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Wes Craven's New Nightmare
4 years ago via Flixster

Good: In a streak of bad movies finally shows some light to the series, plays a different angle on the series, clever, good acting, Freddy looks a bit different-I like the freshness of it, original, more psychological than others, good dream sequences, some gory scenes.
Bad: Freddy looks different-not as gritty.

Finally a sequel that does the series some of the justice it deserves! I always thought this would work more as a psychological horror/thriller, and it did. This plays a very different angle compared to the rest of the series, and is completely original to it. It plays sort of like Scream with the movie-in-a-movie kind of plot. The acting is very well done by all parts. Especially by Heather Langenkamp. They made Freddy look a little bit different, and I enjoy the freshness of it. Another thing that this movie does that the others did not is that they properly utilize the dream sequences. In some of the past films it annoyed me how obvious it would be when someone was in the dream, they are such an opportunity to mess with the viewer if they do not know reality from dream. In this film they do just that. While not as gory as the prequels this one still has some blood.

There really is not much bad about this movie. Freddy's new look is strange, but looking back it is creepy in its own right, and is not that different from the last. This my 3rd favorite, rivaling Dream Warriors for 2nd, favorite movie in the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I suggest this to any horror fans.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
4 years ago via Flixster

Good: I'm having trouble finding anything good. There are some good gruesome scenes, and the addition to the backstory is also pretty good, a good bit of humor, cameos.
Bad: Awful acting, nonsensical scenes, some bad dialogue at points. Just plain bad.

Just when I thought the series could not get any worse, it managed to do just that. This is one of the worst slashers I've seen. There are few things good about this film. There are a few points that are somewhat gruesome, which you should obviously have in a slasher film. The idea of the movie isn't bad, and I could see how it would have sounded cool on paper, but it just doesn't work on screen. There is a good amount of humor, most of which is unintentional. There were a good amount of cameos in the movie. I freaked out twice. I became excited when I saw a cameo by Johnny Depp, but I flipped out when Alice Cooper was in it.

Now for the bad parts. The acting throughout is atrocious, simply and truly disgraceful. Especially by the first protagonist, I can't believe he got the role, he is awful. What doesn't help the awful acting is the horrible choices of dialogue in some scenes, and it is obvious that it should have been changed. Many of the scenes are just so nonsensical that it is annoying. Yes I am aware that this movie is about a dream-travelling serial killer, but there are scenes that are so unrealistically stupid even for the mystical theme of the movie. None of the deaths are even very memorable. Overall a terrible movie, I was waiting for it to finally end. I would only suggest this for huge fans of the series.

Poltergeist (1982)
4 years ago via Flixster

Good: Great acting, good story, some cool monster/villains, pretty good dialogue
Bad: Some plot holes, somewhat silly.

Poltergeist is one of the best known supernatural/haunting horror movies of the '80s. The acting is very well done by all parts. One of the parts that involved the best acting to me was when Oliver Robins, playing the role of Robbie, is scared by the tv. The story itself is very good, I could not guess what was going to happen. I very much like the reasoning behind the poltergeist activity, although there is a small plothole with it. The villains look very cool, particularly the one that comes out of the portal. The dialogue is good enough, but nothing amazing.

The only bad things about this film are the plot holes, and that it is somewhat silly. There is one plot hole that I noticed that really did not make sense to me.

Why do the dead take seven years to haunt this house. So they have just been sitting around for seven years walking about, and then are suddenly just like "Hey let's go travel to the living world."
-------------------------------------------------SPOILER ENDS

The film is still somewhat silly no matter how serious it tries to be. The theme itself is odd. But overall this is a great movie, and a staple of '80s horror. I suggest this to anyone.

No Country for Old Men
4 years ago via Flixster

Good: Great acting, chilling villain, good story, good dialogue
Bad: Wasn't really a conclusion to the movie, how could the killer find all of these people?

Exceptional crime movie about a man who finds 2 million dollars on the ground after a drug deal gone wrong, takes it, and the chain reaction that ensues. The acting in this movie is amazing, Javier Bardem does a great job playing a sociopath killer. His mannerisms, the way he kills, everything he does just makes him into an iconic killer. The story is really good. I am not sure who I wish to side with in the story because there are multiple sides. The writing and dialogue are both smooth and keep the movie going.

On the bad side, I found the ending unsatisfying. I can understand that maybe they did not want to do the usual sort of ending, but I think they could of come up with something better than what they did. Also, yes the killer could be a genius at what he does, but he just seems to find these people. Event the master hunter would take much longer than he supposedly does to find them.

Overall I would highly suggest this movie to any western fans, especially if they are looking for a newer western classic. Although I found that there were some flaws, many others did not. Maybe upon a third viewing I will enjoy it even more, but only the future holds that answer.

Pay It Forward
4 years ago via Flixster

Good: Got out of class because school made us watch this, shows that a small idea can change lives
Bad: Such a bad ending, acting falls somewhat flat, didn't care about the characters, way too preachy- I can understand it was supposed to deliver a message-but they are way too in your face about it, it seems like throughout they didn't focus on anything except for making you feel pity for the characters-which I didn't.

Well, at least I got out of class for this movie. This film attempts to portray that a small idea can go places, and eventually change the lives of people. The acting is done well enough by some.

Now for the bad things. The ending was awful. One of the most contrived, sympathy-desperate endings I have ever seen. It didn't make any sense at all. It seems as though the entire movie was supposed to only try to make me feel pity for these annoying characters, which it didn't at all. While this movie does carry a strong message, it is way too strong. By that I mean, they are so in your face about it throughout. Far too preachy for its own good, I might as well have watched An Inconvenient Truth. The acting overall is bad, except for some parts from the teacher, and the main kid. This is one of those movies that angers me because I didn't like it so much. I suggest this to someone that is looking for a movie with a good message, but I would suggest looking for one that was done better.