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Martyrs (2008)
4 years ago via Flixster

Exceedingly disturbing and with an existential plot to boot.

The Ring
The Ring (2002)
4 years ago via Flixster

Aside from the first climax, which I think is this movie's sole weakness and the point most susceptible to aging stupidly, it knocks every feature from Ringu (the original Japanese film) out of the water, from the creepy atmosphere and photography, to the tighter writing and austere directing. Displaying meticulous artistic and horror-thriller consideration, it's still become somewhat of an ignored, underground picture with its blockbuster affiliation, being exclusively remembered as the American J-horror catalyst. And while the Asian-remake kick start was annoying, there's more positive contributions to be found here, in particular Naomi Watts' well-grounded performance, who already stands between strong actors, and a consistently classic, eerie, unsettling vibe rarely manifested elsewhere. Currently underrated and under appreciated, I think it might rightly be recognized as one of the defining 2000s chiller movies in a couple of years.

American Pie
American Pie (1999)
5 years ago via Flixster

I've never quite understood the American male preoccupation with announcing the size of their sexual ego at every corner and so it's a bit sad seeing how much films like these perpetuate the epidemic by influencing the same hedonistic teenagers that fall in the same camp as the central characters, setting obnoxious sex phrase trends, normalizing lewd behavior, and publicizing fetishes. It's the heterosexual equivalent of gay parades that despicably and shamelessly exhibit what should be the sexual privacy of someone, which warps the minds of the unfortunate child onlookers. But maybe I'm just prudish and society needs these mentally scarred children and sex obsessed, exhibitionistic teenagers (and adults). Although American Pie may not be knowingly contributing to an airheaded idealism, as it only cares to cater towards, or simply document, this lascivious social circle, it still falls victim to the pitfalls associated with a film solely intent on providing titillating imagery and class clown naivety. Meaning, it's the film in the crowd of films that attempts to mention a sexual pun at its every breath, gloats about alleged and planned sexual accomplishments, never offering a glimmer of changing the subject or recapitulating their contributions maturely, and exiting the scene having damaged their reputation, defeating the purpose of ever trying to share their sense of humor. Yes. The humor in this film is non-existent and self-inflicting. I suppose, however, in identifying its positive features, it does inform extant members in society how better (or worse....really?) they are since high school, especially if from a different decade, because all in all that's all its insulated, oblivious self good for.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2 (2004)
5 years ago via Flixster

A good example of building on an original screenplay and keeping a consistent, escalating innovation by adding characters and wisely balancing out time for each of them according to their focal importance. Too often a cartoon-related (Or general) sequel fumbles under a studio's desire to hastily toss in empty additional details so as to quickly cash in on the coattails of the first film's success, which is what this film's sequel did. Shrek 2 instead benefits from the expansion with the sardonic Disney-mockery - hinting at the amount of Monty Pythonian influence amid the diverse type of humor - that functions just as well if not better than in the first film as we're also treated to a hypothetical twist on the main ingredients that made Shrek 1 stand out. It confuses somewhat how easily it's dismissed; I suppose I can attribute the kiddy-appealing byproduct to it, and, or, slash, the toilet humor Mike Myers persists on instilling into his principal role, and, or, slash, Eddie Murphy's appropriately selected blatant voice. Still, with a mediocre CGI picture releasing every other weekend, you'd think it would be a bit more recognized as the petite landmark that it is.