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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive(2001)

Mulholland Drive is an absolute masterpiece from surreal director David Lynch, but it is not for everybody I guess. Some people are going to be irritated at the strangeness of this film, but others like me enjoy that strangeness and it serves to draw us into the mystery.

There is fantastic use of music throughout the film - extremely confusing, notably accompanied by groups of people outside the cinema scratching their heads and discussing the plot furiously. Basic summary (I think!): The film is a comment on Hollywood; good is turned to bad, light to dark, helpless to manipulative, and innocent to evil because of the corruption surrounding the industry, and the depseration and insecurity brought in by "wannabe" film-stars. The film actually starts in the middle of the story, the story ends in the middle of the film, then the end of the film goes right back to the start of the story, get that?!? Story appears to be: nice innocent girl becomes lesbian after meeting amnesia-suffering vulnerable woman, but this turns out to be a concussion fuelled dream by the amnesiac who is the reason the nice-girl slides down into a moral oblivion becoming a hit-man ordering protitute after she has lost numerous parts in films to said amnesiac (who also used to be her girlfriend), thus shattering original plot and making for some excellent contrasts at the end of the film. Plenty of Lynch-ness thrown in throughout to confuse - similarities so close within each sub-plot they seem to make it one story, but it isn't - e.g. in the dream the girls visit no. 12 and are re-directed to no. 17, then a similar situation in the real-life ending where the new occupant of no. 12 tells the occupant of no.17 she has had visitors, there are completely different visits but viewers automatically link the two, thus confusing even further the chronology of the film etc. etc! Great - a must see, at least three times to get to grips with it!!!

"Mulholland Drive" features great performances from both female actors, especially Watts and I can't understand why she wasn't nominated for Academy Award!

Oh and Attention BOYS!!! Film contains lesbian sex scenes... you're still here?! Go watch it :)