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Chronicle (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Best found footage movie I have ever seen.

When high school students Andrew, Matt, and Steve are given special powers from a mysterious rock they find underground, they use it for fun but one of them see these powers as something more, maybe use them to hurt the people that hurt him.

Going into this movie I had high expectations because the trailers looked interesting and the reviews for the film made it sound like it was gonna be a fun ride. And what I came in wanting I came out getting.

This movie was just awesome. That is the one word I can think of when I think of this movie, awesome. This is just an enjoyable film that also has smart and clever ideas to the found footage genre, which is a genre I do enjoy.

This film knows when to use the POV of a camera right. And gives a reasoning to why all of this is being filmed which is something I dont see often in this type of film. The main kid, Andrew, says in the first minute of the film that he is recording everything to show people his tough life. And also who else wouldnt film themselves and thier friends with superpowers. Towards the end of the film they use secruity cam footage, footage from a helicopter, and footage from bystanders which makes it more believeable to why this stuff is being filmed.

One thing from the trailer I was afraid of was the characters being unlikeable douchbags but I was very happy to find these trio of friends very likeable. With them pulling pranks on people you might think it would make them unlikeable but think to yourself, wouldnt you do this kind of stuff if you had these kind of powers?

This is a movie that really spends time with the characters less on finding out what the rock was that gave them these powers but more of what they can do with these powers, could they use them for good or bad? And when Andrew starts going crazy towards the end you understand because of the way he is treated.

The acting in this film was superb. These 3 guys are very talented actors. They really helped move this movie along and make us like the characters. The guy who played Steve was my favorite. He was funny but at the same time was smart and relatable. And when...SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!...Steve dies you feel sad because you just enjoyed him for the last hour and now he is gone.

The last 20 minutes of this film had me glued to my seat, eyes on the screen, and my jaw dropped. It was so excting and action packed that you didnt want it to stop. Also the special effects during this part look great.

If had any sort of little complaints it would be that the pacing isnt the best, but its a very little complaint because I was just so into the movie I didnt care. Also the ending was meh.

Overall, Chronicle is the best film of the year so far. It is the best found footage movie I have ever seen. And its an enjoyable ride.

Hugo (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A film that captures both the innocence of being a kid and the magic of cinema.

I saw this movie last Sunday and im finally writing my review...I am very lazy.

Hugo Cabret(Asa Butterfield) is a young boy who lives in a train station working the clocks. His life is like this after the unfortunate death of his father, played by Jude Law. While at the train station he meets a strange old man who runs a toy shop in the station, played wonderfully by Ben Kingsly. He then befriends the mans grand-daughter, Isabelle(Chloe Grace Moretz). And by befriending these people he goes on a journey that shows him a new prescriptive on life and also cinema.

This movie is for movie-buffs everywhere. If you love movies and want a movie that shows the respect for movies and how they can affect peoples life this movie is a great choice. Also this movie really captures what a lot of kids films now a day dont, capture what it was like to be kid. Having innocence, always wanting to go on an adventure, and how movies and magic were an escape from reality and were dreams come true.

This movie has some great performances from its great cast. Asa Butterfield, who I have never seen in any film, did a great job as Hugo and really gave me a liking towards his character especially because he is a main character who like me loves movies and love the wonder of them.

Ben Kingsley gives not only a great performance in this film as the famous silent director, Georges Melies, he also gives, in my opinion, on of the best performances of the year. At first he is a man of mystery then when you find out who he is and what he has done you really feel for him and understand the troubles he goes through.

All the other performances are great. As always Chloe Grace Moretz gives a great performance. Sacha Baron Cohen brings a lot of light into his character and makes him fun. All the other people like, Christopher Lee, Jude Law, Helen McCrory, and Emily Mortimer, have minor roles but they still give out a good performance.

I was able to go see this movie in 3D. I am not a big fan of 3D most of the time I find it to be useless and adds nothing to the movie. But here we get some of the best 3D I have ever seen. The way to get the full experience of this film is to see it in 3D. There are shots were that are used so well with the 3D technology that it looks like you could walk right into the shot. Sure some things get pointed to the camera but it still adds to the charm and the experience of the movie. In my opinion the 3D is worth the extra bucks.

Overall, Hugo is a great tribute to film and the innocence of being a kid. A great re-telling of Scorsese's life as a kid himself and thats also a reason why I think it really captures innocence.

The Muppets
The Muppets (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Its time to get things started!

I love The Muppets, I mean who dosent love them, they are a great batch of loveable characters all with their own different personalities and not to mention HILARIOUS!!!

Walter(Peter Linz), Gary(Jason Segel), and Mary(Amy Adams) are going on a trip to L.A. and while they are there they go and visit The Muppet Studios but find out that Tex Richman(Chris Cooper)wants to destroy The Muppet Studios for the oil underground. So its up for our trio to get the muppets together and do one final show to save up money to get back their studios.

I was very excited to see this movie for so long and I finally got to see it today and it was not disappointing. Seeing all these characters that I love back doing what they are doing made me incredibly happy. You can tell Jason Segel is a huge Muppets fan and knew how a Muppet should be because he did a great job writing this film. The jokes were very clever and hilarious and had a lot of charm.

Of course with a Muppet movie you need songs to go along and the songs in the movie are surprisingly really good. I wouldnt mind buying the soundtrack. My favorite song would have to be Life's A Happy Song. A lot of the other songs were catchy and had some songs had their funny moments.

