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Premium Rush

Premium Rush(2012)

To me Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the best actors working in Hollywood today, everything he seems to do is amazing, but, it also seems like every actor has at least one movie that they should be ashamed of. If I were JGL I would be ashamed of being apart of Premium Rush because it is an awful film in my mind. This is a very poorly made film that barley has any redeeming aspects. Now I get that people will argue that this is just suppose to be a fun film and I like films that are just suppose to be fun but only if there done right. Before I go any further I should probably explain the plot of this film. In this movie Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a bike messenger who has to deliver a mysterious envelope from one part of New York City to another part of New York City. This mysterious envelope soon causes a ton of problems for Wilee that could get him seriously hurt or even killed. Before I go off on this movie and say everything I didn't like about it I should talk about the few things that I somewhat enjoyed. The best part of this movie is by far is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, even though the film as a whole is terrible JGL still manages to give a very good performance. I thought he did a good job at portraying his character and it was always enjoyable to see him on screen. Another thing that wasn't that terrible was the action scenes which were mostly bike chases. These bike chases weren't anything exciting or good but they didn't bore me and they were done very well. Well, I'm afraid those were the only things that I enjoyed about this film so I guess it's time to talk everything that did not work. First off the writing was just awful. The dialogue was just god-awful and the story was just stupid. The story didn't go in directions I expected but it was still executed very poorly. None of the characters were interesting and what made it worse was the actors playing these characters. Michael Shannon plays the villain in this film and he just annoyed me so much. He was so over the top and was a cartoon villain that did nothing but scream and whine like a little kid. The two lead actresses in this film are also horrible, neither of them can deliver dialogue well. Another problem I had with this movie is that this movie is an hour and a half long but it felt like two hours, horrible pacing! Some may enjoy this movie but this wasn't a film for me. If you plan on seeing this movie wait til you find it on cable or some movie channel because you really shouldn't pay money to see this movie. Like I said I might not share the same opinion as everyone else so for all I know you might love this movie. Overall I thought that Premium Rush was an awful movie that only had very little to enjoy. I use to think I was an amazing bike rider in 2nd grade, until I went full speed down a hill into a thorn bush.