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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne(2011)

Man, this movie is a real litmus test for the cynics and snarks. You can just feel the bile backing up in their throats as they're forced to watch a movie about real-ish people dealing with real-ish problems in a decent, positivist, almost noble manner... with nary an explosion, conspiracy or zombie apocalypse in sight. Rather than rise up and strike back at those who've let him down, Larry just gets on with life in the best way he knows how. This point is not accidental... and profound. In fact, it's key to Hanks as an evolving film maker.

It's telling that in both of Hanks' movies now, he's taken a moment to recognize his 'gentleman' protagonist... a standard few of these smug, smarmy reviewers could meet, judging by the way they write. Movies used to be populated by good guys like this... but not even Frank Capra could make films in today's toxic environment. I salute Hanks for trying to be bring some of that do-the-right-thing decency back to the screen, especially in the thick of summer blockbuster sequel season. "Larry Crowne" is a good film, not great; it may not change your life, but if there were more people like Larry, we'd all be better off.