This may be on of the funniest films of the year next to Bridesmaids. The script didnt have a lot of jokes just for kids a lot of them were cleverly written that parents or fans of the Muppets will find very funny. Of course they have jokes that break the 4th wall and here they are hilarious and this movie knows it has musical numbers unlike most musicals that dont even mention them. A great example is after the song Man Or A Muppet which was sung by Gary because of problems with Mary, he mentions how he just sung to her all of his feelings...its hard to describe the joke but its funny

Like most Muppet movies they are a bunch of cameos. The main cameo with the most screen time was an actor who I hate, Jack Black, the one good thing I can say about his cameo is that you see get hurt so that was fine by me. The best cameo is during Man Or A Muppet. A little backstory: I love the show The Big Bang Theory in my opinion its the funniest show on TV and the best part about the show is Jim Parsons as Sheldon, he is hilarious in the role. So during the song Walter starts singing and looks in the mirror and see a human version of him played by Jim Parsons and Jim starts singing and his facial expressions are just amazing that I lost it during that scene.

Overall, I would say The Muppets is one of the best films of the year and probably the most enjoyable film of the year. If you are a big fan of the Muppets you will love this film.

PS The Toy Story short before the movie was very enjoyable and funny. In my opinion it was better then Hawaiian Vacation which was in front of the very disappointing Cars 2.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

*Sigh* Why?

Its Veterans Day, school is out and you want to go see a movie hhhmmm there isnt anything good out, oh lets check out Jack and Jill and see how bad it is...biggest mistake ever!

I want to state something first, I like Adam Sandler films, in a guilty pleasure way. I think he is a likeable guy and he can make me laugh. That would mean im the target audience for this film. But this was bad even by Adam Sandler levels this is bad.

2011 has not been a great year for Adam Sandler. His first film this year was Just Go With It which I thought was meh, it wasnt one of his best. Then he wrote Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star, which I didnt see because I saw the trailer and tried to avoid it like the plague and the 0% should tell you how its going to be. And then we have our main feature, Jack And Jill.

Jack (Adam Sandler) is a TV commercial director and has a nice loving family. And its the Holidays and its time for Thanksgiving, that means its time for his sister Jill(also Sandler)to visit. Hijinks ensue. Also there is a subplot with Jack trying to get Al Pacino to do a Dunkin' Doughnuts commerical and Al falls in love with Jill.

Where can I begin with this movie? Its Adam Sandler cross dressing and making juvenile jokes, as usual. Jack is unlikeable. All he does is yell at his sister and treats her like crap, how can I like this person? Jill is annoying and only exists so the movie can have slapstick and not any good slapstick. Al Pacino in all honesty does a good job here. He knows what movie he is in and he doesnt care and he just has fun with the role. Also there is a cameo with Johnny Deep and when he appeared on screen my jaw dropped, I had no idea he was in it. I wonder how much they had to pay him to be in that small cameo. And David Spade also plays a women in the movie in a small brief cameo, yeah its as bad as it sounds.

Fart jokes, slapstick, and juvenile jokes is the only thing you will get in this movie. In the first 5 minutes you get a fart joke. There is a joke where a guy looks under Jill's skirt to see if she is a man or not. Jill goes on The Price Is Right and gets knocked out from the big spinning wheel. If you are 5 and have no intelligence, like the writers of this film, you will love this movie. I wanted to walk out of this film but I didnt because that has never happened and im trying not to make it happen. Also the people in the theater were laughing during this film and I dont know why they are probably the people who think Jack Black is hysterical.

Overall, Jack And Jill is horrible awful movie that no human being should be put through. Adam Sandler better find a good hiding spot because I am going to slap him because of this film.

Winnie the Pooh
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Welcome back to the 100 Acre Woods.

Pooh and his friends are back on another adventure. Here they have to find Eeyore a new tail and try to catch a monster called a Backson, but meanwhile all Pooh wants is some hungry while his tummy is rumbling away.

Disney has decided to bring their loveable bear back to the big screen but not like with Pooh's Heffalump Movie, no this is the more traditional Winnie the Pooh. Told through the storybook and with some great moments using the book like Pooh not paying attention and accidentally walking onto the next paragraph.

Is the plot big and full of twists and turns? No. It dosent need to be. With the main target audience being little kids it dosent need to have a big plot. Does the little plot stop the movie from being good...NO! For me the small plot made the movie seem even more enjoyable because there wasnt a lot of things to be worrying about and have to think about.

Since it is Winnie The Pooh it has to have some songs and they are very enjoyable songs. When the songs are not sung by the characters they are done by the amazing Zooey Deschanel. When I hear that she was doing the music for this movie I got very excited because not only is she beautiful she is a very talented singer. And she does the songs perfectly. For me they had the style of the classic songs that they had in the Winnie the Pooh movies.

The traditional 2D animation here is truly great. With a world filled CGI animated films and about all of them in 3D its a nice breath of fresh air to see someone out there wants to say, 'You know what I fell like drawing with a pencil".

The film is also very funny. The comedy is done well because of the great gags and lines. A great example of the funny dialogue is when they think they caught a monster in a pit and they want someone to go in with a great blank face Roo says, "Send the pig". A great gag is when the gang get stuck in the pit and Piglet isnt and he has a rope by him and he needs to get them out he decides to cut the rope into 6 pieces.

Overall Winnie the Pooh is a great comeback of the classic stories and 2D animation. In my opinion the best animated film of the year.

P.S. Stay after the credits.