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Jurassic Park

An Instant Classic of the 90s

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Beats the first film by a tremendous amount. The main themes and close adherence to the important parts of the story made this movie fantastic. Well worth the time... even if you have read the book. It is very enjoyable and adds a much improved installment to this trinity of movies. I can't wait for this third if its as good as the second.


A visually spectacular and physically intense movie. The character development and interaction are top notch throughout the film and successfully capture the viewers attention throughout the entire move. Yes the physics are a bit unrealistic for me at points but its a movie and its not going to be perfect (as that would probably make for a short/boring movie). Most definitely worth seeing in IMax 3D.


Eh... Wasn't a fan. Its pretty much all about his alcoholism the entire time. Pretty much a downer and not what I was expecting to watch.


A well done and entertaining thriller, Looper keeps you attached to the screen throughout the entirety of the show. I have heard many people complaining about the end but in all honesty without that ending the movie would just not be as great. The intricacies of time travel are also about as well maintained as you can be considering the complexity and paradoxical nature of such premises. Overall a movie worth seeing.

The Hunger Games

If you don't read the book a lot of the subtle lines and actions are lost to the viewer. Really I wish they had done a better job in terms of getting in more of the details but in all its worth seeing. Just read the book first as its better.

The Dark Knight Rises

Overall very good. Middle of the movie acting was not as good but the finish redeemed everything