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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Incredibles

The Incredibles(2004)

The superhero movie that EVERY superhero movie should be more like.

It's VERY well crafted with top-notch action, engaging narrative, superb and memorable cast, hilarious and witty jokes, dazzling and detailed animation.

It's a fun superhero film to watch while still retaining the charm and heart like a real family. It's very daring as it challenges young viewers and Pixar's own limits, as well as the "kid-friendly image" of Disney, by giving it an adult edge that a lot of animated films avoid.

But even with all the risks, it retains and captures the "heart and feel" of the other Pixar films and it deserves to stand among them as one of their greatest achievements. Possibly, their best film.

What else can I say about the movie? The Incredibles is just damn INCREDIBLE.