Lovely Tolin 's Rating of Thor

Lovely 's Review of Thor

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


The first thought that hit me mind when I saw the trailer of the movie was, "Damn, is that Triple H?!"

The image of the Norse God portrayed in the movie sure looks like the wrestler but don't be deceived. Chris Hemsworth played the role, not Triple H. His leading lady was the recently awarded best actress for the movie Black Swan, Natalie Portman. Adding up to the star-studded cast is another award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins who played as Odin. The casting was superb. Chris Hemsworth did an impeccable job as Thor. The story has a brand new feel. Unlike other Marvel movies where the heroes get their powers through a medical experiment or an insect biting them, this movie shows a different perspective. It is good to learn literature while being entertained. Aside from this, there were also moral lessons contained in this movie. It has actually reminded me of the prodigal son. The plot wasn't cheesy at all. There were scenes that really cracked me up especially when.... okay I'll stop here. (I might go too far. haha). They did it effortlessly. It was actually funnier than some other comedy films that I have watched that failed to even make me smile. The effects were great and the fight scenes were thrilling enough to keep you watching. I love how it connected with the "Avengers" team building.

There were just a couple of things that came short for me. The pacing was drastic. I think it would have been better if they have further elaborated the events before Thor was casted out. The romance between Thor and Jane was too fast for my liking. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did they fall in love with each other in just a day or two? As I have said before, the effects were great but I think it would still be okay if you watch it in a 2d theater. My father and I watched it in 3d and felt that watching it in a 2d theater wouldn't hurt. I also think that the trailer wasn't so catchy. Anyway, it doesn't matter since it has topped the box office, leaving Fast Five in the number two spot.

If you are fond of watching an action-packed ride and want to be entertained, then Thor is definitely a must-watch for you. It's not as good as The Dark Knight but it is definitely better than the Incredible Hulk. I think that this movie will soar high for a couple of weeks. By the way, before I end this, I must warn you about the scene after the credits. Don't leave. It was one mistake that we made when we watched. I told my dad that we should stay since all the members of the Avengers always has this teaser in the end. You will be quite surprised.