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Daniel Craig's best as James Bond. Movie was well scripted. At times you will feel the movie has to end here, but it won't enthralling you for a new twist. Good to see Moneypenny back by the end.


Breathtaking special effects, nice story to start with.. search for the origin of human life of earth on an alien planet looking for forefathers. Bit odd end to the story, by making the creators of humans - becoming destroyers.. worth seeing the effects.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Great movie, like the way Che Guevara was depicted in this movie, his idealism is great. Direction and acting was done properly.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Action, effects and cinematography is great... but story line not that great and also the bike got changed, the one in the first edition was better...

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

If you like action, then this movie is the one. Great concept of ring fights using robots. Enjoy the movie.

School of Rock

A great movie... the kids acting was awesome... and the songs are also great... great story line and a nice end to the movie.. i liked it...

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Great story line and the characters in puppets add beauty to this film. Cinematography is awesome!