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The Judge
The Judge (2014)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A made for TV Story. If you saw this movie on the big screen it must of been a ordeal. The same blame game scene is repeated through the movie and even when the Judge is on the stand testifying you have to go through again.
The movie could of been excellent if only it had been shortened. Everyone gets in on the act! Even the old girl friend from high school is included. I give you one example, the son, the lawyer, Downey breaks the window of the flying deer to get in and his GF tells him she is the owner..and just wanted to have a cheap thrill watching him break the window. Cut the scene. It adds nothing but time to the movie. There are a lot of those type of scene's that should of been cut and there are a lot of good scene's that were left in. Get me point?

InAPPropriate Comedy
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was checking netflix out, trying to find a movie and I ended clicking on this movie..(Inappropriate Comedy) by accident and starting watching it and it really funny. So, if you want a cheap laugh, watch this movie. Each episode is short and sweet!

Europa Report
Europa Report (2013)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was listening the radio show (Sirius XM Indie) and learned that movies that had Mars in the title were flops. After watching Europa One, I logged on to Rotten Tomato's and to my amazement Europa Report had a good rating.

I was enjoying the movie after a build up of little things going wrong and the heated discussions of what to do next. After all, the mission is the find life and they have come a long way.

I lost interest rapidly when an accident kills a crew member. A solar storm knocked out some system and 2 astronauts in the command module went on a space walk to fix it. Someone dies to save another. How unique!

At this point in the movie some things that has gone wrong such as overshooting the landing zone by 100 meters due to hot gas coming from beneath the surface of Europa and the robotic arms stops working. This requires another crew member to go for a walk on Europa and finds an earth like life form.

The crew is high as a kite with this discovery, but I was not and I am going to say those who have watched this movie are not surprised either, nor is anyone taken aback when the female astronaut is killed after finding this life form. So, the question is, how many crew members have to die to discovery life?

The surface space ship that had landed on Europa to find life crashes when is takes off to return to the mother ship. A crew member who survives the crash is sent outside to reestablish communications and is successful. The story gets told on Earth.

We are left with a speech and you can be the judge. I do not include the entire speech, just parts of it. You can listen to it when you watch the movie!

The sacrifice for each other to keep the mission push the discovery further.
The discovery of this creature is simply extraordinary.
We know now know our universe is far stranger, far more alive that we can ever imagine..
and then we get the at outrageous statement..
the crew changed fundamental context in which all all of human understands it's self
and finally, there is no greater measure of success the crew could of achieve.

So, someone might say, how would you write the movie? I think it would been more than enough for the astronauts to discovery life and no one dies and return to earth. A debate over how does this discovery change our understanding of our existence is broadcasted globally.