable characters and a sense of humor Django is highly reccomened

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

very slow but the climax at the end is amazing

Dazed and Confused

i can see how people like it but I didnt like this movie there are some upsides but this movie but it doesnt have a plot which made me lose attention quickly and I do sometimes like those kinds of movies Ferris Bruler and Breaksfast club but unlike those movies this one jumps around way to much It was probably cause I want in the right mood and had high expectations for this (like Brazil 1980)

Be Kind Rewind

watched it long ago, good to look back on it once in a while

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

wow that was a goooooooooooood movie

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

looking back on it Scott pilgrim isnt amazing like I remember but with its over the top tone great video game refernces and interesting and eye catching editing makes it worth a watch

Team America: World Police

the story is pretty average and the characters are thin but the amazing puppeter work action and jokes in this movie save it

Kung Fu Hustle

I love over the top movies and this one blew it off the roof and it may be a little too crazy

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

this is a total fun kids movie adventurous and great fun to watch

The Evil Dead

a film that interdouced me to black humor and horror films in general which gets you fightened one second and laughing the next

Singin' in the Rain

with memorble songs and great story singin in the rain is a joy to watch

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

could probably be the best in the series with a fun to watch climax


hilarious movie and a ton of fun


really really good underated movie deserves more attention.... *everybody hates it cause its apparently boring and unrealistic

A Serbian Film

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no YOU CANT DO THAT YOU JUST CANT DO THAT I havent seen the full thing but just ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

still alright like all of them it doesnt have many likable characters but it still has the feel good factor of all the other ones

Romeo + Juliet

everything feels out of place

Rosemary's Baby

slow but a decent watch

Trail of the Screaming Forehead

its so bad its good but on purpose XD

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

ehhh forgetabble but at least watchable


its stupid but it was obviosly what they were going for

Birdemic: Shock And Terror

still worth watching for its own reasons


has some funny stuff but isnt that great

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

still found it decent even at low low expectations

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

forgettable peice of crap forced to watch

The Wizard of Oz

its wizard of oz leave it at that and WHO'S THE ONE THAT GAVE THIS A NEGATIVE REVIEW RUINED THE 100%

Pride and Prejudice

watched it in school couldnt get interested


Like Total Recall Corniness and Great action makes it a must see movie very underated

The Wizard
The Wizard(1989)

cheesiness and nostalgia mainly cause ITS ABOUT VIDEO GAMES!!


hey i thought it was alright when i was younger looking back at it the animation is ugly but it is litterly a shoeshring budget so i give credit and the writting how everything comes together saves the movie

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

ehhhhhhhhhh looking back at it (skimming though it) This movie has no point and sucks btw this almost got a pg13 rating :O

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

i remember liking this movie but found it kinda forgetable and opertuities to make it way better

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

very forgettable sorry


its not a good sign to see a movie that is this forgettable no good action

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

it hits high notes on everything camerawork acting music and the suspense a must see

Miss March
Miss March(2009)

ouch this film is so bad you'll forget even watching it 2 seconds later

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

even though the story wasnt as great as expected the animation and sets is spot on which deserves a viewing


its one of those films youre suspost to immese yourself in theres a weird reason i like it so much cause nothing really happens

The Night of the Hunter

very great story exciting no wonder this is considered a classic


kinda felt i shouldve enjoyed it more

The Prince of Egypt

hey what i remembered watching it in school that its totaly worth seeing


i loved this movie when i was younger


these movies need less hate

The Wizard of Oz

oh yeah i caught this on tv looooooooooong ago i thought it was good for its time but not memorble like the 30s one

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

dumbed down version of mad mad mad mad world walked out an hour in

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

havent seen it in years


very funny highly reccomened

The Frighteners

they crammed as much as they could in this movie and it is awesome 69%? yes an underated movie

The Dead Zone

very interesting film though slow

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

saw this in school long ago its actaully not that bad


very funny kinda slows down the last half hour though

A Nightmare on Elm Street

one of my favorite horror movies mainly how greatly entertained i was by it

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

the story is executed very well its also hard to believe it was made in the 70s too

A Clockwork Orange

one of the best movies ever in the top 3


eh nothing really happens they break into houses thats it


great movie very effective thriller

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

a bit overrated :l its very boring but its still has its funny sences

The Room
The Room(2003)

ha this movie is hilarious tommy wiseau is one of the most memorble characters on film just beacuse of his acting (I rate movies how entertaining they are)

Predator 2
Predator 2(1990)

DISAPOINTED even at a young age


even though i knew the ending it was still an effective thriller awesome story

Mary and Max
Mary and Max(2009)

great dark comedy for mature audiences :l


watched it long time ago on tv when i was younger loved it should watch it again

City Lights
City Lights(1931)

it holds up very well today


it was okay not reccomended though

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

I'm surprised how good the story is one of the best build ups EVER!!


one of pixars best films

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)


The Simpsons Movie

who cant love the simpsons great movie too


at least its a fun movie

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

dont like it back then very forgettable

Kung Fu Panda

I'm sorry i hated this movie

The Tale of Despereaux

VERY forgettable dont even remember it

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

same story as the second but still has great action sences

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

insane action movie very funny too

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

good show awful movie only good part is the song at the begining

Dawn of the Dead

only saw half of it then my tv broke LOL

Wedding Crashers

netflix version was the tv version only 90 minutes all swearing and nudity censored i missed out on 30 more minutes oh well its still a very funny movie


Get to the choppah again the critics went wrong 30/100

The Butterfly Effect

sometimes the critics are wrong 18%?

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

weeeeeeee i love screwed up movies that make you think

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

love this movie its one of those movies needing a viewing every couple months very inspiring for me to make my own :O


ow ow ow bad movie ow ow ow

Pokemon 3: The Movie

one of the few movies i turned off half way though

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

slow movie but an awesome expirence love the ending

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

i rermember staying up til midnight to watch this cause i loved the first one when i saw it was a big disapointment

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

this was all about sex in movies which got this nc-17 but in canada its 14A SCORE its really good btw


made in the 20s!!!! great set peices great story great characters and one of the best climaxes ever too bad they havent found all the footage but it still is very good

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

movie is amazing very exciting

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

grabs your attention til the very end i consider all 3 as one movie

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

gives an amazing closure to the series one of the best ever

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

classic movie great songs visuals are great too pure immagination lol

Spirited Away

Animation and art is stunning story is truely mindblowing the entire expirence feels like a dream A masterpeice one of the best movies ever

Monty Python's Life of Brian

This movie is one of the best ever delivering some of the funniest lines ever said on film


lol NC-17? it should be PG-13 and it turned out to be pretty good

House (Hausu)

very screwed up stuff


just plain annoying
it makes nails on a calkboard sound like mozart
AVOID THIS FILM i was more interested in shaking my pokewalker during this movie

Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

even when i was younger i hated this it was boring lame and gives the games a bad reputation

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

this movie is insane its long but still somehow feels fast paced