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Geraldo's Review of Silent Hill: Revelation

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill: Revelation(2012)

While i liked the first one for it's videogame style adapted, this second coming is very troubled and simply bad, damn, mediocre. Its bad acting, lazy writting, undeveloped characters with clumsy actions and thoughts, sporadic phase and story, weak plot full of holes and inconsistencies, unscary, full of bad GCI creatures, pointless and unclear stuff, stupidness, with clichés all around the movie, so predictible that it's no surprise whatsoever, and a weak and unsatisfying conclusion makes this and unpleseant experience. Oh, but there's more, i can believe the town is cursed, what i cannot believe is that Heather has so many visions, people is inside those, they die, yet she doesn't. I don't believe that people scream EXACTLY when the camera passes on them. I don't believe that Heather in order to enter Silent Hill has to go by her own will, and yet the Order tries to kidnap her and take her by force in anyway. I don't believe that Heather, apparently a human being, don't go into emotional turmoil after finding the truth about her. I can't stand that this movie has bad CGI even if the visual style request it to be good. I can't understand why the Order registered were they put Leonard on the Asylum, why was that nessesary?. I can't stand that the lamp sounds annoying everytime it flashes on screen. I don't believe that they don't hide at all yet the Order has trouble finding them, they are most of the time at the open. I don't believe Heather can fall in love after sharing only 17 minutes with Leonard through the hall movie. If this movie did anything good, was the final combat at the climax between Pyramid Head and The Missionary, that was actually pretty cool and i loved it, even if doesn't last even a minute. Overall, this movie is crap. Pass it by and forget it exists, leave it to the Silent Hill videogame fans, like me. Save your time and money, this movie doesn't deserve any of those.