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Battle Royale

Battle Royale(2000)

A brutal take on the subject of The Most Dangerous game. In this case, a ninth grade class is selected randomly each year and kidnapped into a deserted island to fight to the death with each other. In the film's plot, forty two ninth grade classmates are kidnapped as they return in a bus from a field trip. The success of the film is that it conveys a sense of urgency and shock to the characters involved. They all react differently and come across as simple kids in an unexpected situation. Just as the situation is not natural to the viewer, the characters respond in a realistic fashion. The film tries to build empathy through flashbacks on how the characters lived prior to their predicament. The success of the film is that unlike the American take on the genre in The Hunger Games, the filmmakers get across a sense of urgency, truer to life emotional responses (confusion, shock, disbelief, paranoia) and the experience of innocence lost. The flashbacks, though imperfect, provide honest attempts to provide a more layered presentation of some characters. None of those characteristics were successfully found in The Hunger Games. The film succeeds in the story telling; the acting was not perfect, but the actors are limited by the story focus as well.