LeifT's Rating of High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Leif's Review of High School Musical 3: Senior Year

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
High School Musical 3: Senior Year

High School Musical 3: Senior Year(2008)

Warning! This review is from a hardcore movie fans perspective. This film I recomend to kids. This review is for older film watchers!

When I was a bit younger I went to a friend's house. It just so happened that he was having to go see this for his cousin's birthday. Damn I wish I went another day because this S.U.C.K. Sucked ! I never really saw the fisrst film but I did see most of the Rifftrax. From the looks of things it was average at best. As for the 2nd movie... well, I'll have to do a seperate review on that one...

The thing about HSM3 that was dumb to me was that at the Kids choice Awards it won against The Dark Knight. Zac Efron beat Batman! You see that's why kids souldn't vote! Anyway a flaw with the film is that everyone is whining and getting all dramatic. My fellow RT buddy was correct when he said that the script was corny...at best. That's what I think of the diolouge parts.

The Songs were Ok. After Hannah Montana this is more fun to listen to. Not that I enjoy them but they aren't going to be stupid songs for young ones. The ending was what you'd expect. Guy chooses singing over sports. A good way to close it but withe rumors of HSM4 that plan was a bit hopeless.

One last complaint. This one's about Disney in general. Really Disney you've become something awful. This disney cannel thing was an awful idea. What would Walt Disney say!?!? Come on I think a new traditionally animated film is in order...

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