SamCox's Rating of Oblivion

Sam's Review of Oblivion

4 years ago via Flixster


To me Oblivion is a an awful Sci-fi adventure film that is just a complete mess. I will admit that I liked a few things about this movie but in the end the movie's just brought down as hole due to the horrible writing and directing. First off I thought both Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman were fine in their roles, they are both great actors and give good performances but are given nothing to work with. Other than Cruise and Freeman none of the actors give a good performance. Another thing I enjoyed about this movie is the visual effects and cinematography, I mean this is a very good looking film. The action in the movie isn't terrible but it certainly isn't anything special, one reason why I found the action scenes to be somewhat entertaining is due to the great visual effects and the terrific sound effects. Now it may sound that I thought this wasn't that bad of a movie but I really didn't like it that much due to the film's story. I just found the story to be so stupid and poorly handled. To me the first forty minutes of the film was so boring because nothing was really going on and I had little interest; but, at the beginning of the second half I started to think the film was going to pick itself up but I was terrible wrong. The film reveals it's bit twist and I found it to be very stupid and that's when I finally lost all interest in the story and was just hoping for some big action scene. The writing was already bad enough but Joseph Kosinski's directing doesn't help the film at all because he does absolutely nothing to make the film better. Overall Oblivion was just not a film for me and is one that I would not recommend seeing, some people may enjoy it but not me.