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The Last Stand

The Last Stand(2013)

To me there are two types of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, the classics (The Terminator, T2, and Predator) and the dumb ones that are still enjoyable (Commando). Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest actions stars of all time to me, if not the best. Even though he isn't the greatest of actors it's always fun watching him kill bad guys and say cheesy one-liners. Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't starred in a film since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and now he finally returns with his latest film The Last Stand. The Last Stand is a about a sheriff in a small town who must stop a drug kingpin trying to escape to the U.S. by crossing the Mexican Border, to do this he will need the help from his fellow deputies and some of the town's people. Before seeing this movie I knew it would be a dumb movie so I went in thinking that and I'm glad I did. If I went into this movie thinking that it would be a fantastic movie than I would have hated it but I went in knowing it would be a dumb and because of that I had fun watching this movie. Now this movie was written very poorly, the story was pretty weak and some of the dialogue in this movie was just terrible but I got past all that. Even though the story wasn't anything great it always had my attention, sure some of the stuff in the story was clichéd and pointless but I was never so I guess that's a plus. One thing that I thought worked good in this film was director Kim Jee-Woon because I thought he did a good job directing. He just does a great job directing the action in this movie and he has some interesting visuals. This movie was actually shot very well because some shots in this movie were actually very cool. Another thing that worked in this movie was the action. The action in this movie was very entertaining and had me at the edge of my seat. One of the reasons why the action was as good as it was is because of Schwarzenegger, like I said earlier it's always a fun time watching Schwarzenegger being a total bad-ass. I thought Schwarzenegger was good in this movie even though he's just being Arnold Schwarzenegger, as for the rest of the cast it's a mixed bag. Going into this movie I was worried about Johnny Knoxville but I was pleasantly surprised. In this film Knoxville was just so funny and a blast to watch. Other performances in this film that I thought were decent enough include Jaimie Alexander, Luis Guzman, and Rodrigo Santoro. The rest of the cast is just bad, all I have to say. If you can get past the bad writing and some of the bad acting than I think you will enjoy this movie but if you want to see a good movie with good writing and great acting than you wont find it here. If your a fan of Schwarzenegger or a fan of 80s and 90s action movie that I recommend seeing this film in theaters, other than that this film is a solid rental. Some people say that this movie is Schwarzenegger's last stand, but trust me when I say this, he'll be back.