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Doctor Strange
4 hours ago via Movies on Android phone

Marvel back on top form with this one. The origin story is told really well and Cumberbatch does a great job in the main role. I enjoyed the support cast too, but felt Mads Mikkelsen was underused as the villain. The action using the magic was good if shot a little too close up. The special effects were done well and the whole thing felt fresh for Marvel much like it did when Guardians came out. So far it's definitely the best blockbuster of the year by a mile.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
5 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Weak cliched plot with generic bad guys that doesn't feel like a real Jack Reacher story. The only saving grace is Tom Cruise and the action that is well shot. The two female leads are dull and one plays the typical angry teenager and that is pretty irksome. There is a line in the film where Jack Reacher says I normally do this alone. I'm sure there where thousands of Reacher fans that wished he was.

Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made
37 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Watched it on Netflix.
Really enjoyed seeing how dedicated these kids now adults were to recreate the greatest action film of all time.

Hell or High Water
47 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In a very disappointing Year for movies I've finally seen something that builds a story and has characters that feel important even for the smaller roles. It's a slow build modern day western with a morality tale that is not black and white. Highly recommend if you want to see great acting and interesting dialogue.