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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(2005)

Although each individual Harry Potter movie at this point had a lightly altered cast and style partially due to plot modifications and change of director there was a consolidated vision shared because of keeping the film format presentable to the target audience (Curiously, randoms from pretty much any social circle). The novels were never meant to adapt faithfully given their pop ambiance, and I've no problem in a director inserting their relevant spin, but when it becomes mired in capitalistic interests, as with this version, it alienates one from the franchise. I don't think I cared or payed attention much to the sequels following this one, for example, as evidently none of the primetime subject matter would be translated. And this one was moderately dark in origin, but still would've been interesting to see it given its due. Horribly miscast Radcliffe has always stood out as the unconvincing type among his two proficient peers anyway, and playing the waiting game for two years between each film just to await another "To be continued..." was getting pretty pointless. The one good thing about the other HPs usually condemned in cinema (Style over substance) is just as fun seeing toyed with here, and the international angle beckoning foreign actors adds a little more distinction, but Goblet of Fire is best left for the HP fanatics.