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Marvel's The Avengers
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cheesy Fun. Those two words really sum The Avengers up in a nutshell. One of my first reviews on RT was Thor and at the time I was singing it's praises and I stated at the time that the high score was based off the fact I didn't think the flick was up to much and it turned out to be one of the best movies that that year.

The Avengers could not get away with that. It had to be great or nothing. Josh Whedon took the history of The Avengers head on and came out with a great movie. His sense of humour is in tac and there were time I even started to giggle. Some of the cheesy dialogue reminded me of Buffy, but in a good way.

As far as the main story arc goes there wasn't too much of a set up, but if you have watched all the precursor films (Iron Man 1/2, Thor, Captain America & The Incredible Hulk - shame Hulk wasn't played by Ed Norton) you'll have a grasp on the story line. I keep hearing complaints about Hawk, I think that people should of watched Thor carefully, he was in it.

The main point of the story was to show them coming together and learning to work with each other, you know that a-typical Disney bullshit. However the infighting is well done and the acting against each other is way above standard.

The acting from the "superhero" point of view was good. I still don't like Captain America and the change of actor for the Hulk could of been a killing blow, but the new actor is fine. A little cocky, not my idea of Banner. Thor is still my personal fave out of all the heroes.

Now for the villains. I still have a man-crush on Loki. The twisted looks, the way the dialogue is delivered. The actor is superb.

Overall I want to see The Avengers 2 now. Keep Whedon on from it would be the best start. However I feel there needs to be more movies from the main cast: Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and err... A Hawk/Black Widow movie (* Censored* Capitan America)!

Monsters (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Monsters is jaw dropping and beautiful, Gareth Edwards is an amazing writer and director and with such a low budget to play with this film does it all with style and grace.

I was clear from the on set of the film that the money wasn't going to loud for the greatest CG aliens or monsters of all time, instead by using a good mix of grainy footage to help tell the back story in which this "grainy-style" helped to masked the weak CG and turn it to the views on view of what they could look like within the context of what life on Earth looks like and how evolution works right here and when you do get to see the aliens\monsters they fit in perfect with this base line.

The script is amazing, so is the acting and everything comes together, although the pacing does lack in areas. The story hides more than it gives with multi-able hidden romance story arcs, slight comedy in horror and a silly name.

I love this movie and I want to love it more. I was in two minds over it at first. The first thing that hit me is that it's far too over rated, but at the same time it's a indie flick and that doesn't happen and the sales ain't there, nor the box office movies (via Rotten Tomatoes) and as a indie film maker, I felt that I could at least show my support, but it don't need to, this film is great and a must buy.