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Madadayo (2000)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In one word Madadayo is: Watchable. It's very subtle like Kurosawa's older samurai movies. Being that it was his last movie, it seemed as if Kurosawa was retelling his own life story through what medium he knew best.The camera lens.

For the most part the movie had classic Kurosawa shots but the Nura scene was unnecessary as it didn't fit in as well as I would have liked it. The scene was 40+ minutes of footage over the loss of a cat which wasn't alluded to at the end of the movie. If a director chooses to devote that much time surrounding one main idea in the middle of a film such as the agony and despair of a lost cat, then it would have been wise to show the final dream sequence were the professor as a child reunites with the Nura. Or at least that's the way I would have ended it.

All in all, it was a sub-par movie. It surely wasn't one of his greatest works, but I believe the last scene was interesting being that the sky/cloud background was actually painted by Kurosawa himself, further intertwining the film with his own life.