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The Grand Budapest Hotel
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is a movie that had piqued my interests ever since it was first announced. It was Wes Anderson, but seemed more serious than "MoonRise Kingdom" or my favorite of his "The Royal Tenenbaums." And for me, a Anderson lover, this wasn't necessarily a good thing. His more serious films, "Darjeeling Limited," were my least favorites of his.So this worried me indecently. But the cast looked great, i do love Saoirse Ronan, and the art style looked like Anderson on steroids. A whole building with his quirky decorating style? Sign me up! So i decided to give "Budapest" a try. And i was not disappointed. The visuals drip with atmosphere and color. Soft, muted colors, but colors all the same. The aspect ratio also flips back and forth, a small but notable touch. When it is in our time, it's full widescreen. A few years back, it's the annoying stretched thin version, and in the main story, it's fullscreen. This is just the first, but most perfect example of Anderson's great attention to detail. The whole film is more emotional than his others, but still manages to have the chuckle friendly style that has persisted all of his films. And the cast is wonderful! Ralph Fiennes completely owns his character and Tony Revolori, the young newcomer who plays Zero, couldn't have asked for a better first film. The details, which are what Anderson does best, are abundant here. But the real stars, (weirdly enough) are not his typicals; dialogue, details, art style. The real stars are his characters. Not since "Tenenbaums" has there been such richly created Anderson characters. And that is what makes "The Grand Budapest Hotel" a place worth staying at. At least for a while. 5/5

Neighbors (2014)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When I saw This Is The End, I loved it. It was funny and irreverent. I also loved the potent amounts of sell-satrie in it. But one thing that kept unnerving me was the darkness of the tone. Neighbors is the best of "This" and combines it with a happier and cheekier point of view. Zac and Seth are fantastic, both equal comedic actors that can easily play off of each other. Rose Byrne was my favorite surprise of the film, she is fabulous and is one of the best parts of the film. Neighbors is filled with your typical Seth Rogen dick jokes and pervasive language. The one thing that Neighbors did that surprised me more than i ever could have expect is it's heart and message. "This Is The End" had a message about being a better person regardless of how people will view you, and Seth's other movies (Pineapple Express, SuperBad) all have messages, but none so evident as this one. And funny enough it's almost the opposite as the message seen in Seth Rogen's first movie, Superbad. It also makes fun of Seth and Zac's careers with that message. I can't say what it is because that would ruin a great deal of the movie, but rest assured, Neighbors may have the same jokes as all the other Seth Rogen joints, but it's the surprising heart and satire that make this a party worth crashing. 4.6/5

Muppets Most Wanted
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you are a Muppets fan you immediately smelled something sour when Muppets Most Wanted was announced, didn't they already do this? The Great Muppet Caper, one of the best of the Muppet films already covered the heist theme and plot of this film, so is there anything else to offer. Yes, most definitely. The film begins as meta as ever with the Muppets singing, "We're Doin' a Sequel" and donning references to Toy Story 4 and not bitting but nibbling on the hand of the Studio that feeds them. With a tagline of "Taking the World by Farce" you've got to expect the typical Muppet bonanza, and you get it. The film is packed full of references to past Muppet ventures, most notably of which is the last song, a throwback to my favorite Muppet film, "Muppets Take Manhattan." The songs are as infections as ever, with only a few mis-fires and the cast of humans is great, Ty Burrell being the best. The plot also seems to be referring to the Muppets new state too. The Muppets are with a new handler (Disney) while their old one (Henson Production/Frank Oz & Company) seem to have disappeared, but that's alright as long as they can do what they want. The film is brief or at least it seems it as the gang moves thing at a brisk pace. The cameos are so frequent you may get Vertigo trying to catch the all. The bottom line is this a is a throwback to the best Muppets films, the ones with the most outrageous plot lines and self-referential gags. While it might not be the best Muppet film ever made, it still quite a good show. 4.7 namon serranos out of 5. Also, please give us more Robin, we love that little guy.