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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Not as enjoyable as the first 2 films, but still pretty awesome. The first one was pure epic. Yes it had some dull moments but overall was a fantastic film when it came to the action department. Yes I do like Transformers 2 and in no world should it have a Razi for WORST film of the year. But anyway on to the review. At first it is very strange that Megan Fox is at absence. The new chick is hard to cling on to especially after Fox was in two films. Other than that most of the old cast is here. The story circles around a classified happening that occured on the moon. The problem is plopped in Sam and the Transformer's hands. Sheesh could the robots cut Sam some slack? Anyway, this leads to tons of explosions and action sequences.

In this film (much like in part 2)it went a little overboard. The last 30 minutes of mindless action could of been thrown on the editing room's floor. The most cheesey part was when it goes FPS for 10 or so seconds. Really Michael Bay, really? I know people like Call of Duty and Halo but putting it in a Transformers movie is one of the dumbest things I've heard of in my lifetime. The story could get confusing at times but it wasn't that big of a problem. There was a long time in the begining with Sam trying to get a job that should really of been scraped. There's also the new girlfriend's boss who does something with cars I guess. He's been hittitng on Sams GF and is somehow working with the Decepticons. He wasn't a big character or anything but I wasnt bothered by his presence.

Oh yeah before I forget: My review of Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon! I might as well when I'm reviewing Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon. I like the rock genre so I like Pink Floyd. Besides The Wall DSOTM is my favorite Pink Floyd CD. It's flat out awesome. Awesome like the movie I'm reviewing and staying completely on topic......

With all the negatives I still enjoyed Transformers 3. The plot has a good idea but is still overshadowed by the action. Pick it up if you want to see something go BOOM! Just a little to long for my taste. Long like the songs by Pink Floyd. Now even though it will eventually happen, they shouldn't make a Transformers 4. I think a trilogy is good enough. The only thing worse than a fourth film would be calling it TransFOURmers.

Anyway go out and find Transformers 3:DSOTM and Pink Floyd:DSOTM. They're both worth your time.

Hugo (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you don't like Hugo... we can't be friends