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ZeldaGiygasLord's Review of Gummo

4 years ago via Flixster


"Izlet: A Trip" is no longer the worst film I've ever seen.
This movie is flat-out DISGUSTING. Cats are drowned and shot for no reason. An extensive conversation about cat genitals is had. Kids swear horrifyingly. A pedophile tries to touch a child. A kid murders an old woman who's on life support. Oh, and here's the best part: a guy offers the two "main" characters (who are children, mind you) a chance to have sex with his mentally-disabled sister for money...and they do it.
Yeah, it's at this point that I wanted everyone in this movie to die.
None of these things have anything important to say, there is no story, there are no interesting characters. There's no...anything. This film is just one big, pointless collage of disgusting examples of human misery. Honestly, I'm terrified that I share the same planet with people like this. The pretentiousness of Gummo is unbelievable. It's not art. It's not deep. It's not good. It's just sick.