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Contagion (2011)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I struggled with rating this film after I saw it. On the one hand, it's very technically sound and precise, with very few wasted scenes or shots. However, the clinical and sterile vibe left it feeling a bit soulless. There are strong performances by Damon and Fishburne, but too many subplots and story lines detracted from the pace and kept me from feeling deeply invested in any of the characters. Still, there are a few elements worth seeing in Contagion. The film is signature Soderbergh with its stylish score, edits, and montages. I also enjoyed the portrayal of events that occur given a potential pandemic after the foundations of society and industry are halted.

So my decision between rating it 4 to 6 out of 10 hinged on this question I asked myself: was watching the film worth my time? If I knew how I'd feel about it before I saw it, would I have gone ahead and watched it if I had the free time? It's a pretty close decision, but I think I would have passed on it if I knew how cold it turned out to be.