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This is a great movie.

Red Rose
Red Rose(2014)

Beautiful work of human portrayal.


Terrible... and contradictory as hell (one of the worst things a movie can be).

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Best summer movie I've seen so far.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Well I loved it, had much fun. Who doesn't like Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise to hit it off in an action comedy? At least it's better than many of the action or rom-com flicks I've seen lately.


"If you can forget what it's saying, Divergent is fairly entertaining." Couldn't agree more Edelstein. It is just rather entertaining (only that though), I was sorta surprised.

Shutter Island

INTENSE. Overdone at times? Sure, but the acting is great and overall the movie is quite decent.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

Some very interesting ideas that could've been executed better. Some characters tended to be a little too one-sided and not multi-faceted enough for an actual human being. But at the end of the day at least it tries to give kids a good lesson.

Stuart Little

art direction is somewhat impressive.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

i looooved loved loved Ice Age 3, so I was excited to see this one. It ain't bad, just not what I was expecting, and agreeing with a critic here, it feels uninspired and unnecessary.

Now You See Me

Less magic and more cop persecution. If you can get past the movie's premise of giving a mind blowing show and don't mind that it focuses more on the FBI, you could be able to enjoy it.

J. Edgar
J. Edgar(2011)

I found myself very moved by the love story. Did like it and would recommend it.


It was.... all right? I admire where it wanted to go, but got a little too slow for me at times. And it's funny that the scariest moment was at the very end when Jackson sees Cusack in the mirror.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Fell asleep on it. I'm serious.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

What I can say about this movie is that besides from being a very good re-make, it adds to the original story, the acting from the main characters is not bad at all, but in fact really good. Its visuals are impressive, its lovely.


Honestly I was very entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.


I mean, I liked it all right. What I didn't like was that I was sold something completely different in the trailer. Plus, they could've come up with a name that fitted the movie in what it is really about, which is a mother-daughter relationship. I guess "My Mom Turns Into a Bear" wasn't as attractive. It is a moving, funny, family movie though.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

I didn't like it nor enjoyed it (obviously), but it's a hell of a good horror film.

Runaway Bride

could've been shorter, sweeter, and much funnier. Runaway Bride is missing a deepest purpose and a few more laughs, although it ain't that bad.

Everybody's Fine

I don't get you critiques seriously. I cried for the whole movie.. literally, it was painful. I thought it was pretty good.


Well I really liked it.
I do recommend watching it.


Plain amazing. Made my day.
It just has something so special to it.
Script, acting, so good.
Many very funny, very heart-melting moments.
Loved it.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

There are SO MANY great things about the movie I can't even begin to describe them all, for me it is definitely the best of all 3, and it has a way of ending a toy story in such a beautiful way... I am thankful for this.

Paranormal Activity 3

The reason this movie is rated higher than the other 2, is because it took what made the other 2 good and developed it, and because it abstained from what made the other 2 not so good. For me, it could've been a little longer, perhaps have a more lasting climax like paranormal activity 2, but it id definitely worth watching. Perhaps a little more interaction with the "demon" could've helped. There are some scenes though, that are excellently crafted, such as the "bloody mary", and the "everything falls from the roof" scene. The nanny scene is worth it too and honestly, at least these movies are actually thrillers, not bloody, disgusting frames that are pointless.

What's Your Number?

A VERY predictable chick flick, it had been 15 or 20 minutes and I told the friend next to me the ending. The actors have little to work on, it has a few laughs here and there, I do not regret watching it, but as usual, it is a movie made to sell tickets.

Miss Congeniality

I loved it.
I thought it was hilarious.


Hahahaha what can I say? after all the critiques basically flush this movie down the toilet my words will do little. But anyway, here i go... I personally LOVE this movie. I thinks is cute, funny, and very very cynical and sarcastic, which might take some little used to, but it is definitely enjoyable. It is very unusual, the soundtrack is great, the script is smart. Perhaps it wasn't that appraised because of its unusualness, but i appreciate that, and i think whoever is reading this review, should watch the movie with wide eyes and an open mind.

Two Weeks Notice

I think it's worth watching. I know this genre is full of movies, but lately romantic comedies haven't been as great. This movie on the opposite side, turns out to be very very funny, sweet and cute. It is not a masterpiece but it is very enjoyable.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

both the directing and the camera movements are exquisite. Incredibly entertaining, warm but not cheesy, and fun.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

"Senseless action" and "meh..." are what i'm using to describe this movie. And like many other movies in the top box office, the story has LOTS of potential, and that potential is poorly achieved or cared for... Hahaha it just seem to me this movie is made for teen boys you know... "Let's put a victoria's secret model and huge robots beating the crap put of each other, that will sure guarantee us the teen male fan base." Should you waste so much of your time in doing a movie with that purpose?

Valentine's Day

Hahahaa, I actually liked this movie, don't know why so many critics think it sucks so bad. I thought it was sweet, and i tdon't think you should look at this movie in a serious way and write a "serious" review about it when the movie itself is not serious, and it is not trying to be. I enjoyed it.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I just didn't like or enjoyed the film. I found it a bit slow, and honestly, boring. It is one of those movies you absolutely know for sure you do not want to watch again.

The Town
The Town(2010)

I do not understand why is this movie considered so highly of.. It is a good movie okay, but the plot has nothing much original to offer, the characters are not deep enough, and the chemistry between Affleck and his romance co-star is not believable enough. For me it was just another crime film, and it lacked of that "something" you hope to find whenever you go to the movies. In the end I think, the idea of "The Town" was not taken to the next level, thus, the title of the movie is not addressed deeply enough throughout the frames, or script.

Lilo & Stitch

Honestly, all i can say is that i loved it. It was much fun, sweet, and very very cute.


Entertaining, a visual pleaser. Can't say much more, but it is definitely enjoyable though.


in my opinion, this movie is WAY overrated. It is the usual Pocahontas storyline used over and over again, including Ice Age. TOO LONG, and just because it is "eco-friendly" it does NOT make it a master piece. So I am only going to praise ONE thing, great special effects you engineers. Everything else was lame and old and uninteresting.


intriguing and interesting. Has some good acting and the script is really good. Worth it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Honestly, I thoroughly enjoy watching Harry Potter. This movie in particular provides mystery and intense feelings. Although the movie sometimes doesn't really care about the rest of the characters, it is well done and the pace is good. They managed to fulfill the story.


Too damn long. It just comes a moment when you stop caring about the plot. Problems keep on showing and you cannot help but realize they are in fact, dumb.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

The special effects are impressive. The acting is good and the producing and directing as well. The plot is interesting and keeps you on the edge. It is also funny and you feel like the people who worked on the movie actually CARED about the movie, and not only about box office. It is WELL DONE, and that is saying much more than what I can say about many of the movies these days.

I enjoyed it pretty much.

Meet the Robinsons

adorable, fun, and entertaining. Simple, a movie to enjoy.

Inglourious Basterds

It is simply outstanding. The acting, the producing, the dialogue, the photography, the music... It is all close to perfect. Damn funny and tragic. It definitely keeps you on the edge and it provides an ending you will love. A joy as well as a thrill... CLAPS CLAPS ON TARANTINO AND THE WHOLE CAST!

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

It is not the story you enjoy, but you enjoy everything else. It is well worth watching in a lucid mood.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Although the movie IS entertaining, the story falls short. The last 2 movies were better at special effects and suspense, in this one they could've taken the fountain of youth story much higher. Instead they just fill in the movie with fighting scenes that are not truly well coordinated or believable. The movie just falls short and leaves too many loose ends, it is rushed.