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Side by Side
Side by Side(2012)

as a guy who's worked with AVID since 95....this tells the story of the transition from film to hard drive very well...this is a documentary with Nolan and Cameron...2 favorites. stream it on Netflix

A Good Day To Die Hard

serious disappointment....story and directing are sub-par. seriously offensive to the die hard property. somebody dropped the ball. its clear why its not a summer release...if i am being generous...the efx are good and th shots of russia are an interesting backdrop


kind of slow...but love the overall tone of the aging spy pov


like exercise in moral and ethical subtleties with a backdrop of time travel and organized crime assasins

The Bourne Legacy

disappointed. a very lackluster ending. i couldnt believe it was over when the credits rolled


just saw this and I'm shocked at how good it is. my favorite movie from 2011. I expected something akin to Van Damme and ended up being completely enthralled....superb acting, excellent directing, family drama, convincing third act fight tournament,,,excellent use of music. give this a shot. #notajoke

Water for Elephants

I sorta love this movie...its very shawshank

X-Men: First Class

fassbender's magneto is exceptional and he had big shoes to fill. solid comic book movie that weaves in cold war history.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

standard Vince Vaughn humor which I do enjoy...added bonus: two main characters talk about their college days at Ball State throughout.

The Adjustment Bureau

better than expected... wish they hadn't played on the tired political stereotypes so much...he's the youngest congressman solar \green energy venture capitalist .... whose only faults are he's too honest and has some emotional baggage because his parents died when he was young..... and he'll sacrifice his greatest career aspirations for his one true love....blah blah blah....the sci-fi/borderline religious stuff is what kept my interest tweaked...clever.


better than expected. the "Comic - con" touches are hilarious!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

More of the same....silver lining: the last hour is downtown chicago.... pretty awesome aerial views with massive action and destruction