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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Santa Claus

Santa Claus(1959)

On my old facebook page here on RT I reviewed this movie and it got a 40%. Sadly, thats not really the score I wished to give it, but I stand by my comment:
No no anything but this!!!!
Sorry but a mexican santa movie really dosen't work for me....

They honestly screwed it up really badly. With all the tales about Santa Claus you would think that they would get some of the really basic points down but NO! Santa lives in space, has kids working for him, and even his reindeers aren't even alive in this film. Instead they're giant toys! The antagonist is the devil, but not THE devil. Instead his name is Pitch, a minion of Satan. Being an older low budget film having the name Pitch dosen't allways come out sounding correct.

The characters in this film are even more bazzar. His main child worker is a mexican Chucky look alike, Merlin, and a Ginger key maker. Man, there are a lot of Gingers in this movie (not trying to be offensive as I am a ginger). A real racist part is where Santa introduces all the kids, but the African kids look like they were fished out of the stone age!

Honestly, the movie does suck majorly but I try making it a tradition to watch on X-Mas eve just because it makes me laugh. It has the charm of Plan 9 From Outer Space, or like the other christmas films, Sant Conquers the Martians. Watch it only for a laugh, and if possible see the MST3K for double hillarity.