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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers(2013)

Fans say that it is an exercise in style, and I suppose I would have to agree. No matter how colorful, sexy, or violent the scene, there is an extreme sense of hollowness given off by the film. However, to Korine's discredit, it is not only this masterful mood making that is hollow about the film. There is almost no character depth in this film. The only one of the starring girl's to have any, was the weak link, Selena Gomez, and she left at the halfway point. The only other character to have any was Alien, the Scarface-wannabe gangster-rapper, played by James Franco. However, his character is so stereotypical that
the longer he is on screen, the harder it is to take him seriously. He varies from archetype to satire, to just plain goofy. The film lost pretty much all credibility when the ghetto-born, hard-for-life character played a heartfelt -- wait for it ... Britney Spears song on the piano. Other features of the movie include: extremely unsettling montages, strong acting by Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, bad grimacing by Rachel Korine, a cool but possibly overused effect with foreshadowing/echoing of off-scene dialogue, a character performance by Gucci-Mane that is even more of a caricature than his rap persona, much-repeated symbolism, a punchline ending, and rap-video cliches that were taken way too seriously by the director-writer.