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The Great Gatsby
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Baz Luhrmann makes his film adaptation of the classic american novel The Great Gatsby and does one great job. As a reader of the novel I can tell you while the film remains loyal to the book, there are many important features within the book that where missed out; presumably as Luhrmann couldn't fit anymore into his 2 hour 20 minute film.

I must give very high praise to Luhrmann direction, the entire smoothness of the transitions and the colourfulness of the scene, no surprise as this is from the man who made the eccentric Moulin Rouge. Though the music included may not of been around in the 1920s, or at least I hope it wasn't, it blended so nicely within the scenes that it barely bothered me and instead created a much more creative and explosive scene, especially one particular scene with "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey plays as I witnessed such a romantic and just purely beautiful scene which I am going to remember for a very long time.

High praise goes to Joel Edgarton for his outstanding performance as the horrible Tom Buchanan, he matches the book's description of the loathsome character perfectly while still maintaining a charisma that you can't help but smile at. Though not my favourite, DiCaprio stills does a stand up job at being the titular character proving he's still got it. Tobey Maguire didn't do too bad of a job, remaining loyal to characteristics of the Nick Carraway, but he did not do anything to stand out from the rest of the cast; by just being himself; luckily that was not too much of problem due to the character of Carraway being similar to Maguire's one character he can play.

If you studied Gatsby in school then you will no doubt feel annoyed at many of the important scenes missed out due to it making little sense at the deep analysis you had done in the past to the novel. Luhrmann still however does a great job at compensating for this by creating his own image around these missing scenes and creates a great film that'd look good for those who haven't read the novel in too much depth.

The biggest concern of mine was how Luhrmann believed the narrative should of been laid out by making the narrator an alcoholic insomniac, completely contradicting the purpose of the narrator in the novel.

The Great Gatsby won't be a film I will remember forever and it certainty won't be up for many, if any, academy awards; though I will certainly remember that romance scene with so much admiration. If you have read the book or not I would recommend it but it's certainly going to be a better film for those who haven't!